5 x 7 Postcard Printing for Realtors

Are you a real estate agent looking for a way to advertise your services? Whether you’re a veteran in the industry or just starting out, you would need printed marketing materials like business cards and postcards to tell people about your services. The good news is that 5 x 7 postcard printing and business cards printing are quite affordable. You just need to look for the right printing partner so that you can get started in spreading the word about your realtor services. 

How Do I Look for Cheap Printing Services? 

Whether it’s print only, direct mail, or Every Door Direct Mail printing services that you are looking for, you need to do your research so that you can find affordable packages which are still high-quality and effective. Here are a few tips on how you can look for cheap but quality prints: 

  • Compare the packages offered by different printing companies. If you need 5” x 7” postcards and a set of business cards, for example, what is the price per piece if you will order 250 pieces? A good rule of thumb to remember is that the more pieces you order, the lower the per unit price is. This is because for offset printing, it’s only the initial setup that is costly. Once the design is setup on the printing press, it only takes a short time for the machines to produce hundreds of copies. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the materials used. Ask the print shop about your options for paper stock, thickness, and finish. How about the sizes? If there’s only a small difference between a 4” x 6” and a 4” x 9” postcard, for example, go for the bigger size so that you can impress your customers. 
  • Always ask the print shop about any special offers that they may have including free color, free two-sided printing, 24-hour offset printing, etc. 

After choosing the print shop, you need to work on effective distribution. For something like EDDM mailing, you can narrow down the list of postcard recipients to homeowners or renters; or you can send mailers based on household size or average income. You can also bring a stack of postcards with you during public events like fairs, seminars, trade shows, conferences, or real estate events. By letting people know about the realtor services that you offer, you can increase your leads and flourish as a real estate agent.

Letterhead Ideas that Entrepreneurs Can Use

One of the best ways to remain consistent with your branding is to use letterhead printing. Letterheads are previously printed headings on stationery, letters, memos, notes, and envelopes. A basic letterhead design includes images, lines, shapes, or colors which are usually derived from the same logo that an entrepreneur uses, for example. What’s good about using letterhead is that there are many cheap printing services where you can order letterheads from, without sacrificing the quality of print. Letterhead printing makes any business transaction look legal and more professional, and your branding is reflected all throughout your print advertising materials. 

Letterhead Design Ideas 

No matter which industry it is that you are in, these are the letterhead ideas that you can apply to make your stationery, letters, and any form of written or email communication stand out:

  • A simple letterhead that uses your business logo. 

Perhaps the simplest letterhead design is one that uses your business logo. If you have a blue-and-yellow logo, for example, you can place the logo on top of the page while the footer will show your contact information. 

  • Use a footer instead of a header. 

You can actually place letterheads on the upper, lower, or either side of the paper. For a more creative take, use a footer instead of a header for your letterhead design. Still use the same color scheme as your business logo, and make sure the information is accurate and up-to-date.

  • Turn your logo into an arrow. 

If you want, you can enclose your company name in a big arrow pointing downwards so that when you write Dear… on top of the page, the arrow seems to point towards the start of the letter. You can also use a footer, with the arrow pointing up. 

  • Use images or shapes to frame your company name. 

You can use images or shapes to frame your business logo or company name. Make sure that the colors blend well together for a more creative yet impactful look. 

  • Use contrasting colors. 

You can use the contrasting color bars or ombre colors on either the left or right side of the paper, with your business logo on top. 

A letterhead expresses your brand’s personality, so get creative and design it the best way you can. 

Enjoy Quick Marketing Response from 5” x 7” Postcard Printing

One of the most flexible, cheap, yet effective marketing tool out there is the humble postcard. If you’re a business owner who is launching a new product, go for 5 x 7 postcard printing and enjoy all the marketing benefits that you can get without having to spend too much. Postcards are made from thick paper, they come in different sizes, and they are quite easy to design. Whatever product or service it is that you are offering, you can rely on postcards to do a great marketing job for you.

Quick Response from Your Marketing Efforts with Postcards

If you wish to take advantage of the benefits offered by postcard advertising, the first thing to do is look for an online printing service provider. Some offer digital printing, others have offset printing while the big companies can offer both. Choose one based on the volume of order that you have. After ordering your postcards from online printing services, here are the additional benefits that you can enjoy:

  • Postcards are great time savers.

Since postcards are made from thick paper and they are designed to deliver a message without requiring an envelope, they are considered great time savers. The minute that a customer receives the postcard in the mail, the message can be easily read. This means that you have to be short but impactful when writing the copy for the postcard. Include sharp images or HD pictures to really impress the recipient.

  • You can use postcards to test markets or test launch a new product or service.

Since postcards are cheap to produce and can be quickly distributed, you can use them to test markets, a new product, or service. If it is a new product, you can send the postcards to a small number of people first. If you receive good response from them, it means that you can produce more and sell to even more customers.

  • You can easily track customer response.

If you put a timeline to the discount code that’s included in your postcard, you are bound to get almost instantaneous responses. You can indicate that the promo code will expire in two weeks, for instance. You can also use a special phone number to call or URL to visit so that you can track the number of people who responded to your postcard ads.

All in all, postcards are great marketing tools that all business owners should use.

5” x 7” Postcard Printing: Choosing the Best Print Shop

If you are looking for a 5 x 7 postcard printing package, you need to do your research. There are many online printing companies from where you can order postcards for an affordable price. But just because it’s cheap does not mean that you have to go for poorly made postcards. Here, we will look at how you can save money while still sending quality postcards to your customers at the same time.

Checklist for Choosing the Best Postcard Printing Company

If you need a 5 x 7 postcard printing package, for example, here is a checklist that you can use for choosing the best print shop:

  • Do they offer digital printing, offset printing, or both?

Digital printing is for small print jobs while offset printing uses huge printing presses and can handle big volumes of prints. In terms of quality, offset printing is superior but again, digital is suitable for small volume printing requirements. Decide which one to use based on the number of copies that you need.

  • How much is the printing package?

There are some print shops that offer postcard printing packages for as low as $10 for 10 pieces. For offset printing, the more copies you order, the lower the per unit price gets. Always ask what the inclusions are in the printing package and watch out for possible hidden charges.

  • What freebies do they offer?

Some companies offer free two-sided, HD color printing. For other features like having your design checked by a professional graphic designer, you may have to pay extra. However, the minimal fee should be worth it because printing a batch of postcards with mistakes will cost you even more in the end.

  • Do they have good reviews online?

Just as it is when taking advantage of any other service, look for good reviews online when choosing a print shop. Check on the quality of customer support that they have. Determine how long they have been in the business and if they have big name clients.

By doing your research, you can narrow down your choices to three or four print shops and make an informed decision from there.

Rack Cards Printing Etiquette

Rack cards printing is an effective way to advertise your business. Unlike business cards which have too little space and brochures which have to much space, rack cards give you just enough paper area to create a marketing message for your target audience. Rack cards come in two sizes: 4” x 9” or the slightly smaller 3.5” x 8.5”. All you have to do is look for a cheap printing services provider and ask them about the rack cards packages that they offer. Your goal is to get good quality prints while getting the best value for your money at the same time.

Dos and Don’ts in Rack Card Printing

Now, when you print rack cards, there are a few things to keep in mind:  

  • Do include a call-to-action.

For your marketing message to be effective, do include a call-to-action. This can be in the form of a number that they can call for questions. You may want them to sign up for a newsletter, visit your website, or go to a one-time event that you organized for your business. Whatever this call-to-action is, it’s better to put a sense of urgency in the message so that you can get quick, good responses.

  • Do check out the rack cards design of your direct competitors.

If you’re just starting out in the business, you can actually check out the rack cards design of your direct competitors. What colors do they use and how did they tempt the reader into trying out their product or service? Make sure that your rack cards stand out by using the same color palette as your logo, and using HD photography to impress readers.

  • Do not ask your direct competitors if you can display your rack cards in their place of business.

Once the rack cards are printed out, you can ask local business owners in your area if you can display your cards in their stores, offices, or reception areas. Do not ask the same of your direct competitors!

  • Do not go with the online printing service provider that offers the cheapest package.

When looking for a print shop, you can choose between digital and offset. Some companies offer both and use one that suits the volume of orders that you have. Do compare the packages offered by different companies, do further research on their quality of print and customer service, then make an informed decision from there.

Takeout Menu Printing at a Glance: Why Go for It?

Both dine-in and takeout menu printing has its place in any food establishment. In fact, these two are the primary ingredients to making diners want to sample what you have to offer in your restaurant. For the dine-in menu, this is the first thing that diners will look at once they sit in a restaurant chair. If they like what they see on the menu, that is what they will order and sample. For the takeout menu, it’s more of a marketing material to let people know what your food items are, in the hopes of them placing an order for delivery or takeout, or for them to also visit the restaurant. 

Why Restaurateurs Should Invest in Takeout Menu Printing 

No matter what type of food it is that you are serving and however big or small your food establishment is, it’s a must to invest in takeout menu printing. Here is a list of the reasons: 

  • Takeout menus are quick and cheap to produce. 

You simply need to look for a provider of cheap printing services that can produce the takeout menus for you. Just because it’s cheap does not mean that it cannot be high-quality. There are many print shops that offer full color HD menu printing for perfectly reasonable prices. In fact, the per unit price gets lower as the number of copies that you order becomes higher. If you will go with an offset print shop, you can get your order quickly if you want because the printing presses can handle a large volume within a short span of time. 

  • Takeout menus serve as an effective print marketing material for your business. 

Your takeout menu can actually have almost the same design as your dine-in menu. However, you should limit the choices of the takeout menu to just a dozen or so items so as not to confuse the customers. Better if these are high-profit items which are quick to make – you can easily turn them into bestsellers. 

  • Takeout menus are easy to distribute. 

Finally, there are several ways for you to distribute takeout menus for advertising purposes. You can leave a stack of them outside your restaurant door for prospective customers outside to pick up and take home. You can include one in every takeout or delivery order for future reference. You can also hand them out personally in the streets where there is high foot traffic. Or, you can include them in mailers to let more people know about your food business. 

Why Use Infographics for Brochure Printing?

To complete your print marketing campaign, you need to use a combination of postcards, letterheads, notepads, business cards, envelopes, flyers, rack cards, and brochure printing. These are tangible marketing materials that will impress your customers, simply because they can actually be held and read. Compare this with digital ads that can only be clicked and read on screen, there really is something special about printed marketing materials that make them effective up to this day. 

Now, when having brochures printed for your business, the first thing to do is look for cheap printing services providers. There are two options: offset and digital. With digital, a desktop printer is typically used and this can handle small to medium-sized printing jobs. With offset, huge printing presses are used. Once set up, offset printing can handle large volumes of printed materials with a quick turnaround time because of the sophistication of the equipment. 

The Advantages of Infographics in Brochure Printing

Let’s say that you have already chosen which printing company will print the brochures for you. The next thing to do is the actual design of the brochure. Think about your goal when presenting the information. Are you giving away the brochures in a trade show? If yes, then you might want to include a short background of how your business came to be. On the succeeding pages, include a list with detailed descriptions of the products or services that you offer. 

To better present information, you may want to consider using infographics. These are charts or diagrams which are used to represent data. Here are the benefits of infographics in brochure printing:

  • It presents complex information in easy-to-digest chunks. 

Now that everything is digital and instantaneous, people do not want to sift through chunks of text. To simplify your message while still presenting a clear overview of your data, use an infographic. It can present complex data in easy-to-digest, readily understandable chunks. 

  • It is eye-catching and attention-grabbing. 

You want your brochures to be readable, yet immediately grab the attention of the readers. With an infographic, readers can get the information that you want to convey in one glance.

  • It is easy to share. 

Charts and diagrams are easy to share. If you will include these in your brochures, people can take screenshots of the information that captures their attention and easily post it on social media sites. 

By having a well-designed brochure with infographics, you can get great results out of your print marketing campaign.

Keep Information Organized with Brochure Printing

One dilemma that you have to face with print advertising is determining how much information to include in a marketing material. Let’s take brochure printing as an example. As you may already know, these are informational leaflets that advertise a business, organization, service, or product. If you’re selling a product or service, your main purpose in printing the brochure is to let people know that your brand exists, and what benefits they can get from doing business with you. 

Tips for Organizing Information in Brochures 

Again, the challenge in brochure printing is organizing information. Depending on the size and folding option of the brochure, you can get anywhere from four to twelve panels. An 8.5” x 11” trifold brochure, for instance, will give you six panels to place your copy on. How can you wisely use the space while organizing the information at the same time? Here are some tips: 

  • Start with the cover. 

All your printed marketing materials should have a color palette that’s similar to your business logo. This way, they will instantly associate those hues with your brand. For the brochure cover, there should be an image which is the main focus of the page. The cover should show your company name, logo, and what the brochure is all about – all in one glance. 

  • Balance the text with high-resolution images. 

In this digital age where everything is instantaneous, people do not like reading through too much text. For your brochure, there should be a good balance between text and high-resolution images. You want to leave a great first impression, so the brochure should have full color HD images. 

  • Highlight the benefits that a customer will enjoy from your products or services. 

This should be the main purpose of your brochure: informing the reader of the benefit that he or she will enjoy when taking advantage of your product or service. Highlight this in the middle parts of the brochure. 

  • Your information should be accurate, and there should be a call-to-action.

Finally, all your contact information should be accurate – and include a call-to-action. Do you want customers to call you, sign up for a mailing list, or visit your store, restaurant or website? It’s better if you can include a promo code that they can use for discounts. 

When having brochures made, look for cheap printing services provider that can deliver high-quality prints at an affordable price.

Rack Cards Printing: Sales Strategies You Can Use

Would you like to have an effective marketing tool for your brand? Whether you’re offering a service that people use everyday or if it’s a unique retail product that you’re selling,  rack cards printing is the ideal solution to promote your wares. Rack cards are usually 4” x 9” cards which are made from thick paper stock. Similar to postcards, these are promotional materials which are prominently displayed in areas where they can easily be seen. They can also be used in mailing promotional campaigns. 

Apply these Sales Strategies when Using Rack Cards

Now, the first thing to do if you’d like to include rack cards in your line of printed marketing materials is to look for cheap printing services. There are dedicated offset or digital printing shops, while other offer both types of printing process. With digital printing, a desktop printer is typically used, making it ideal for small print jobs. But if you want professional-level quality and if you’re ordering in bulk, offset printing is the better option. 

Next, here are the sales strategies that you can apply for rack cards printing:

  • Design your rack cards appropriately.

Rack cards have less space than brochures but more space than business cards or postcards. Use the available space wisely – make sure that the copy is not too text-laden. If you want to include pictures, make sure to invest in professional photography to impress your customers. The copy should be short but well-written, accurate, and catchy. 

  • Display your rack cards in strategic locations.

Brochure or rack stands are usually seen in hotel lobbies, gas stations, tourist centres, hotels, movie theatres, amusement parks, reception areas, etc. By displaying your rack cards in areas where there is high foot traffic, you can make sure that it is seen by as many people as possible. 

  • Include special offers. 

Why would anyone want to take home your rack card if there’s nothing in it for them? When having rack cards made, there should always be a benefit for the customer in the form of promotional codes, discount coupons, and other similar offers. 

  • Lower the printing costs by ordering more.

Lastly, you can lower the printing costs by ordering more copies. Once an offset printer is setup, the costs of printing each card gets lower.  As such, a batch of 2,000 copies is cheaper than ordering just 1,000 or 500 copies. 

Choosing the Right Partner for Rack Cards Printing

Alongside business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, notepads, and envelopes, rack cards printing is a must if you want to have a complete print promotional campaign. Digital may be the in thing these days when it comes to advertising. But since everything is digital and virtual, there is such a novelty associated with receiving something that’s tangible – so customers are bound to remember your brand. 

Let’s say that you sent a birthday greeting postcard to a customer and you included a coupon code inside. The customer’s loyalty to your brand will be enhanced because you remembered his or her special day, and you included a gift, too. This is exactly why it pays to invest in printed advertising materials like rack cards. Aside from establishing customers’ loyalty to your brand, it also boosts sales, and completes your print advertising arsenal.

Selecting the Right Online Printing Company 

There are many cheap printing services out there, so you need to find one that will do a good job of printing your rack cards. Before counting down the tips on how you can choose the right printing partner, why should you print out rack cards in the first place? These are 3.5” x 8.5” or 4” x 9” cards which are printed on thick card stock. They are displayed in areas where there is high foot traffic, for people to pick up, read, and take home with them. You will usually see rack cards on theatre lobbies, tourist centers, theme parks, and similar establishments. 

Rack cards should be attention-grabbing so you need to partner with the right printing company. Here’s how you can do just that:

  • Learn about the printing process used. Is it digital or offset? What kind of printing machines do they have? If you order in bulk, how soon can they deliver? 
  • Ask about their experience in printing rack cards. Based on the design of the cards, would the output have vivid colors that pop, with images in high definition? What about the paper stock and finish that they will use? By asking the right questions, you would have an idea of what the output would look like. 
  • Will they show you the proof of the card before doing the actual printing? This is a must because any typographical error or mistake on the color setting would be too costly to correct in the end. 
  • How about the quality of customer service that they offer? Check if they are quick to respond to your messages before ordering. 

As you can see, finding the right printing partner is crucial if you want your rack cards to be printed with the highest quality and a quick turnaround time.