Letterhead Ideas that Entrepreneurs Can Use

One of the best ways to remain consistent with your branding is to use letterhead printing. Letterheads are previously printed headings on stationery, letters, memos, notes, and envelopes. A basic letterhead design includes images, lines, shapes, or colors which are usually derived from the same logo that an entrepreneur uses, for example. What’s good about using letterhead is that there are many cheap printing services where you can order letterheads from, without sacrificing the quality of print. Letterhead printing makes any business transaction look legal and more professional, and your branding is reflected all throughout your print advertising materials. 

Letterhead Design Ideas 

No matter which industry it is that you are in, these are the letterhead ideas that you can apply to make your stationery, letters, and any form of written or email communication stand out:

  • A simple letterhead that uses your business logo. 

Perhaps the simplest letterhead design is one that uses your business logo. If you have a blue-and-yellow logo, for example, you can place the logo on top of the page while the footer will show your contact information. 

  • Use a footer instead of a header. 

You can actually place letterheads on the upper, lower, or either side of the paper. For a more creative take, use a footer instead of a header for your letterhead design. Still use the same color scheme as your business logo, and make sure the information is accurate and up-to-date.

  • Turn your logo into an arrow. 

If you want, you can enclose your company name in a big arrow pointing downwards so that when you write Dear… on top of the page, the arrow seems to point towards the start of the letter. You can also use a footer, with the arrow pointing up. 

  • Use images or shapes to frame your company name. 

You can use images or shapes to frame your business logo or company name. Make sure that the colors blend well together for a more creative yet impactful look. 

  • Use contrasting colors. 

You can use the contrasting color bars or ombre colors on either the left or right side of the paper, with your business logo on top. 

A letterhead expresses your brand’s personality, so get creative and design it the best way you can. 

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