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Popular Postcard Sizes

Below are a few of the most popular sizes for postcard printing services our clients prefer. We print over 30+ postcard sizes that you may choose during checkout - with the most popular listed here. The 5x7 color postcards and 4x6 color postcards are the most popular for in-person hand outs but also popular for invitations. If you are looking to attract new customers by mail, we highly recommend printing from the EDDM sizes further down the size list. The bigger the postcard printing size, the more effective your new customer rate will be as people tend to respond more to larger advertisements.

Sizes & Quantities 100 Qty 250 Qty 500 Qty 1,000 Qty 2,500 Qty 5,000 Qty
cheap postcard printing
3" x 4"
$35 $45 $60 $95 $125 $145
print postcards
4" x 6"
$19 $25 $35 $38 $75 $99
color postcard printing
4.25" x 6"
$25 $35 $40 $49 $109 $140
eddm postcards
5" x 7"
$35 $45 $49 $59 $99 $159
5x7 postcards
6" x 9"
$46 $59 $69 $99 $169 $249
4x6 postcards
8.5" x 5.5"
$35 $45 $65 $85 $165 $199


EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) Postcard Printing Eligible Sizes (can be used without EDDM)

Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM) is a service from the United States Post Office that allows you to print jumbo sized postcards and mail them out without the need to purchase expensive mailing lists, all for less than 18 cents postage per piece. The EDDM sized postcards below are no different in quality than the postcard printing sizes above. We simply list the sizes the Post Office accepts for EDDM mailing for your own reference if you wished to mail them out to residences or businesses. Many clients purchase the sizes below without the need for mailing.

Sizes & Quantities 100 Qty 250 Qty 500 Qty 1,000 Qty 2,500 Qty 5,000 Qty
cheap postcards
4.25" x 11"
$35 $48 $60 $79 $155 $215
order postcards
4.5" x 12"
$65 $75 $99 $185 $285 $515
6x11 postcards
6" x 11" (popular & most effective)
$75 $88 $95 $119 $205 $295
eddm postcard service
6" x 12"
$98 $108 $155 $225 $269 $575
Print Postcards Online
6.5" x 9"
$45 $70 $87 $115 $225 $295
Print Postcards Online
6.5" x 12"
$99 $115 $130 $215 $325 $595
Print Postcards Online
8" x 6.5"
$65 $70 $90 $160 $240 $425
Print Postcards Online
8.5" x 11"
$95 $110 $150 $175 $345 $435
Print Postcards Online
9" x 11"
$110 $120 $165 $279 $425 $785
Print Postcards Online
9" x 12"
$75 $109 $145 $209 $379 $549
Shipping Address Print Speeds - (NOTE: Print speeds & ship speeds are 2 separate services. Your "print speed" is the time you would like for us to make your order in.)
  • 24-Hour Rushed Next Day Print / Ships 24 hours after you order, if placed by 10 a.m on any business day.
  • 2-3 Business Days / Ships on 4th business day at the latest, if placed by 1 p.m on any business day. (most popular speed)
  • 3-4 Business Days / Ships on 5th business day at the latest, if placed by 1 p.m on any business day.
  • 5-7 Business Days / Ships on 8th business day at the latest, if placed by 1 p.m on any business day.
  • 7-10 Business Days / Ships on 11th business day at the latest, if placed by 1 p.m on any business day.
  Shipping Speeds -(NOTE: Shipping speed is the time UPS will take to deliver after we have printed your order.)
Shipping Address
  • UPS Ground 3-6 Business Days
  • UPS 3 Day Select UPS
  • 2nd Day Air UPS
  • 2nd Day Air AM (Delivered in 2 days by 10:30am)
  • UPS Next Day Air AM (Delivered in 1 day by 10:30am)
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver (Delivered in 1 day by 3pm)
  • UPS Next Day Air Early AM (As early as 8am)
Shipping Address Cut-Off Times
  • Orders with 24-hour print speed selections start same business day if placed by 10 a.m. in any time zone.
  • All other print speeds start same business day if placed by 1 p.m. in any time zone.
  • If you miss either cut-off times your order will start print the following business day.













Our 99.8% Color Match Heidelberg Technology

Color postcard printing services online by BlockbusterPrint™ are produced using the worlds highest quality state-of-the-art Heidelberg offset printing technology. The flawless colors of your premium postcard print service will always be consistent and replicated to an industry impressive 99.8% accuracy rate.

Our Higher-End Offset Print Quality Method is Standard
  • 6-8 Times Greater Quality Than Digital
  • 99.8% Color Match Accuracy
  • Highest Possible Printing Quality in the Industry, with Greater Detail and Color Fidelity
  • Ability to Print on Thicker Paper Stocks
  • Borderless Print Effect Possible (known as "full bleed" print)
  • Gang Run Preset Quantity Production (More expensive method for us, but achieves lower cost and better quality for you)





Competitors Lower-End Digital Print
  • 6-8 Times Lower Quality
  • 30% Color Variation (Colors will drastically vary each time you print with unpredictable color results)
  • More Muted Colors with Horizontal Print Lines Visible (Similar to when you print on a home computer printer)
  • Less Paper Options to Print with.
  • Cannot Achieve Borderless Print in Most Cases
  • More Expensive (Approximately 8 out of 10 business card print services today have lowered their quality to digital to save themselves money while charging you more)








Download Blank Postcard Templates For Software Use   Do-it-Yourself Online Postcard Design Tool
Cheap Color Postcard Printing Service Online
1.5 x 7 Download
2 x 3.5 Download
2 x 8 Download
3 x 4 Download
3.5 x 3.5 Download
4 x 4 Download
4 x 6 Download - Download Mailing Version
4 x 9 Download - Download Mailing Version
4.25 x 2.75 Download
4.25 3.66 Download
4.25 x 5.5 Download - Download Mailing Version
4.25 x 6 Download - Download Mailing Version
5 x 7 Download - Download Mailing Version
5.5 x 2.125 Download
5.5 x 8.5 Download - Download Mailing Version
6 x 9 Download - Download Mailing Version
6 x 11 Download - Download Mailing Version
8.5 x 2.75 Download
8.5 x 3.5 Download
8.5 x 3.66 Download - Download Mailing Version
8.5 x 6 Download
8.5 x 11 Download
11 x 4.25 Download

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee guarantees the highest quality and the lowest prices on full color offset printing (never digital like 8 out of 10 competitors). We will beat any competitive price for full-color printing of comparable quality.

Our quality control department is dedicated to making sure that all your printed items pass color and coating application inspection before shipping out, ensuring that only a flawless product arrives to your door.

Unlike most printers, inspects your order once it has completed printing, making sure all the colors are just right and match the color codes in your artwork. If coloring or cutting is off, we reprint before it is even shipped out.

With the quality of our state-of-the-art printing presses, super easy to use website, fast turnaround, low prices and helpful customer service, it’s no wonder is the choice of smart consumers.

We want to make sure every customer is satisfied—so we’re backing up our printing with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your printing for reasons on our productions end, simply email Customer Service within 10 days from the date you receive your order, and we will reprint part or all of your order after examining what the issue could be. In some cases, we may refund the full price of the product(s) in question, excluding shipping, postage and processing costs.

Since each order is unique to each customer it has no re-sale value, so we treat each situation differently based on it's nature but we are extremely helpful and hassle free. is committed to customer satisfaction. However, we are not responsible for typing, image, or design errors introduced by customers in the document creation process.

There is nothing we won't do to achieve 100% satisfaction! Customer Reviews and Testimonials Complaints


Print Postcards

Cheap postcard printing provided by Blockbuster is produced in a high-quality offset method using Heidelberg technology, which is 6 to 8 times higher quality then 8 out of 10 competitors lower quality digital. Printing postcards cheap does not mean you will receive cheap quality. Always look for offset quality postcards.

Postcard printing services online sell you by advertising low price and although price is certainly a big defining factor on where you print postcards it can also mean that your company image is also going to look low-quality along with their low prices.

Educated designers who print for their own clients understand that cheap postcard printing and high-quality color postcard printing rarely come together.
With Blockbuster print high quality postcards at low prices can indeed come together and be magnificent as long as you make sure that the postcard printing you are about to purchase is produced in offset quality.

Many of our clients price shop to find cheap postcard printing and we can certainly respect that as consumers ourselves but what many clients do not realize is that for five dollars or $10 more you get eight times the quality on double thickness paper which is certainly something you want. The great news is that our pricing is the lowest online and we guarantee that or we will beat any competitor equal quality by 5%. It is very hard for anyone to beat our pricing and quality postcard printing.

One of the most popular sizes are the 1000 4 x 6 postcards which have been popular over the last 20 years or so but have become outdated in the modern world of design and high-quality photo printing capabilities. Cheap 4 x 6 postcards are wonderful if you’re planning on handing out in person to customers but if you’re looking to mail an attractive piece in hopes of gaining new clientele the 6x11 postcard printing has surpassed all other sizes in the last seven years of direct mail marketing and EDDM postcards.

The new and more popular EDDM printing service happens to be cheaper to mail out in a 6x11 postcard printing size versus a 4 x 6 postcard size EDDM postcard printing allows you to mail larger more attractive designs for less than $.18 postage per piece. Standard postage is over $.45 but with the new revamped every door direct mail postcard printing service provided by the post office, you can target double the clientele for half the price.

EDDM postcards have gained tremendous popularity in the marketing world for two reasons: the first would be that digital marketing via Google and Facebook pay per click campaigning has become so ridiculously expensive and almost impossible to track success that small businesses and large like, have now gone back to the old methods of EDDM postcard marketing. The standard price for a click via Google or Facebook can average two dollars per click all the way up to seven dollars per click. When targeting mobile users for digital advertising, 8 out of 10 mobile users accidentally click on advertisements which means wasted money for you. Desktop users are calm her in their research and clicking which is better than mobile advertising. With desktop digital advertising you can indeed get a better click rate without blowing all your money but you are still dealing with a potential customer that has the ability to click off your website in less than three seconds with direct mail marketing a physical postcard cannot be vanished out of sight and three seconds as a digital ad can. This means you have more time with your potential client thanks to postcard marketing.

A potential client that is filtering through their physical mail has stepped away from the distractions of a computer and people so you get to capture more of their attention for longer periods of time. This is the very second reason why postcard marketing has become such a sensation in the last four years. In today’s marketing world a business has to present the same advertisement to the same potential client a shocking 11 times before that client can make a reaction to that advertisement may be visiting your website, calling you on the phone or actually purchasing. Just 12 years ago that used to be three times necessity. With the major distractions of digital advertising it’s no surprise why so many people are not paying attention anymore. When you go the route of cheap postcard printing for your marketing you increase the attention span of a potential client by many times over due to the fact that there are no other distractions around while that client is viewing your EDDM postcards. It’s just you and the client at that point.

If you had to spend $2 per click at 11 times potential client you have now spent $24 in hopes that that client is going to buy from. Let’s just hope that you’re an industry that makes very large commissions in order to try and recoup that type of marketing expense. This is why postcard marketing has become the new most effective way to advertise your business

At an average cost of $.24-$.34 per postcard with postage and delivery included you can afford to target the same client 11 times still only pay less than three dollars total for 11 rounds of advertising which you can do monthly for a solid year. Anyone who sees the same advertisement monthly for a solid year will eventually remember the business doing the advertising and eventually call them when their need for them has arise.

5x7 postcards are wonderful as a secondary choice to the ever popular 4 x 6 postcards but those two are best for in person handouts and not typically to attract via mail. The 5 x 7 postcard printing has long been extremely popular size in the old days of postcard mailing. In this new world of postcard marketing the abilities have now evolved into larger more eye-catching 6x11 postcard printing projects.

EDDM postcards can really skyrocket new clientele for your business. If one client is worth a minimum profit of $20 then heading up the same customer monthly solid year is certain profits.

The average return rate for any kind of marketing is around 2% so if you were to mail out 5000 postcards you are almost insured that 100 people will contact you or buy from and if each client is with a minimum of $20 you are looking at $2000 profit for an investment that cost you less than $1000. Don’t forget that clients become repeat clients. The average return rate for any business is four times. Spending $1000 to gain 100 clients can profit you $5000 in a year thanks to a $1000 investment you made into EDDM printing services. And that’s technically speaking on behalf of each of those clients only worth $20. Many industries profit at least $100 off of a client so the potential for that is $25,000 for the average case we are using the worst-case area. An attorney whose fees are a minimum of $10,000 is looking at over $100,000 and possible profit at the very worst.

The possibilities and the benefits of EDDM postcards is astronomical to your business. While everyone is rushing to get top 10 on Google educated marketing services providing EDDM printing service are cornering the market in a new business while digital advertisers blowing 80% of the money away contact us today and we will help make your postcard printing campaign a huge success thanks to statistics that we have seen in the last 15 years of which have helped tens of thousands of our clients that print postcards online with us.


Mail Marketing Facts

Postcard Marketing Facts: Does mail marketing work?

We spoke with our in-house designer and marketing expert of 11 years, Christopher Melman, about marketing guidance for direct mailing facts and EDDM marketing facts, and here is what he recommends:


Q: "Chris, what do you recommend to clients interested in postcard marketing?"

A: "Great question! Lets say we are targeting 5,000 clients - Mailing to those same 5,000 customers 4 times, for 4 separate months, works better than lets say 20,000 people just one time. The more times you hit the same group you get better results and you increase return rate per client by 70%. More is not always better.

Many clients usually do a 1-shot-mailing-attempt on a larger scale and never try it again. They walk away thinking they wasted their money which is true, they did because they did not have facts on their side. Hitting up more people just 1 time will not bring great results. It is best to do less, more times, to the same people.

If you are looking to gain a few new clients, here is some math that can also help... On average, if the offers on postcards are done right, the returns are about 3% returning contact. (Best offers to give are all 3 together: buy 1 get 1 free, dollar amount off like "$5 off orders of $20", and, percentage off offers. This covers you on all 3 possibilities which increases your response rate to 88.4% more chances of contact versus just 1 offer.

Remember, you really have to shake people to respond to an ad so the offer must be greater than what you are willing to give if you wish to acquire a new client.

Don't forget, every business has a customer acquisition cost (the price it costs you to gain 1 client) so expect an immediate loss for future earnings.

Example: let's say your clients are worth at least $25 in profit and you yourself know your clients or customers come back 5-10 times in one year. Then that 1 customer in this scenario is worth $125-$250 for the year. If you spend $1,000 in marketing and you gained just 30 clients (3% return rule) then those clients are worth a total of $3,750 to $7,500 in the future, all from a $1,000 marketing investment. In this scenario, your customer acquisition was only $33.33 to gain on customer ($1,000 marketing expense divided by 30 people gained = $33.33 cost to acquire). As you see here, you could afford to do this over and over. If you reached 30 clients on your 3rd attempt of marketing and all 30 only came on the 3rd round, then it costs you $3,000 to gain these clients, or $100 per client, still keeping you at a profit when you factor in what their repeat business for 1-year is worth to you.

Genius ehy? When you have facts on your side, you have a road map to postcard marketing success.

So on 5000 mailings, there will be 3% interested in what you are selling. That is 150 people. Again, only you know what each client is worth to you of course but lets say they are worth $20 each, that is $3,000. When you take into account clients repeat 5-10 times a year, that number can be a possible $14,000 to $21,000 new business sales for the year for this 2nd scenario.

Hitting up each client one time is about 23 cents cost on average (depending on postcard size, etc), and with the magic-4-hit-number, you are under $1 to achieve all that. Whereas Google ads or facebook ads can reach $2 to $4 per click and 80% of mobile users click links by mistake, it then becomes a lot of wasted money to go digital ads unless you have a super targeted proven keyword base.

Marketing in any form should be looked at like watering a plant. What you patiently do daily to nurture your business, will bare fruits of success at a future date, so what you did last year in business you are enjoying in your life today, and what you do today will be your success in the months ahead.

I hope these numbers help everyone."

- Christopher Melman :)




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