The Basics of Travel Company Postcard Printing

People are slowly going back to travelling and if you have a travel company, now’s as good a time as any to jump right back in. So how can you tell travellers about the services that you offer? One of the best yet cheapest ways is through postcard printing. Here, we will look at the reasons why you should advertise using postcards, what to look for in a printing company, and how you can effectively distribute these mailers.

Why Should I Advertise Using Postcards?

First, why should you advertise using postcards? If you’re a travel company, here are some reasons to consider: 

  • Everyone is going digital these days so print advertising is actually a novelty. Instead of clicking links from email advertisements, some of which go straight to spam folders, having a printed postcard that is tangible will make people remember you more. 
  • The message on the postcard can be read instantly since there is no need to open an envelope. 
  • If you will include a time-sensitive offer (example: 10% off if you will book by a certain date), you are bound to get immediate results from your marketing efforts.

Second, custom postcard printing is very affordable. At a few cents per piece, you can have a set of postcards printed out, ready for mailing to your travel-addicted clients. 

What Should I Look for in a Printing Service Provider?

Next, what should you look for in an online printing services provider? Aside from the per piece price of the postcards, ask if they offer direct mailing or EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) services to make distribution easier. With direct mailing, the postcards can be sent to your mailing list if you already have one. If you don’t have a mailing list, EDDM mailing is easier because the print shop will partner with the USPS to send your postcards to every door within a zip code, or a more specific group of addresses if you have a niche market. 

Also check on the length of experience that they have in the printing industry. Make sure that they use high quality materials, that they offer good quality customer service, and ask about the turnaround time. 

For the postcard design, keep the message short but succinct. Include high-definition images that will make the reader want to instantly book a ticket with you to a dream destination. By learning the first thing about postcard printing, you can use this marketing material to entice travellers back onto discovering different destinations in the world. 

Rack Cards Printing for Fashion Retailers

Perhaps one of the most fun industries out there to have a business in, aside from food, is fashion. A lot of people love buying clothes, dressing up, and making sure that they look good. If you are in the fashion industry, whether you are selling retail street clothes, wedding dresses, formal gowns, if you are into tailoring or alteration, you need to tell people about your products and services. The best way to go about doing this is through rack cards printing. These are handy 4” x 9” or 3.5” x 8.5” cards which are displayed on brochure or rack stands. They are meant to be picked up by people passing by, so that the information printed on the rack cards can be read. Here, we will look at how useful rack cards are in the fashion industry

When to Use Rack Cards in Fashion Retail

Since rack cards are very handy, they can contain just the right amount of information to tell people about your products, services, or an event. Here are the instances when you will find rack cards to be extremely useful: 

  • When inviting customers to try out your wares

If you have a ready-to-wear store, you can use rack cards to tell people about your location and the selection of clothes that you have. There is limited space in rack cards so make sure to include high-definition photographs of your clothes samples. Keep the copy short but fun and exciting. The design of the card should be eye-catching, and use the same colors as your business logo if possible. 

  • When holding a big sale

If you’re changing the displayed clothes and you want to get rid of majority of your stocks, hold a big sale. Use rack cards to invite people to the event and give them substantial discounts. Distribute the rack cards a month or so before the actual date so that customers can have plenty of time to prepare their pockets for spending money on your store. 

  • When hiring new staff

If you need a sales clerk who is knowledgeable about fashion, you can print rack cards to let possible employees know that you are hiring. 

  • When offering new products or services

If you own a retail store and you want to also offer alteration services; or if you have wedding dresses but you would like to expand your stocks with casual wear, rack cards are the best way to advertise the fact. Include a description of the new products or services that you offer to entice customers to try it out. 

Look for an online printing services provider that specializes in rack cards printing. Compare the packages offered by different companies, make sure that they offer good quality prints, and order from the print shop that you think will do the best job of printing those rack cards for you. 

Takeout Menu Printing? Organizing Tips to Remember

If you haven’t already done so, takeout menu printing is a must if you are in the restaurant business. Whether you’re selling pizza, fusion food, snacks, drinks, desserts, or any other food item, a takeout menu will boost your sales. People are willing to pay for convenience. With takeout food, they don’t have to prepare meals at home or wash the dishes. Even if they don’t have time for a sit-down dinner at your food establishment, they can still enjoy restaurant-quality food with takeout or delivery. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on to go menu printing. There are digital or offset print shops where you can order takeout menus from. These can be mailed out or distributed personally in areas where there is high foot traffic, with the aim of primarily boosting your sales. 

Tips for Organizing the Items in Your Takeout Menu

Let’s say that you have already chosen which online printing services provider to go with. The next thing to do is choose the folding style and menu size. Then, design the menu itself. There is actually a science behind how people read and interact with menus, so you need to be aware of how to organize it properly. This way, you can attract the eyes to the high-profit items; make the menu look well-balanced and not complicated; and satiate the appetite of hungry diners.

Here are a few tips on how to organize the items in your takeout menu:

  • Categorize the menu items. 

The classic way to categorize menu items is listing the appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and drinks. This still works but if you want to maximize profit, you can group the items on the menu like this: 
– Popular and profitable
– Popular but not so profitable
– Very profitable but not popular 
– Not popular nor profitable

Highlight the popular and profitable dishes, keep the popular but not profitable, and also keep the very profitable but not popular. Ditch the last category for your takeout menu, and attract the reader’s eyes to items which are profitable yet quick and easy to prepare. 

  • Limit your takeout menu items. 

You may have a lot of items available for dine-in but for takeout, you can limit the choices to seven per category. This is a magic number so customers won’t get confused or overwhelmed with the variety of choices. 

  • Know which parts of the menu a customer reads first. 

The eyes typically go to the middle of the page when reading a menu. Then the pattern travels to the top right corner, then to the top left corner. Group complementary items and don’t miss the chance to upsell. Make sure that the font is easy to read, the colors should be contrasting for more readability, and the overall design should be cohesive and pleasant to the eyes. 

By taking the time to design your takeout menu carefully, you can maximize profits and use this printer material to attract more customers to order your food. 

Do You Offer Attractions or Activities? Reap the Rewards When You Print Rack Cards

Rack cards printing is an ideal way to advertise if you offer attractions or activities. Rack cards are those thick, brightly printed, handy cards that you would usually see on hotel lobbies or tourist centres. The idea is for people to pick one of the rack cards out of the display. Once they read the information and they are interested, they can easily bring home the rack card for future reference. 

Rack Cards for Attractions and Activities

To give you an idea about when it is ideal to use rack cards for advertising, here’s a quick list of its applications:

  • If you have an orchard, you can use rack cards to advertise seasonal events. Orchards usually hold apple picking events during the fall season. For this, have a stunning picture of a tree of apples as background, then include the details about the event. Rack cards are sized 3.5” x 8.5” or 4” x 9” so you have more space than business cards, but less space than flyers. Use the available area wisely to highlight important information about the event. Use the back of the card to include scannable promo codes so that they can get a certain percentage off your products. 
  • If you have a farm, you can use rack cards to tell people about upcoming events like pet petting activities, hayrides, pumpkin harvesting, etc. These are family-friendly events that everybody will love. Make sure to distribute or display the rack cards early so that families can include your farm activities into their schedules. 
  • If you are offering activities near popular landmarks, advertise using rack cards. Be creative in writing the copy so that you can get people excited about a treasure or “ghost hunting” event, for example.

Look for a reliable online printing services so that you can have the rack cards printed out. Ask about the material and printing process that they use. Make sure that the printing package is affordable, and check out the reviews online to get feedback about the quality of customer service that the print shop offers.

By advertising using rack cards, you can reap the rewards by letting as many people as possible know about your upcoming attractions or events.

Print Rack Cards: Learning the Basics for those in the Entertainment Industry

If you are part of a theatre production, you would know how difficult it is to get noticed by people outside your circle. Those who are not exactly theatre enthusiasts may not even look at a printed promotional material that you will hand to them, simply because they have no interest. This is why you should combine a good digital promotional campaign with old-fashioned print ads. Rack cards printing is a good start, because it is a popular advertising tool used by those in the entertainment industry. Read on to find out why else you should use rack cards, how you can distribute them, and what else you can do to promote your production, play, musical, or any other show that you might be currently a part of. 

Why Should I Use Rack Cards?

Rack cards are 4” x 9” or 3.5” x 8.5” cards made from thick paper which are used to promote a business, brand, or event. These are displayed in brochure or rack stands, which are then picked up by people passing by. They are displayed in areas where there is high foot traffic like hotel lobbies, theatres, movie theatres, tourist centres, gas stations, and clinics. Rack cards are very handy and are quite effective. If you are promoting a play and the rack card is displayed in a theatre lobby, the person who picked it up is already a part of your target market. They’re also cheap, you can order rack cards from online printing services at a very low per piece price, but the quality is not compromised. 

How Should I Distribute Rack Cards?

After you print rack cards for your theatre production, how should they be distributed? Here are a few quick tips: 

  • Ask local businesses if you can display your rack cards in their area. Start with the local bars, retailers, rest stops, restaurants, hotels, clinics, etc. Use a free ticket as an incentive if you can. 
  • You can also strike a deal with the local restaurants, bars, or retails stores in your area to provide free refreshments – in exchange for an advertisement during your show.
  • Partner with a local charity, and advertise this in your rack card. People will shell out their hard-earned bucks if they know that they are helping a cause. 
  • Distribute the rack cards out in the streets, preferably in areas where there is high foot traffic. Have members of the cast don their costume, make it as fun as possible!
  • Lastly, combine your print marketing efforts with digital promotions. Maximize your social media exposure by creating funny trailers, bloopers, highlights of the show, interview clips, etc. 

With the help of well-designed rack cards, you can encourage people to flock to your theatre production. 

Takeout Menu Printing: Knowing Your Restaurant’s Target Market

When you’re in the restaurant business, there is a certain crowd that you will attract based on your dishes, the interiors, and the vibe of the place. You might have a crowd that is mostly young professionals, couples, workers, or families. But if you want to broaden the diners that your food establishment attracts, you may want to consider takeout menu printing. For this, you will print a takeout version of your restaurant menu. Instead of it being made of thick cardboard, it can be printed on thinner paper stock because the idea is for people to be able to take these home. 

Takeout menus can be distributed personally; included in delivery receipts and other paper transactions; included in takeaway orders; included in mailers; or you can simply display a stack of them right outside your restaurant. When people get one, they will have an idea about your menu items and the prices. When you include takeout menus in mailers, that is another form of print advertisement to make more people aware that your business exists. 

Determining Your Target Market

Next, how can you determine your target market if you would like to include takeout menu printing as part of your advertising materials? As mentioned earlier, the interiors and dishes that you offer are factors of the type of crowd that you will attract. But here are a few more details about your target market:

  • Those who will be tempted to take home one of your takeout menus are people who are looking for utmost convenience. Instead of slaving away for hours in the kitchen, they’d rather order takeout and still enjoy restaurant quality dishes.
  • Those who are always in a rush always look for convenience buys – starting from pre-assembled items for the home to takeout lunch or dinner. 

Convenience is the keyword here, so the items in your takeout menu should be high-profit items which are easy and quick to prepare. Once you have ordered takeout menus from the online printing services provider of your choice, distribute it accordingly and wait for your sales to be given a boost.

Brochure Printing for Photographers

Are you a photographer who is looking for a way to market your services? You might think that you already spent a lot of money on equipment and training, so why should you spend more on marketing? First, without a proper target market, who will book your photography services? You want people to think about your name whenever they need a professional photographer. Fortunately, brochure printing is quite cheap. You don’t have to spend a lot in order to have something that features your sample photographs and previous work. There are many online printing services that offer free color, two-sided, same-day offset printing services. Simply choose the size, paper type, folding option, and volume then place your order. 

Tips when Designing a Photographer’s Brochure

Next, if you want to use brochure printing as a way to market your photography services, here are a few designing tips to remember: 

  • Make an outline of the content. 

Depending on the size and folding type, you can have anywhere from four to twelve panels in a brochure. What do you plan to put on the first page or cover? The second page may contain an introduction of your photography services, then the succeeding pages can include your photo packages. Also include samples of your work, the photo should be compelling and give readers an idea about your photography style. The back pages or panels should contain your contact information, and maybe a QR code that leads to your online portfolio. 

  • Be creative when designing the brochure. 

If the holidays are approaching, you may want to have a Christmas-themed brochure. This gives your marketing material that extra appeal. Pay close attention to the colors, font, borders, layout, and overall design. 

  • Put a deadline on your call-to-action. 

Finally, to get great response to your marketing efforts, put a time-sensitive aspect to your call-to-action. For example, if they present the brochure to your photography studio within a week of receiving it, they are entitled to a thirty-minute professional photoshoot. If they use the promo code within a month, they can get 5% off your services. 

Brochures are an excellent way to present to a reader what you can do for them as a professional photographer, so have yours printed right now and distribute them wisely.

EDDM Postcard Printing for Beauty Salon, Spa & Wellness Centre Owners

If you’re in the business of making people look and feel better, the best and cheapest way advertise it is through eddm postcard printing. With Every Door Direct Mail, the postcards you designed will be sent to a group of addresses with the help of the United States Postal Service. Since everybody is a potential client when it comes to health, wellness, relaxation, and beauty, what you can do is choose a zip code or a mail carrier route. After you print eddm postcards, the print shop will work with the USPS to send one postcard to every door in the address group that you chose. This makes it easy to promote your products and services, without having to put together a mailing list. 

When to Use EDDM Postcards

After choosing which online printing services provider to go with, the next thing to do is design your postcards. These printed marketing materials have more space than business cards but less space than brochures or flyers. There are different sizes to choose from, but even if you go with the biggest size, you still want to keep your message short but impactful. Include a call-to-action and a time-limited promo code so that you can entice the readers to take immediate action. 

If you own a hair salon, beauty salon, a spa, or a wellness centre, here are the instances when you can effectively market using eddm postcards:

  • For salon, spa, or wellness centre openings

If you are newly opening your business, you want to get the word out to as many people as possible. Send out eddm postcards at least a couple of months in advance to let your target audience know about the opening. Also establish your social media presence so that you can get a lot of initial clients. 

  • When offering a new service

If you own a hair salon and you have a new perming equipment, for example, you can send postcards to let your existing and new customers know about it. Offer a discount so that more customers can try it out. 

  • When having a big sale

If you think that sales are a bit slow, that’s when you can hold big sales for your products or services. Announce it by sending out postcards. 

  • When reopening or introducing your business to a new audience

If you are reopening or introducing your salon, spa, or wellness centre to a new audience, you can send out postcards as well. 

Cheap and easy to produce but effective, EDDM postcards are a great marketing tool to have for those in the aesthetics and wellness industry.

Stand Out from the Crowd with these Rack Cards Design Ideas

Similar to postcards, business cards, envelopes, and letterheads, rack cards printing should be part of every business owner’s print promotional campaign. The good news is that there are many online printing services which are now offering cheap business cards or rack cards printing packages – at an affordable price without compromising the quality. Rack cards are slim cards used to advertise products, services, or events. They are designed to be displayed in what are called rack or brochure stands. When people pass by, they can pick one up to read and take home.

Creatively Design Your Rack Cards

After looking for a print shop to order your rack cards from, the next and most important thing to think about is the design. The response to your advertising message will depend on how well-designed your rack cards are. Here are a few ways for you to creatively design your rack cards:

  • The upper portion of the card should include the most important information. 

Rack card displays or holders have full back, with a shorter front so the upper portion of your card is what will be seen by the reader. This means that they should be able to read your message even before they pick up the card from the holder. Make sure that there is a catchy tagline, and your business name and information should be placed prominently on top of the card. 

  • Use colors which are the same as your business logo. 

To make your branding consistent, use colors which are the same as your business logo. If you have a black-and-white logo, for instance, use the same color scheme in designing your rack cards. Mix it with something bold for contrast and to attract the eyes instantly. 

  • Highlight the benefits. 

With a 4” x 9” or a 3.5” x 8.5” card, you have very limited space so you should highlight the benefits that a customer will get from buying your products or services. Use bulleted lists instead of chunks of text to make it easier to read.

  • Use the back page for your call-to-action. 

Finally, use the back of the page to include a call-to-action. You might want to include a QR code that leads to your website, or a promo code that they can use for discounts or freebies. 

Creative design and proper placement of accurate information are the keys to having a successful rack cards advertising campaign. 

Printing Rack Cards for One-Time Events

Do you have a one-time event coming up and you’re not sure if a lot of people will come? Or maybe you are planning the soft launch of a restaurant and you want people to know about it? Aside from announcing the event on your official social media pages, you can go for rack cards printing as a way to advertise the event. You do need a mix of digital and traditional advertising if you want to reach as many people as possible. What’s good about rack card printing is that it is cheap without sacrificing the quality of material. It can also be easily distributed. 

Printing and Distributing Rack Cards for One-Time Events 

For your one-time event, here are a few important things to know when using rack cards for advertising: 

  • Printing Rack Cards 

The first thing that you need to do if you want to use rack cards for advertising is to design the card itself. Rack cards measure either 4” x 9” or 3.5” x 8.5” and they are made from thick paper. For the design, you need to make sure that it stands out. Rack cards are designed to be displayed on brochure or rack stands. The idea is for people to pick them up, read, and hopefully take home for future reference.

If your rack card is displayed alongside other events held on the same date, do you think that the design will stand out? If you already have a business logo, you can incorporate its colors on the design of the rack cards. Use bright colors and blend text with professionally-shot photos or HD illustrations. There are some online printing services that offer rack cards with a tear-off business card option – you may want to go for this for that unique look. 

  • Distributing Rack Cards 

After designing and printing the rack cards, how can you effectively distribute them to promote your event? First, make sure to have the rack cards ready two to three months before the event. This gives you plenty of time to display the rack cards to make as many people aware of the event as possible. 

Second, display the rack cards in areas where there is high foot traffic. Think rest stops, clinics, hotel lobbies, reception areas, local landmarks, tourist centres, movie theatres, etc. Ask permission from the business owner if you can display your rack cards in their place of business. 

Third, distribute the rack cards in other ways. Aside from using rack displays, you can also hand them over to people personally, still in high foot traffic areas. Or, you can include them in postcard mailers and send them to every household living within a five-mile radius of where the event will be held. 

By following these tips, you can use rack cards to promote your one-time event, turning it into a resounding success.