Not Just a Card, an Experience: The Allure of Raised Spot UV Gloss Business Cards

Imagine your business card doing a little shimmy in the spotlight, catching every eye in the room—not with loud colors or wild designs, but with something much more sophisticated and captivating. Enter the world of raised spot gloss business cards, where subtlety and sophistication meet to create a tactile experience that’s as unforgettable as your first high school crush. But what exactly makes these cards the talk of the town? Buckle up, because we’re about to unfurl the magic in 400 words, with a sprinkle of bullet points and a dash of playful paragraphs.

raised spot uv gloss business cards

Raised spot gloss business cards are not your average Joe. They possess a secret weapon:

  • Sleek Texture: The raised gloss applied to specific areas creates a sleek, tactile sensation that screams, “Touch me!” in the most professional way possible.
  • Eye-Catching Shine: They catch light like a cat catches a laser pointer—unpredictably and with undeniable flair.
  • Precision: Spot gloss can be applied with surgical precision, highlighting the bits you want to shine, quite literally.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, this feature complements every design philosophy.
  • Durability: They’re like the superhero of business cards—more resistant to the wear and tear of life.
  • Memorability: In a sea of matte and standard finishes, these cards are the lighthouse guiding your potential clients home.
  • Customizability: Almost like building your own pizza, you get to choose what parts get the gloss treatment.

Now, why do these upgraded pieces of paper stand out? Firstly, the added dimension not only plays with light and shadow but also with the curiosity of whoever holds it. Running fingers over the card, one can feel the raised areas, a sensory experience that’s akin to reading Braille, but for the business-minded.

Secondly, these cards are the ninjas of the networking world. They slip into conversations as smoothly as they slip into pockets, leaving behind a lingering sense of “Wow, was that really a business card?”

Thirdly, they wear dual hats—or, should we say, coats? The spot gloss not only elevates the aesthetic but also serves as armor against scuffs and smudges, making them durable warriors in the battle of first impressions.

Fourthly, they’re like the secret handshake of the business world. Handing over a raised spot gloss card whispers, “Yes, I’m part of that cool club that knows about awesome printing techniques.”

Fifthly, they challenge the status quo. In a world used to flat, two-dimensional cards, these beauties dare to step out, quite literally, from the page.

Sixthly, customization is their middle name. Want to highlight your logo? Easy. Accentuate your name? Done. Create a tiny raised map to your storefront on the card? Why not!

Lastly, the response these cards elicit is always the cherry on top. The raised gloss not only catches the eye but also sparks conversations, turning a simple exchange into an engaging interaction.

In essence, raised spot gloss business cards are more than just pieces of paper; they’re mini canvases that showcase your brand’s commitment to quality, creativity, and a touch of whimsy. They’re your silent pitch, your tactile tagline, and your brand’s handshake, all rolled into one sleek, shiny package.

are more than just pieces of paper; they’re mini canvases that showcase your brand’s commitment to quality, creativity, and a touch of whimsy. They’re your silent pitch, your tactile tagline, and your brand’s handshake, all rolled into one sleek, shiny package.

What is EDDM Postcard Printing & How Does it Work?

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a service provided by the USPS designed to help businesses send promotional material to a targeted audience without the need for specific addresses. The service is particularly beneficial for small businesses looking to market their services locally with minimal expense and effort.

EDDM allows you to reach every household or business within a specific area:

  • Identify Your Target Area: Using the USPS’s EDDM Online Tool, businesses can select specific mail routes or zip codes to target, ensuring their promotional materials land in the mailboxes of potential local customers.
  • Select the Size of Your Postcard: EDDM has specific size requirements for mailpieces to qualify for the service. Generally, postcards must be more significant than a standard letter but smaller than a giant flat, essentially making them “flat” mail.
  • Design Your Postcard: Businesses can then design their postcards, ensuring that they meet the USPS EDDM requirements for size and layout. It’s essential to include a compelling message and call-to-action to maximize response rates.
  • Bundle and Prepare Your Mailing: Once designed and printed, the postcards need to be bundled in stacks with facing slips that show the postal carrier the route for each bundle. This step is crucial for the local post office to organize and deliver your mail efficiently.
  • Complete the Required Paperwork: The USPS requires an EDDM Retail Form or an EDDM BMEU Form, depending on how you’re sending the mail. This paperwork accompanies your postcard bundles to the post office.
  • Drop Off at the Post Office: With your postcards bundled correctly and paperwork completed, you can then drop off your entire mailing at the designated post office that serves the routes you’ve selected. After paying the postage due, your postcards will be delivered within the time frame specified.

The overall process of EDDM postcard printing and mailing is streamlined to help businesses reach out to a broader audience while bypassing much of the complexity of traditional direct mail. Even with minimal marketing expertise, a business owner can launch a local campaign that could lead to increased foot traffic and sales.

An excellent advantage of EDDM is cost-effectiveness. Because EDDM uses a standard “flat” rate and doesn’t require purchasing mailing lists or printing specific addresses on each mailpiece, businesses can save money while still making a significant local impact.

Additionally, while EDDM does have specific requirements, the USPS offers flexibility within these guidelines, allowing businesses to create custom-sized postcards that stand out in the mail and grab the audience’s attention more effectively. Combining this with a well-crafted message and attractive design can lead to a successful marketing effort. Woohoo!

Ultimately, EDDM postcard printing is an efficient way to conduct a marketing campaign on a local scale. By following the USPS guidelines and preparing the mailpieces according to the requirements, businesses can leverage a system that simplifies the delivery of marketing materials directly to the doors of their potential customers. EDDM thus serves as a powerful tool in a local business’s marketing arsenal, providing a tangible and direct way to communicate their offerings to the community.

Online Printing Services: Print with the Coolest Company

Roll up, roll up! Let’s talk about the magic of Blockbuster Print! Aka, the Willy Wonka of the online printing world. No golden tickets needed here – just a wild ride through the spectacular world of print.

Roll up, roll up! Let’s talk about the magic of Blockbuster Print! Aka, the Willy Wonka of the online printing world. No golden tickets needed here – just a wild ride through the spectacular world of print.

  1. First thing’s first, let’s talk about Business Cards. Just like a firm handshake or a dazzling smile, an impressive business card can leave a lasting impression. And with Blockbuster Print, you get nothing short of Oscar-worthy business cards. You can customize them down to the last pixel.
  2. Next up, Brochures. Who said print’s dead? Certainly not us! In the age of scrolling and swiping, a well-crafted brochure stands out like a pineapple on a pizza (love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it!). And Blockbuster Print brochures? They’re the pineapple everyone loves.
  3. Don’t forget about Postcards. They are not just for your vacation stories. In the right hands (i.e., yours), a postcard can be a powerful marketing tool. And with Blockbuster Print, you can create postcards that are sure to make mailboxes around the world a lot more exciting.
  4. Now, let’s spill the tea on Envelope Printing. Imagine receiving a drab, uninspired envelope in the post. Now imagine your disappointment when the contents are just as dull. This is where Blockbuster Print comes to the rescue, turning envelopes into works of art that recipients can’t wait to open.
  5. Oh, and Poster Printing? Blockbuster Print’s got you covered. Whether you’re advertising a gig, a new product, or your cat’s birthday party, their posters will make sure it’s the hottest event in town.
  6. There’s also Letterhead Printing. It’s all about the details, darling! A professional and polished letterhead can say a lot about your business. With Blockbuster Print, you can create a letterhead that screams “we mean business”, but in a cool, chill way.
  7. And don’t even get me started on their Flyer Printing. Blockbuster Print’s flyers aren’t just pieces of paper, they’re like tiny billboards that have the power to turn heads and generate buzz.
  8. Booklet Printing? Absolutely! Whether you’re crafting an annual report or a zine about your favorite conspiracy theories, Blockbuster Print’s booklets are the way to go. Trust us, their booklets have more binding options than a yoga class.
  9. Presentation Folder Printing is another ace up their sleeve. Who says office supplies should be boring? Certainly not Blockbuster Print. When it comes to their presentation folders, it’s all about style and substance.
  10. Last but not least, there’s Door Hanger Printing. Who needs a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign when you can create your own quirky door hangers with Blockbuster Print?
  11. So, there you have it, folks! Blockbuster Print – the one stop shop for all your online printing needs. It’s where creativity gets the red carpet treatment, every single time. And remember, the next time you think print, think Blockbuster Print. It’s like Hollywood, but for your printing needs.

How to Make Money Online as a Print Reseller with

In the current era of technology, everyone wants to earn money without leaving their homes. Luckily, there are many ways to earn money online, and one of the best ways is to become a print reseller with

If you have a website, social media channel, or simply out and about and talk to business owners through your day and want to earn profits, then becoming a print reseller can be an excellent option for you. The profits are massive.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss one of the best places to find print fulfillment,, and how it can help you make money with print reselling.

What is is a leading drop shipping platform that specializes in printed products such as business cards, postcards, banners, and much more. They’re known for their high-quality printing, low prices, and fast turnaround time, making them a suitable choice for resellers. As a reseller, you can send your clients art files to BlockbusterPrint and they will print and ship the orders directly to your customers.

Benefits of Using as Your Drop Shipping Source

There are numerous benefits to using as your drop shipping source. Firstly, you don’t need to purchase any inventory or handle the printing and shipping process, which saves you time and money. Secondly, the quality of their prints is excellent, ensuring that your customers receive high-quality products. Lastly, offers competitive prices, making it easy for you to earn a profit.

How to Start Reselling Prints with

To start reselling prints with, you first need to sign up as a reseller on their website. Once you’ve created an account, you can start designing your prints or use their templates. After creating your designs, you need to add them to your online store or social media channel. When an order is placed, you send it to, and they will print and ship the order directly to your customer.

Tips for Successful Print Reselling with

To achieve success as a print reseller with, here are a few tips to follow:

Focus on a profitable niche such as business cards, flyers or brochures.
Create high-quality designs that will stand out from the competition.
Offer excellent customer service to build a reliable reputation.
Set your prices competitively to attract customers while still making a profit.

In conclusion, becoming a print reseller using as your drop shipping source is an excellent opportunity to earn money online. It’s a great way to utilize your creative skills, and you don’t need to handle any inventory or printing. However, to achieve success, you need to focus on a profitable niche, create high-quality designs, and offer excellent customer service. With these tips and’s high-quality printing services, you can become a successful print reseller and create a profitable online business.

How to Become a Print Broker with Drop Shipping Using

Are you looking for a new business opportunity with low overhead costs? Have you considered becoming a print broker with drop shipping? allows you to sell printing services without the need for inventory or equipment. You simply act as a middleman by buying and selling print. With, this process is made even easier.

In this blog post, we’ll explain how you can become a print broker with drop shipping using the services of to make enormous profits.

What is Print Brokerage?

Print brokerage involves connecting with business owners to offer them printing services while having a print firm like do all the work for you . You do not need any printing equipment or inventory, but you will need to establish relationships with business owners. As a print broker, you will act as an intermediary between your client and the printing supplier. You will charge your client whatever you wish and will ship the products blind for you. Meaning, yuor boxes arrive with your business name on them and not ours – thus allowing you to make any upcharge profits you desire. This business model is ideal for people who want to earn passive income or those who don’t want to deal with printing equipment and inventory or with investing in a business.

How Does Drop Shipping Work?

Drop shipping is a way to sell products online without keeping inventory. You will take orders from your customers and then forward them to BlockbusterPrint will then ship the product directly to your customer without any invoices or evidence that you purchased the products from an outside source. Allowing you security in growing a business where does all the work while you simply capture new business owners in need of print.

How Can Help? is a printing supplier that specializes in wholesale printing services. They offer a wide range of products, including business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, and more. As a print broker, you can use to sell printing services to your clients. They offer drop shipping services, so you don’t have to keep any inventory. You can create an account on their website and start selling right away. offers high-quality printing services, fast turnaround times, and competitive prices.

Benefits of Becoming a Print Broker with Drop Shipping

There are several benefits of becoming a print broker with drop shipping. First, all you need is to talk to business owners who are interested in print services and believe us there are many. No business operates without print. You can work from home and set your own hours as well. Second, you can offer a wide range of printing services without the need for specialized equipment. Third, you can earn a commission on each sale just for speaking to a business owner and undercutting their current print expenses, allowing you to make more money as your business grows.

Becoming a print broker with drop shipping using is an excellent way to start a low-cost business. So why not start your own print brokerage business today? Contact today and start making money. Reviews: What Customer Testimonials Say is a popular choice for many when it comes to printing needs, with over 2,600 5-star reviews on Facebook and over 25,000 recommendations by Facebook users. In this blog post, we will discuss why is the best choice for your printing needs.

High-Quality Materials: is known for its high-quality printing materials that give a professional touch to the final print. They use premium-quality ink and paper to ensure that the print is free from smudges and blurs. Their prints last long and do not fade easily, making them perfect for official documents and personal photographs. Moreover, their eco-friendly paper options make them an ideal choice for those who are conscious of their carbon footprint.

Wide Range of Printing Options: offers an extensive range of printing services that cater to all your needs. Whether you need business cards, brochures, banners, or booklets, they’ve got you covered. They have various customization options available, ranging from paper quality to finish, size, and more. With numerous styles and designs available, you can ensure that your print material stands out from the crowd.

User-Friendly Website:
Their website is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate, adding to the convenience of the customers. The easy ordering process is perfect for busy individuals who want to get their print materials without much hassle. The website features a 3D preview option that lets you see how your print material will look before you place your order, saving you from any last-minute surprises.

Fast Delivery and Excellent Customer Service: thrives on customer satisfaction, and their fast delivery times and excellent customer service reflect this. They offer expedited shipping options that deliver your print materials to you within a few days after placing your order. They also have a dedicated customer service team that assists you with any queries or concerns you have regarding your order.

Competitive Pricing:’s competitive pricing structure is refreshing, especially when you consider the quality of their print materials. They offer discounts and deals frequently, making them an economical choice for those looking to get their print materials at a reasonable price. Their price match guarantee gives customers the assurance that they are paying the lowest possible price for their prints.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking for a printing company for your business requirements or personal use, is the perfect choice. With their high-quality materials, extensive range of printing options, user-friendly website, fast delivery, and excellent customer service, they are the go-to printing company for many. Their competitive pricing structure is an added bonus, making them an economical choice that doesn’t compromise on the quality of their prints. With over 2,600 5-star reviews on Facebook and over 25,000 recommendations by Facebook users, you can be confident that is the best choice for all your printing needs.

HuffPost: “ – A Leader in Postcard Marketing!”

Postcard marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote a brand or business nowadays. However, not all postcard printing services are created equal. Some providers are mediocre in terms of quality, while others are downright unreliable when it comes to delivery times and customer support. This is the reason why it’s crucial to choose a company that has a proven track record of excellence. In this blog post, we’ll explore why Huffington Post has recognized as a leader in postcard marketing.

Unmatched Quality Control prides itself on its unwavering commitment to quality. The company uses state-of-the-art printing technology and the finest raw materials to deliver postcards that are both visually stunning and highly durable. Every order that comes through their website undergoes rigorous quality control checks to ensure that it meets their standards and exceeds customer expectations. This level of meticulousness is what sets them apart from competitors.

Unbeatable Pricing
Another reason why is considered a leader in postcard marketing is their unbeatable pricing. They offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry without compromising on the quality of their products. Plus, their pricing is transparent, so customers can confidently select the packages that best fit their needs, knowing there won’t be any hidden fees.

Fast Turnaround Times understands that time is of the essence when it comes to postcard marketing. That’s why they offer some of the shortest turnaround times available, ensuring that customers receive their orders as quickly as possible. They boast a next-day turnaround time for most postcard orders, meaning that clients can launch their marketing campaigns with minimal delays.

Exceptional Customer Service
Customer service is one of the most critical components of any postcard printing service. prioritizes customer service, making it one of their top priorities. Their customer support team is available 24/7, providing customers with all the information they need to successfully promote their brand or business. Additionally, their designers can assist customers through every step of the design process, making sure that the postcards are as effective as possible.

In summary, has earned its status as a leader in postcard marketing for good reasons. Their unmatched quality control, unbeatable pricing, fast turnaround times, and exceptional customer service are just a few of the many reasons why the Huffington Post recommends them. So if you’re looking for a superior postcard printing service, give a try, and see why they’re considered the best in the industry.

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Folder Printing

Folders are essential office tools that are used for a variety of purposes like storing important documents, organizing paperwork, and showcasing company details. Custom folder printing is an excellent way to personalize your folders, add brand identity, and make them stand out from the rest. But, where do you start? This ultimate guide to custom folder printing will help you understand everything you need to know about printing folders, what options you have, and what to consider when designing and printing them.

What are custom folders, and why do you need them?
Custom folder printing is are customized or personalized according to your specific needs. They can be printed with your logo, company name, contact details, and other branding elements. Custom folders are a great way to showcase your brand identity, professionalism, and to make a great first impression on your clients. They come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, and can be designed to fit your specific document or file sizes. Custom folder printing is a great way to promote your brand, increase your visibility, and keep your office organized.

Types of custom folders
Custom folders come in many types, including presentation folders, pocket folders, file folders, and document holders. Presentation folders are great for giving presentations, meetings, sales pitches, and marketing materials. They come with a pocket, a slit, a notch, or a clip to hold your documents securely. Pocket folders have pockets on either side of the folder, making them ideal for holding multiple documents or brochures. File folders are suitable for standard size documents and are ideal for storing paperwork, receipts, and other types of files. Finally, document holders are great for holding documents and brochures while traveling.

Design and printing options
Custom folders offer lots of design and printing options. You can choose from single or double-sided printing, full color or black and white, print embossing or debossing, and different finishes like glossy, matte, and UV coating. You also have the option to choose your size, shape, and folding style. Many custom folder printing companies offer online design tools that allow you to create your own designs, upload logos, or choose from templates.

Choosing a custom folder printing company
When choosing a custom folder printing company, there are essential things to consider. Firstly, check the quality of the printing and materials. Secondly, ensure that the printing company can deliver within your timeline and budget. Thirdly, check customer reviews, testimonials, and past projects to see the quality of their work. Finally, ensure that the printing company offers excellent customer service, support, and after-sales service. Folder printing services like can help you.

Custom folder printing is an excellent way to add branding and professionalism to your office and promote your business. This ultimate guide has highlighted everything you need to know about custom folder printing, including what they are, why you need them, the different types, materials, design, and printing options. When choosing a custom folder printing company, ensure to consider factors like quality, delivery timelines, customer service, and affordability. With this knowledge, you can make an informed decision about your custom folder printing needs.

EDDM Mail vs. Google & Social Media Marketing – Which Works Best?

Consumers just 15 years ago had a marketing attention span of 60 seconds. Today, the attention span is 3 seconds.

The flood of social media posts and ads has people flipping through wildly into an endless abyss of images and ads. It is also why Google has removed their page count on search results and instead has an endless scroll, knowing people will browse through more ads if they remove page flipping. 

The battle for top 5 positions on social media and google has become a bidding war reaching anywhere from $4 per click to $58 per click all while 44% of ad links being clicked by mistake on mobile devices. This can get expensive long before anyone even reads a marketing message.

Repetition is the key to a successful campaign. The more times a viewer sees an ad the higher the rate of possible purchase. Just 15 years ago a viewer only had to see an ad 3 times to make a decision if a service was right for them. Today, that has rocketed to 14 times. Based on that math marketing via Google or social media is a losing game. 

With EDDM postcard marketing you can target people with a physical ad that they cannot immediately click away from. With mailed ads, a viewer tends to be in a calmer environment in their home, not clicking through hundreds of posts or ads on a phone. This allows for a message to be viewed in full at a higher degree. The best part is, it costs just 20 cents postage. At such a low cost you can afford to target the same viewer 10 times and still be at just $2.00 in postage costs. A small cost to pay for brand recognition. When repetition is key, EDDM achieves that with minimal investment and a more powerful impact.

No wonder so many business professionals such as Dentists, and Realtors choose EDDM postcard print as their preferred method of advertising. 

What is EDDM Postcard Printing?

EDDM, or Every Door Direct Mail, is a cost-effective method of printing and delivering postcards to potential customers in your service area. EDDM postcards are a great way to advertise your business and are an increasingly popular option for businesses looking for an effective way to reach their target audience. With EDDM, you can quickly and easily print large quantities of postcards at an affordable cost. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of using EDDM services for your business.

Cost Effectiveness
One of the main benefits of using an EDDM service for your postcard printing needs is the cost savings it provides. By simplifying the process of mailing multiple postcards, it eliminates many costs associated with traditional mail campaigns, such as postage and labor expenses. This makes it much more affordable than other methods. Additionally, you can use lower-cost paper stock which will still provide good quality images and text. This makes it much more affordable than other forms of advertising such as radio or television commercials.

Targeted Delivery
Another advantage to using EDDM is that you can target specific areas with your mailings. Instead of sending out one large mailing to everyone on your list, you can use EDDM to send out smaller batches that are tailored specifically to each area. This ensures that only those people who live in the area receive your postcard, making sure that they actually see what you have to offer and potentially become customers!

Easy Set-up
The set-up process for EDDM services is also very simple compared to other types of mail campaigns. You don’t need any special software or equipment–you just need a computer and access to the internet! Once you have chosen which areas you want to target with your mailings, all you need do is upload the design for your postcards into the online system and then submit them for printing. It’s truly as easy as that!

Overall, EDDM postcard printing services provide businesses with a cost-effective way to reach their target audience without having to spend too much money on traditional mail campaigns. They offer targeted delivery so that only those people living in the specified neighborhoods receive your message – increasing the chances of success – while also being easy and fast to set up! If you’re looking for an effective way to promote your business without breaking the bank, then consider giving EDDM a try today!