Rack Cards Printing for Fashion Retailers

Perhaps one of the most fun industries out there to have a business in, aside from food, is fashion. A lot of people love buying clothes, dressing up, and making sure that they look good. If you are in the fashion industry, whether you are selling retail street clothes, wedding dresses, formal gowns, if you are into tailoring or alteration, you need to tell people about your products and services. The best way to go about doing this is through rack cards printing. These are handy 4” x 9” or 3.5” x 8.5” cards which are displayed on brochure or rack stands. They are meant to be picked up by people passing by, so that the information printed on the rack cards can be read. Here, we will look at how useful rack cards are in the fashion industry

When to Use Rack Cards in Fashion Retail

Since rack cards are very handy, they can contain just the right amount of information to tell people about your products, services, or an event. Here are the instances when you will find rack cards to be extremely useful: 

  • When inviting customers to try out your wares

If you have a ready-to-wear store, you can use rack cards to tell people about your location and the selection of clothes that you have. There is limited space in rack cards so make sure to include high-definition photographs of your clothes samples. Keep the copy short but fun and exciting. The design of the card should be eye-catching, and use the same colors as your business logo if possible. 

  • When holding a big sale

If you’re changing the displayed clothes and you want to get rid of majority of your stocks, hold a big sale. Use rack cards to invite people to the event and give them substantial discounts. Distribute the rack cards a month or so before the actual date so that customers can have plenty of time to prepare their pockets for spending money on your store. 

  • When hiring new staff

If you need a sales clerk who is knowledgeable about fashion, you can print rack cards to let possible employees know that you are hiring. 

  • When offering new products or services

If you own a retail store and you want to also offer alteration services; or if you have wedding dresses but you would like to expand your stocks with casual wear, rack cards are the best way to advertise the fact. Include a description of the new products or services that you offer to entice customers to try it out. 

Look for an online printing services provider that specializes in rack cards printing. Compare the packages offered by different companies, make sure that they offer good quality prints, and order from the print shop that you think will do the best job of printing those rack cards for you. 

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