High Quality Offset Folder Printing Service

If you are looking for the most professional folder printing service, BlockbusterPrint.com has you covered. Here are the reasons why…

Folding printing at BlockbusterPrint.com is an offset only print production. What does this mean? it means, offset printing is 4-5 times higher quality than digital printing. With offset folder printing, metal film plates are created of your artwork to provide a complete HD quality production.

Digital printing is a very low end production process that we would never use. Our clients want the best of the best. With our higher quality offset folder printing process, the price is indeed higher but your professional image will be too.

Also, with our folder printing service, we shave all the edges flush with your final folder piece where as with digitally printed and cheap folder printing services they are rolled and glued flaps at the edges,. This makes your company look unprofessional. If you have ever seen those cheap folders from a supply store they then you know what to expect from anything that is low priced when it comes to folder printing.

It’s true what they say, “You always get what you pay for.” With folder printing, this could not be more true. Good quality folder printing requires better paper, machinery and production. Every print company wants to give you the best price but anything thats great will cost a bit more.

Your business image should not look poor when doing business. Your clients will judge you on quality and time you took to show how serious you are about what you are selling or doing.

For the absolute best offset folder printing service, visit BlockbusterPrint.com where you can choose from 14pt folders, 16pt folders or silk folders.

Premium 16pt Business Cards: What are they?

So you’re shopping for printing services and you came across 16pt business cards. We know what you’re thinking: what are 16pt business cards?

In the printing industry, the thickness of a paper product is gauged in special measurements. This of course leaves the consumer scratching their head. To help make it easier for you to understand, we simplifying and compare these official measurements to things you can easily understand.

The 16pt business cards have a 50% thickness of a credit card. If you were to stack two 16pt business cards on top of each other and place them next to a credit card, they would stack up to be the same height.

Many printing companies claim to carry “Premium Business Cards” but they never tell you that their thickness is anything BUT premium. ¬†Most companies call a 14pt or a 12pt paper to be premium. To BlockbusterPrint.com, the 12pt and 14pt are entry level and cheap paper card stocks. A true premium business card is a 16pt thickness.

If you want a card that is perfect in thickness and presentation, order 16pt business cards online from BlockbusterPrint.com.

Custom Booklet Printing Online

Full-color custom booklet printing is a wonderful way to present a super high-end business image to your clients when trying to choose a deal.

Whatever your line of work may be and anything you are advertising, as far as a product or service, should always be presented in the most professional manner. custom booklet printing can deliver that message for you.

You can choose to print anywhere from 6 to 52 pages in sizes that range from 8.5×5.5, 8.5×11, 11×17 or any custom size you can imagine that fits your projects needs.

One of the most popular of the custom booklet printing sizes is the 8.5×11 booklets with an 8 page or 12 page option.

Your custom booklets will be saddle stitched which means “stapled” at their center point. Choose to have them stapled in any direction you like, may they be horizontally or vertically.

Stapled booklet printing is becoming ever more popular in the business world where brochures once took place. With custom printed booklets you have the extra space for high quality printed images. This is obviously more appealing to the human eye, thus helping sell your product or service with less human interaction.

Browse from many options and sizes for all color booklet printing at blockbusterprint.com.


How Color Business Cards Vary Between Print Companies

Color business cards are never the same from company to company.

There is offset printing and then there is digital printing. You also have the next obsticle which is paper thickness for your color business cards. Finally, paper finish options (glossy, matte or spot uv).

Today, 8 out of 10 business card printing companies have lowered their quality to a poor digital format in order to save themselves money. Few still care about the customers image to give the best quality.

BlockbusterPrint produces color business cards using the higher quality offset method while keeping prices lower than anyone elses digital format. Paper options at Blockbuster Print are of the best thickness and absorption available in the world today with 16pt, 17pt and 20pt thicknesses.

The subject of machinery comes into play as well. Blockbuster Print uses the worlds most -state-of-the-art Heidelberg machinery. This print press produces the best color business cards the world is capable of producing and BlockbusterPrint possesses 6 of these machines in all 6 of its warehouses.

When it comes to quality, trust your color business card printing to the seasoned pros at BlockbusterPrint.

Order Business Cards From The Best Printing Company Online

When you look to order business cards, it is important to be aware that not all printing is the same. The same way not all cars are the same. Sure, any car can take you from point A to B but how you get there matters.

You can go with cheap business cards from almost all print companies or you can order business cards from a high-end and affordable print service like BlockbusterPrint.

BlockbusterPrint offers the best offset quality method that digital printing services cannot compete with in the category of quality but also speed and price.

Choose to order business cards with plastic material, foil, spot uv, rounded corners, waterproof, linen or silk in a variety of thicknesses.

Whatever your desires for a card are, BlockbusterPrint has what you need when you are ready to order business cards online.


Thick Business Cards Are Respected

Thick business cards are a popular product in the print industry. Year after year, customers look for a more professional image for themselves and thick business cards provide that image.

Premium business cards (also known as 16pt business cards) have a 50% thickness of a credit card. The standard 14pt and 15pt card stock used by 8 out of 10 print companies is old and outdated material. The 14pt has a 20% thickness and the 15pt has a 35% thickness of a credit card.

For super thick business cards that have the perfect level of thickness withing going overboard, are the Silk business cards. These thick cards have a 17pt thickness which is equal to 60% of a credit card and is the most prestigious of all thick business cards.

Whatever your desire is, you can view all the thick business cards at BlockbusterPrint.


1000 Business Cards Printed Online

When looking to advertise yourself and your services, 1000 business cards printed online will bring you the best value on your marketing dollars.

Business cards printed online will give you a better quality production and price simply because a small local print company is not capable of housing the high-end expensive machinery needed to produce the world highest quality color business cards. An offset business card printing machine is the size of 2 school buses. A local copy shop disguised as a print company uses machinery the size of a small desk. The quality is unmatched. A local business card printing service cannot afford to give cheap low cost prices because they are limited to their volume.

At BlockbusterPrint.com, all printed business cards are produced in a warehouse setup which houses the worlds largest print machinery. This helps with high volume print and in return helps lower costs which is passed on to you.

1000 business cards with blockbusterprint.com start at just $24. Beat that competition! The most popular are the 16pt business cards.

Thanks to 6 warehouses in 6 states, shipping for 1000 business cards is just 24-48 hours max. No other business card printing service online is capable of such fast speeds and low prices, all while keeping quality high using offset methods. (never settle for digital)

Head over to BlockbusterPrint and order 1000 business cards printed online, today! You will be so happy you found us.

Order Business Cards That Impress

When looking to order business cards, you should never focus on anything other than the achieving the best quality available in the world today.

What many customers don’t know is that not all printing is the same. When you order business cards from one company and they may drastically vary in quality and appearance o over another company.

There are two types of printing methods in the world and that is digital business card printing and offset printing. Digital printing is four to six times lower quality than offset printing.

If you order business cards from a digital printing company you will be extremely disappointed in quality. A digital machine is something similar to what your home or office printer produces. When looking to order business cards for your success, you should always choose the path of offset printed business cards.

The most elegant and professional looking business cards are the silk business cards. This quality of card has a 60% thickness of a credit card and is laminated with a silk coating, presenting itself in a very respectable and professional manner that is certainly going to impress your clients.

Anytime you like to order business cards you should go the path of spending a few extra dollars for a set of a thousand which won’t run you more than $100 but will create such a large window of opportunity for new business growth just by impressing your potential clients. The quality of your business cards will be your representative.

Order business cards from a high and printing company like blockbusterprint.com. Enjoy 24 to 48 hours shipping and only the finest offset business card printing in the market today.

EDDM Postcards: CPC vs. Direct Mail Printing

EDDM Postcards are the absolute best and most affordable way to market your business. Why? Because it only costs 0.27 cents on average to mail a piece when digital online ads run you anywhere from $2 to $5 per click.

It takes 4-5 ad views for a potential customer to make a move and buy from you so this only costs you about $1.25 to target the same potential customers 4-5 times each. This helps with brand identity as well and helps them remember you through repetition. A financial no brainer!

EDDM postcard printing is a better form of advertising because you are mailing a physical object that a person can hold in their hands. You are more personal this way and you target people in their homes.

On a computer, there is so much clutter and links galore that a viewer is overwhelmed. Click ads can be opened and closed in seconds. We all know we are click-happy on a phone or computer.

Did you know that click ads online are clicked on by mistake, 80% of the time? If it costs you $2 for cpc and 80% are by mistake, this means you are burning money for no reason.

With EDDM Postcards you can target the same customers many times over and get real results. The EDDM postcard printing way of marketing will get you at least a 1% response rate. So mailing out just 2500 EDDM postcards will bring you back 25 orders or sales. When you consider that the national profit per merchant sale is $60, that would bring you $1500 in profit. The postage when printing EEDM postcards at a 2500 quantity comes out to just $675 (0.27 a piece). When profiting almost $800 per campaign, that leaves you with $9.600 profit per year just by this simple method of advertising.

When looking for the cheapest EDDM Postcard Printing, browse your sizes with BlockbusterPrint.com. Guaranteed the cheapest EDDM Postcard Printing online and in America.


Cheap Color Custom Poster Printing

Poster printing is a very cool way to market your business or an event! Custom poster printing is also a great way to make money printing photography and selling your custom printed posters online.

Whatever your reason for cheap color poster printing, you can find an array of sizes to choose from.

Custom printed posters¬†found online come in sizes like, 11×17, 12×18, the popular 18×24 and 24×36 or a jumbo sized poster sized 36×48.

At BlockbusterPrint.com you can choose to print a quantity of just 1 poster, 3, 6, 12, 25, 50, 100 or 250 and up.

All custom poster printing is produced in an offset quality method which is the worlds highest quality posters production available. It is 4-6 times higher quality than digital printing.

Pricing is extremely affordable at BlockbusterPrint.com. You can order cheap color poster printing online just by uploading your artwork and paying at checkout with the lowest prices on the net.

Best of luck.