Why Tradeshow Banners & Stands Make for the Perfect Advertising Material

A tradeshow banner stand and a vinyl banner make for the perfect advertising material. Why? Let’s say that you launched a concept restaurant and you would like to let people know that your business actually exists. You might think about distributing flyers to passersby so that they can learn when the opening is, what the menu will be like, etc.

On the first day, you might distribute coupons so that the first patrons who tried out your food would come back for more, and maybe even invite their friends. You could put brochures at the reception area so that diners would know how to get in touch with you, how to make reservations or when your operating hours are. Finally, you can use banners to let people know all about your business.

The good thing about using a banner is that they are typically made from vinyl, so the material will not be subject to wear and tear. You can use them during tradeshows and when paired with a tradeshow banner stand, they will really capture the attention of your target market. With companies like BlockbusterPrint.com, banner stands come in three varieties:
– X-Style banner and stand measuring 24” x 60”
– Retractable banner with aluminum stand measuring 33” x 80”
– Deluxe retractable banner with heavy duty stand measuring 33” x 80”

Take your pick from any of these banner-stand combinations and you have the perfect advertising material to use, not just during tradeshows, but for other occasions as well. It can even serve as a store display during regular days that you are not attending a promotional event. All in all, if you want to spread the word about your brand, make sure to use vinyl banners with a pullout banner stand to make your business name stand out – in style.

Top 3 Benefits of Using a Banner Display

As an entrepreneur, you should know that even if you have the best service or product to offer, you would still not succeed if customers don’t know that your business even exists. This is precisely the reason why you should launch an advertising campaign that will let customers know about your business. Printed promotional materials like a banner display, business cards, postcards, letterheads, folders, notepads and similar items can be used as part of your print promotional campaign. Let’s focus our attention to one printed promotional material in particular: banners.

With companies like BlockbusterPrint.com, you can take your pick from traditional loose vinyl banners, or banners with accompanying stands. No matter which of these two options you end up choosing, you are bound to enjoy the top three benefits of using a custom printed banner display:
1. Banners can be used indoors and outdoors.
If you like the traditional look of vinyl banners, you can set one up outside your store or office. When attending trade shows or similar events, you can use the more high-tech retractable banners which stand on their own – and can also be used indoors or outdoors.

2. Banners last for a long time.
There are banners made from vinyl or other materials which have UV protection to make them last for a long time, even when displayed outdoors. There are also banners printed in such a way that archival ink is used to prevent fading.

3. Banners make for an eye catching promotional display.
You can personalize your banner in such a way that it includes your company logo, name, main product, and any other information that you consider essential. As compared to other forms of printed promotional material, a banner display is the most eye catching one and is bound to capture the imagination of your target market.

So what are you waiting for? If you would like to take full advantage of the benefits of a banner display, have one made for your business right now.

Main Characteristics of a Good Tradeshow Banner

Tradeshows are an excellent avenue to promote your business. Those who go to trade shows are already interested with what you have to offer as a company, so you will have plenty of prospects for added business. While you are at the tradeshow, however, you need to make sure that your booth stands out. How can you accomplish such feat? By making sure that your tradeshow banner is designed to be a standout!

Fortunately, there are many companies which specialize in printing out tradeshow banners. To give you an idea about what a good tradeshow banner constitutes, take a look at this list of characteristics:
• A good banner is printed with colors that pop out of the material.
Your goal is to make your banner stand out from the rest of the booths at the tradeshow, so make sure that it is printed in such a way that the colors pop out. If it’s a loose vinyl banner, for example, make sure that it is printed with 100% full color HD printing. The original design of the banner should also be paid close attention to, because it will affect the final look of the banner.

• A good banner has an ideal size and high resolution.
With companies like BlockbusterPrint.com, there are different sizes of banners that you can choose from. If you need an indoor banner, the popular sizes in feet are 4 x 2; 6 x 3; 8 x 3; 8 x 4; and 10 x 3. These are made from vinyl material with an elegant matte finish and full color HD printing. When choosing a company to print your banners, make sure that they know which size would suit the size of your booth; and the higher the resolution for printing, the better.

• A good banner has a solid, expensive-looking overall design.
Finally, your standup banner should have a solid, expensive-looking design – without actually being expensive. Remember that your goal is to catch the attention of the people attending the tradeshows. By making sure that the banner that you will use have these characteristics, you can stand out from the pack.

Having the Right Banner & Tradeshow Stand Ensures the Success of Your Booth

Banners and tradeshow stands go together like bread and peanut butter. If you are an entrepreneur who is attending a tradeshow, you need to have a banner created along with a stand. Unless you are using a high-tech, electronic banner with a retractable body, your vinyl banner will only stand up if a stand is also made for it. The good news is that when you get in touch with printing companies like BlockbusterPrint.com to have these made, you can take your pick from vinyl banners with stands, or retractable banners which stand on their own.

If you are planning to join a tradeshow and you already paid for a booth, how can you ensure the success of your participation? Here are a few quick tips:
• Make sure that the design of the booth fits the image that you would like to project as a company.
When having a banner and a tradeshow stand designed, make sure that its overall look fits the image that you would like to project as a brand. If your target market is young girls, for example, your tradeshow booth should be contemporary and colorful. If you have a more mature clientele, go for sophisticated, clean lines and colors. Of course, you should always incorporate your company logo which is the perfect representation of your image as a brand.

• Make the people come to your booth by distributing practical giveaway items which can serve as marketing material as well.
Envelopes, buttons, folders, magnets, post cards, notepads, booklets – make sure to have some of these items made. Practical items with your logo in it will attract customers to your booth, and ensure that your brand will have maximum exposure.

• Stay organized and make follow-ups after the trade show event is done.
More importantly, keep the items like the banner and tradeshow banner organized inside the booth. It would not do to let prospective customers see your booth with so much clutter. After the event, make follow-up phone calls to measure if your goal in joining the trade show in the first place – which is to increase revenue – is being met, or if you need to push your ad campaigns some more.

Need to Set Up a Banner with Stand for a Tradeshow?

One of the most common display materials used in tradeshow are banners. A banner usually includes a tradeshow stand so that the display can stand on its own. After the tradeshow is over, you can also use the tradeshow banner and stand set as a display at your store or office – and use it as an advertisement material. This means that you will get the best value for your money when purchasing a banner-and-stand set for your company.

Fortunately, there are many printing companies that specialize in making banner-and-stand sets which are specifically designed for tradeshow. Based on your budget, you can have an affordable one made, or, with a little more investment, choose one with a high-tech stand that will make your business stand out.

Types of Tradeshow Stands to Choose from

BlockbusterPrint.com is an example of a company which specializes in designing tradeshow banners.
1. X-Style Stand
This type of a tradeshow stand is very lightweight and comes with its own carrying bag. As the name implies, it has an X-shaped stand at the back to support the banner. This is an affordable solution for your printed promotional needs.

2. Retractable Banner Display Stand
This is a step up from the X-style stand because the banner itself is a rollout type. The custom display stand falls into a lightweight aluminum case, and comes with its own carrying bag.

3. Deluxe Retractable Banner with Heavy Duty Stand
Finally, there’s the deluxe retractable banner with a heavy duty stand. If you want to stand out from the rest, the chrome accents and brushed silver appearance will achieve that result.

Take your pick from these banners and standup banner printing types so that you can display information about your company, products and services in an eye-catching manner, in and out of tradeshows.

Display and Care Tips for Your Tradeshow Banner

When joining a tradeshow, a must-have item is a tradeshow banner that not only attracts people to your booth, but also lets everyone know exactly what you are offering as a business. After the tradeshow, you can display the banner outside your office or store and use it to attract even more customers.

There are many companies like BlockbusterPrint.com which specialize in printing tradeshow banners. With BlockbusterPrint, you can take your pick from these different sizes and types:
– 24” x 60 X-Style Banner & Stand
– 33” x 80” Retractable Banner with Aluminum Stand
– 33” x 80” Deluxe Retractable Banner with Heavy Duty Stand

After choosing which banner you should use during a tradeshow or as a movable display in your store or office, it needs to be taken care of for the banner to last. When not on display, the tradeshow banner should be kept in a cool, dry place. The stand and banner itself should be cleaned and dried. In case the banner gets wet, it is important to dry it thoroughly before storage so that mold will not develop. With proper care, a set of banner and stand should last you for a good number of years.

If you are still in the process of having a banner made, what should be included on the surface? The logo is very important because it shows clients who you are s a company. If you have a tagline, include that as well. If you’re using the banner to introduce a new product or service, incorporate sufficient information that will let people know what it is, and entice them to learn more about it.

More importantly, the convention banner printing should be professionally-made, have an eye-catching design, and be displayed prominently so that people can’t help but take notice.