Do You Offer Attractions or Activities? Reap the Rewards When You Print Rack Cards

Rack cards printing is an ideal way to advertise if you offer attractions or activities. Rack cards are those thick, brightly printed, handy cards that you would usually see on hotel lobbies or tourist centres. The idea is for people to pick one of the rack cards out of the display. Once they read the information and they are interested, they can easily bring home the rack card for future reference. 

Rack Cards for Attractions and Activities

To give you an idea about when it is ideal to use rack cards for advertising, here’s a quick list of its applications:

  • If you have an orchard, you can use rack cards to advertise seasonal events. Orchards usually hold apple picking events during the fall season. For this, have a stunning picture of a tree of apples as background, then include the details about the event. Rack cards are sized 3.5” x 8.5” or 4” x 9” so you have more space than business cards, but less space than flyers. Use the available area wisely to highlight important information about the event. Use the back of the card to include scannable promo codes so that they can get a certain percentage off your products. 
  • If you have a farm, you can use rack cards to tell people about upcoming events like pet petting activities, hayrides, pumpkin harvesting, etc. These are family-friendly events that everybody will love. Make sure to distribute or display the rack cards early so that families can include your farm activities into their schedules. 
  • If you are offering activities near popular landmarks, advertise using rack cards. Be creative in writing the copy so that you can get people excited about a treasure or “ghost hunting” event, for example.

Look for a reliable online printing services so that you can have the rack cards printed out. Ask about the material and printing process that they use. Make sure that the printing package is affordable, and check out the reviews online to get feedback about the quality of customer service that the print shop offers.

By advertising using rack cards, you can reap the rewards by letting as many people as possible know about your upcoming attractions or events.


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