Why Tradeshow Banners & Stands Make for the Perfect Advertising Material

A tradeshow banner stand and a vinyl banner make for the perfect advertising material. Why? Let’s say that you launched a concept restaurant and you would like to let people know that your business actually exists. You might think about distributing flyers to passersby so that they can learn when the opening is, what the menu will be like, etc.

On the first day, you might distribute coupons so that the first patrons who tried out your food would come back for more, and maybe even invite their friends. You could put brochures at the reception area so that diners would know how to get in touch with you, how to make reservations or when your operating hours are. Finally, you can use banners to let people know all about your business.

The good thing about using a banner is that they are typically made from vinyl, so the material will not be subject to wear and tear. You can use them during tradeshows and when paired with a tradeshow banner stand, they will really capture the attention of your target market. With companies like BlockbusterPrint.com, banner stands come in three varieties:
– X-Style banner and stand measuring 24” x 60”
– Retractable banner with aluminum stand measuring 33” x 80”
– Deluxe retractable banner with heavy duty stand measuring 33” x 80”

Take your pick from any of these banner-stand combinations and you have the perfect advertising material to use, not just during tradeshows, but for other occasions as well. It can even serve as a store display during regular days that you are not attending a promotional event. All in all, if you want to spread the word about your brand, make sure to use vinyl banners with a pullout banner stand to make your business name stand out – in style.

Participating in a Trade Show? Use a Banner Stand to Stand Out!

Can you actually use a banner stand to make your brand stand out during a trade event? Definitely! In today’s business environment, your company might as well not exist if you won’t put the word out there. Instead of relying on pricier methods of advertisement like producing TV or radio ads, you can launch a full-blast print campaign. Once the materials are displayed, you can combine print with word of mouth advertising and you can slowly but surely make your brand known.

So what is it about banners with a banner stand that makes them such an effective print advertising material? Let’s say that you are a software company participating in a trade show. There are dozens of other software companies with booths on the trade show, so your goal is to make your booth stand out. For this, you can use a vinyl banner with a stand. If you’re using an X-style banner and stand which is available from companies like BlockbusterPrint.com, you can simply assemble it and display it in an upright position in front of your booth. Depending on the activities during the trade show, you can move it to different points on the ground to maximize visibility.

The good thing about using a versatile banner with stand is that after the trade show, you can repurpose it and use as a display for your store or office. Aside from vinyl banners with an X-stand at the back, you can also make use of printed banner with stand or a deluxe retractable banner with a heavy duty stand. No matter which type of banner and banner stand combination you end up choosing, you can definitely use it to make your business name stand out – not just during trade shows, but in other advertising events as well.

Business Card Printing 101: Spot UV Printed Cards

Business card printing is a must for those who would like to acquire new business. If you’re a solo entrepreneur, you need to distribute business cards to broaden your network of contacts. If you’re a manager or employee of a company, you need a card that shows your name, company name and job position which will allow you to represent your brand. You can distribute these to possible clients or customers during meetings, trade shows or even casual parties where you can also network. A business card is the best way to represent your brand and give people a reason to get in touch with you.

Why Choose Spot UV Business Cards

There are many options for business card printing that you can go with, but the one that will make your card stand out from the rest is spot UV printing. As the name implies, a spot or a part of the business card is applied with UV treatment which makes it appear embossed, glossy and reflective. If you want your company name to stand out, for example, the card will be made in such a way that the letters will be highlighted and slightly raised.

Here are the reasons why it pays to choose spot UV business cards:
– You can take your pick from full color spot UV cards with one sided or two sided printing.
– There are many printing companies like BlockbusterPrint.com which specialize in spot UV printing.
– You can combine spot UV printing with hot foil, embossed or debossed printing features for more personalization options.
– It is best not to choose 100% spot UV coverage so as not to dilute the effect of the printing technology.

The turnaround time for spot UV business card printing could be longer than traditional cards, but the final results are well worth it. They will make your brand stand out, and you can proudly hand over the business cards to impress even the most finicky of clients or customers.

Glossy, Silk or Spot UV Printing for Your Business Cards?

Gone are the days when business cards appeared as thin, easily wrinkled cards with poor print quality. Today, you can get business cards in varying sizes and a wide array of printing technologies used. Some examples are gloss, silk and spot UV printing. Spot UV printing differs from the two in the sense that it makes a certain part of the card pop up. If you’d like to highlight your name, the company name, your website name or your contact information, a spot UV printed card is perfect since it adds a specialized gloss to make that specific part stand out. It’s a cross between a gloss and a silk finish, and is suitable if you would like your business card to stand out.

If you don’t necessarily feel like making a statement with spot UV printing, you can go with glossy finish cards instead. Business cards with a glossy finish look professional and elegant. The entire card appears shiny and reflective. As compared to plain cardboard cards with traditional printing, the paper stock used in glossy finish cards is thicker – so they feel more substantial when held. Another reason to go with glossy finish cards is that even if exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, the print will not fade because it has that protective coating.

Finally, there’s silk finish cards which are beautiful to look at. As the name implies, these business cards have a silky smooth finish. If glossy finish cards have a reflective surface, silk business cards do not – but they still have that unique, silky sheen to them. Among the three, silk finish cards are the cheapest but, when designed right, can look professional and elegant as well.

Whether you end up choosing spot gloss business card printing, glossy or silk finish on your business cards, what’s important is for its overall design to reflect the image that you would like your business to have.

All About Spot UV Business Cards

If you want your business card to stand out, you should definitely consider having spot UV business cards made. With companies like BlockbusterPrint.com, you can get the best value for your money with these business cards which will definitely make your name or company name stand out from the rest. But what exactly spot UV printing for business cards? Unlike traditional business cards which use plain colored or black ink for printing, spot UV adds gloss to a specific area of your design. This makes the card appear to have a two-dimensional, multi-texture feel to it.

Let’s say that your company name is ABC Enterprises. With spot UV printing, you can have the “ABC Enterprises” part stand out. It will look somewhere between a gloss and a silk finish – then the rest of the text will have traditional ink printing. Doing it this way makes the business name pop out, so the card is more noticeable and the design is more eye-catching.

Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

Now, whether you are having spot gloss business card printing or ordinary business cards made, what makes these little cardboard cards still relevant in today’s business environment? Aren’t we supposed to be existing in a paperless, high-tech world? Although you can easily harness the power of the Internet to spread the word about your brand, there’s still nothing that matches the impact or person-to-person interaction.

When you hand over your business card to a potential client, business partner or supplier, there’s a personal touch to the whole interaction that will be more easily remembered. This personal impact will leave a lasting impression, and create that positive impact that you would like your business name to have towards your clientele.

All in all, if you would like to use personal networking as part of your advertising campaign, you should have spot UV business cards printed out.

Do You Need to Print Business Cards? Try the Hottest Spot UV Printing Trend

Similar to fashion, there are trends in printing which emerge every now and then. Let’s take business cards as an example. If you need to print business card which you would like to stand out, you can take your pick from different types of printing technology. Here’s a quick look at what is available:
• Silk Printing
These are traditional business cards with a smooth, silk finish. The paper is laminated card stock and once printed out, has a smooth, silky texture which looks elegant and expensive. Unlike other cards which have a reflective surface, silk printed cards have a matte finish. What makes for durable cards is the lamination process done at the end, which makes the paper stock thick to the touch. Surprisingly enough, the silk printed business cards can still be written on using pencil or a ballpoint pen.

• Glossy Printing
Another option when you print business cards is to choose glossy printing technology. Unlike silk printed cards which have a matte finish, these cards have a glossy finish. The reflective sheen makes glossy printed business cards a more expensive-looking option than silk printed cards.

• Spot UV Printing
Lastly, if you would like to try the hottest trend in printing business cards, go with spot UV printing. With a spot UV print business card, the text takes on a slightly raised 3D effect because a portion of the text or the entire card is layered with UV cured shine treatment. This makes the text or a portion of the design literally pop out – something which you can feel when running your hands through the surface of the card. This is one of the most popular trends in business card printing right now. If you would like your business card to stand out, you should definitely consider having spot UV printed cards made.

Advertise Your Brand Stylishly with a Retractable Banner

From CD to MP3 players, bulky TVs to flat LED TVs, and desktop to laptop computers – over the years, technology will improve the things that we use daily for the better. More than just making them smaller, the everyday items we use become more high-tech and functional, although not necessarily cheaper. Let’s take banners as an example. The old fashioned way of advertising a business is to use a vinyl banner, with the sides being hung somewhere sturdy using a string. Then came the banner with stands and now, we have the retractable banner.

As compared to traditional banners, what edge does this type of banner have? Take a look at the following list:
– You can use a retractable banner to advertise your brand in a stylish manner.
– The banner is placed on a roller in the base unit. To use, you simply need to pull out the banner and attach the support arm – no need to use strings or climb ladders to hang the banner. Since it is self-contained, you can set up the banner practically anywhere.
– Since the banner can be set up anywhere, you can use it in trade shows, in general assemblies, public events and even as a store display.

With companies like BlockbusterPrint.com, you can take your pick from a retractable banner with aluminum stand measuring 33” x 80” or a deluxe retractable banner with heavy duty stand, with the same measurements.

If you are looking for a stylish way to promote your brand, you should definitely have a roll out banner made. With its multiple uses and high quality, you are bound to impress customers with your one-of-a-kind printed promotional material.

Pay Close Attention to the Cover in Magazine Printing

Within a company, there are times when you would need to handle the task of magazine printing. Magazines are an excellent way to inform employees or your customers about product updates, the history of your brand, or any upcoming events that you may have planned. Of course, there are also publishing houses which release magazines on a regular basis.

Essential Tips when Designing a Cover for Magazine Printing

Be it a small batch or thousands of copies of magazines that you need to have printed out, the one thing that you should pay close attention to is the cover. When it comes to magazine printing, your goal is to make a person actually read the content inside and not just flip through the pages. The cover will play a huge part as to whether a reader will continue poring through the pages of the magazine or not, so this is what you should pay attention to when having a magazine made.

Here a few pointers when designing the cover of your magazine:
– It’s the first thing that a reader sees when handling the magazine, so it should contain your brand name and project what your business is all about.
– The cover should generate interest so that a reader is compelled to read the rest of the magazine.
– It should accurately reflect the content of the rest of the magazine.
– Pay attention to the typography, photography, graphic design, headlines and overall look of the cover. When you put all these elements together, the cover should achieve that visual impact that you are aiming for to capture the attention of readers.

As you can see, the design of the cover plays a huge role in the readability of a magazine, so pay attention to it when finishing custom printed magazines projects for your business.

Top 3 Benefits of Using a Banner Display

As an entrepreneur, you should know that even if you have the best service or product to offer, you would still not succeed if customers don’t know that your business even exists. This is precisely the reason why you should launch an advertising campaign that will let customers know about your business. Printed promotional materials like a banner display, business cards, postcards, letterheads, folders, notepads and similar items can be used as part of your print promotional campaign. Let’s focus our attention to one printed promotional material in particular: banners.

With companies like BlockbusterPrint.com, you can take your pick from traditional loose vinyl banners, or banners with accompanying stands. No matter which of these two options you end up choosing, you are bound to enjoy the top three benefits of using a custom printed banner display:
1. Banners can be used indoors and outdoors.
If you like the traditional look of vinyl banners, you can set one up outside your store or office. When attending trade shows or similar events, you can use the more high-tech retractable banners which stand on their own – and can also be used indoors or outdoors.

2. Banners last for a long time.
There are banners made from vinyl or other materials which have UV protection to make them last for a long time, even when displayed outdoors. There are also banners printed in such a way that archival ink is used to prevent fading.

3. Banners make for an eye catching promotional display.
You can personalize your banner in such a way that it includes your company logo, name, main product, and any other information that you consider essential. As compared to other forms of printed promotional material, a banner display is the most eye catching one and is bound to capture the imagination of your target market.

So what are you waiting for? If you would like to take full advantage of the benefits of a banner display, have one made for your business right now.

Takeout Menu Printing? Tips for Choosing the Right Menu Size

When you enter a restaurant, the first thing that you look for is the menu. The more sumptuous a photo at a menu looks like, the more that you’d want to order that item. If you’re the owner of the dining establishment, this highlights the importance of printing a suitable menu. Fortunately, there are many printing companies which specialize in takeout menu printing as well as printing other specialized menus for dining establishments. Here, we will pay attention to one specific aspect of menu printing: the size.

Tips for Choosing the Right Menu Size

With companies like BlockbusterPrint.com, there are three menu sizes to choose from: 8.5” x 11”; 8.5” x 14”; and 11” x 17”. There are more than ten brochure folding types to choose from, different paper options, and only the highest offset printing quality is used. If you want BlockbusterPrint.com to handle a takeout menu printing job for you, how do you choose the right menu size? Here are a few quick tips:
• You can easily choose the largest menu size, but remember that they tend to look clumsy and customers may find it difficult to hold it in their hands. If you must go with the largest size, opt for a tri-fold or a Z-fold menu for better handling. Also, divide your menu items according to category so that the customer won’t find food selection to be confusing.
• If you have a limited menu, choose a reasonably-sized menu. Highlight he most profitable items, the bestsellers and the items which are quickest to make.

Go with a printing company like BlockbusterPrint.com which has plenty of experience in menu and takeout menu printing. In the food business, your menu says a lot about the quality and sumptuousness of the food that you prepare inside your kitchen. As such, you need to choose one with just the right size – and the best quality to make customers think that the money they’re paying for good food is well worth it.