Keep Information Organized with Brochure Printing

One dilemma that you have to face with print advertising is determining how much information to include in a marketing material. Let’s take brochure printing as an example. As you may already know, these are informational leaflets that advertise a business, organization, service, or product. If you’re selling a product or service, your main purpose in printing the brochure is to let people know that your brand exists, and what benefits they can get from doing business with you. 

Tips for Organizing Information in Brochures 

Again, the challenge in brochure printing is organizing information. Depending on the size and folding option of the brochure, you can get anywhere from four to twelve panels. An 8.5” x 11” trifold brochure, for instance, will give you six panels to place your copy on. How can you wisely use the space while organizing the information at the same time? Here are some tips: 

  • Start with the cover. 

All your printed marketing materials should have a color palette that’s similar to your business logo. This way, they will instantly associate those hues with your brand. For the brochure cover, there should be an image which is the main focus of the page. The cover should show your company name, logo, and what the brochure is all about – all in one glance. 

  • Balance the text with high-resolution images. 

In this digital age where everything is instantaneous, people do not like reading through too much text. For your brochure, there should be a good balance between text and high-resolution images. You want to leave a great first impression, so the brochure should have full color HD images. 

  • Highlight the benefits that a customer will enjoy from your products or services. 

This should be the main purpose of your brochure: informing the reader of the benefit that he or she will enjoy when taking advantage of your product or service. Highlight this in the middle parts of the brochure. 

  • Your information should be accurate, and there should be a call-to-action.

Finally, all your contact information should be accurate – and include a call-to-action. Do you want customers to call you, sign up for a mailing list, or visit your store, restaurant or website? It’s better if you can include a promo code that they can use for discounts. 

When having brochures made, look for cheap printing services provider that can deliver high-quality prints at an affordable price.


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