EDDM Mail vs. Google & Social Media Marketing – Which Works Best?

Consumers just 15 years ago had a marketing attention span of 60 seconds. Today, the attention span is 3 seconds.

The flood of social media posts and ads has people flipping through wildly into an endless abyss of images and ads. It is also why Google has removed their page count on search results and instead has an endless scroll, knowing people will browse through more ads if they remove page flipping. 

The battle for top 5 positions on social media and google has become a bidding war reaching anywhere from $4 per click to $58 per click all while 44% of ad links being clicked by mistake on mobile devices. This can get expensive long before anyone even reads a marketing message.

Repetition is the key to a successful campaign. The more times a viewer sees an ad the higher the rate of possible purchase. Just 15 years ago a viewer only had to see an ad 3 times to make a decision if a service was right for them. Today, that has rocketed to 14 times. Based on that math marketing via Google or social media is a losing game. 

With EDDM postcard marketing you can target people with a physical ad that they cannot immediately click away from. With mailed ads, a viewer tends to be in a calmer environment in their home, not clicking through hundreds of posts or ads on a phone. This allows for a message to be viewed in full at a higher degree. The best part is, it costs just 20 cents postage. At such a low cost you can afford to target the same viewer 10 times and still be at just $2.00 in postage costs. A small cost to pay for brand recognition. When repetition is key, EDDM achieves that with minimal investment and a more powerful impact.

No wonder so many business professionals such as Dentists, and Realtors choose EDDM postcard print as their preferred method of advertising.