Participating in a Trade Show? Use a Banner Stand to Stand Out!

Can you actually use a banner stand to make your brand stand out during a trade event? Definitely! In today’s business environment, your company might as well not exist if you won’t put the word out there. Instead of relying on pricier methods of advertisement like producing TV or radio ads, you can launch a full-blast print campaign. Once the materials are displayed, you can combine print with word of mouth advertising and you can slowly but surely make your brand known.

So what is it about banners with a banner stand that makes them such an effective print advertising material? Let’s say that you are a software company participating in a trade show. There are dozens of other software companies with booths on the trade show, so your goal is to make your booth stand out. For this, you can use a vinyl banner with a stand. If you’re using an X-style banner and stand which is available from companies like, you can simply assemble it and display it in an upright position in front of your booth. Depending on the activities during the trade show, you can move it to different points on the ground to maximize visibility.

The good thing about using a versatile banner with stand is that after the trade show, you can repurpose it and use as a display for your store or office. Aside from vinyl banners with an X-stand at the back, you can also make use of printed banner with stand or a deluxe retractable banner with a heavy duty stand. No matter which type of banner and banner stand combination you end up choosing, you can definitely use it to make your business name stand out – not just during trade shows, but in other advertising events as well.


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