Why Tradeshow Banners & Stands Make for the Perfect Advertising Material

A tradeshow banner stand and a vinyl banner make for the perfect advertising material. Why? Let’s say that you launched a concept restaurant and you would like to let people know that your business actually exists. You might think about distributing flyers to passersby so that they can learn when the opening is, what the menu will be like, etc.

On the first day, you might distribute coupons so that the first patrons who tried out your food would come back for more, and maybe even invite their friends. You could put brochures at the reception area so that diners would know how to get in touch with you, how to make reservations or when your operating hours are. Finally, you can use banners to let people know all about your business.

The good thing about using a banner is that they are typically made from vinyl, so the material will not be subject to wear and tear. You can use them during tradeshows and when paired with a tradeshow banner stand, they will really capture the attention of your target market. With companies like BlockbusterPrint.com, banner stands come in three varieties:
– X-Style banner and stand measuring 24” x 60”
– Retractable banner with aluminum stand measuring 33” x 80”
– Deluxe retractable banner with heavy duty stand measuring 33” x 80”

Take your pick from any of these banner-stand combinations and you have the perfect advertising material to use, not just during tradeshows, but for other occasions as well. It can even serve as a store display during regular days that you are not attending a promotional event. All in all, if you want to spread the word about your brand, make sure to use vinyl banners with a pullout banner stand to make your business name stand out – in style.

Participating in a Trade Show? Use a Banner Stand to Stand Out!

Can you actually use a banner stand to make your brand stand out during a trade event? Definitely! In today’s business environment, your company might as well not exist if you won’t put the word out there. Instead of relying on pricier methods of advertisement like producing TV or radio ads, you can launch a full-blast print campaign. Once the materials are displayed, you can combine print with word of mouth advertising and you can slowly but surely make your brand known.

So what is it about banners with a banner stand that makes them such an effective print advertising material? Let’s say that you are a software company participating in a trade show. There are dozens of other software companies with booths on the trade show, so your goal is to make your booth stand out. For this, you can use a vinyl banner with a stand. If you’re using an X-style banner and stand which is available from companies like BlockbusterPrint.com, you can simply assemble it and display it in an upright position in front of your booth. Depending on the activities during the trade show, you can move it to different points on the ground to maximize visibility.

The good thing about using a versatile banner with stand is that after the trade show, you can repurpose it and use as a display for your store or office. Aside from vinyl banners with an X-stand at the back, you can also make use of printed banner with stand or a deluxe retractable banner with a heavy duty stand. No matter which type of banner and banner stand combination you end up choosing, you can definitely use it to make your business name stand out – not just during trade shows, but in other advertising events as well.

Advertise Your Brand Stylishly with a Retractable Banner

From CD to MP3 players, bulky TVs to flat LED TVs, and desktop to laptop computers – over the years, technology will improve the things that we use daily for the better. More than just making them smaller, the everyday items we use become more high-tech and functional, although not necessarily cheaper. Let’s take banners as an example. The old fashioned way of advertising a business is to use a vinyl banner, with the sides being hung somewhere sturdy using a string. Then came the banner with stands and now, we have the retractable banner.

As compared to traditional banners, what edge does this type of banner have? Take a look at the following list:
– You can use a retractable banner to advertise your brand in a stylish manner.
– The banner is placed on a roller in the base unit. To use, you simply need to pull out the banner and attach the support arm – no need to use strings or climb ladders to hang the banner. Since it is self-contained, you can set up the banner practically anywhere.
– Since the banner can be set up anywhere, you can use it in trade shows, in general assemblies, public events and even as a store display.

With companies like BlockbusterPrint.com, you can take your pick from a retractable banner with aluminum stand measuring 33” x 80” or a deluxe retractable banner with heavy duty stand, with the same measurements.

If you are looking for a stylish way to promote your brand, you should definitely have a roll out banner made. With its multiple uses and high quality, you are bound to impress customers with your one-of-a-kind printed promotional material.

Main Characteristics of a Good Tradeshow Banner

Tradeshows are an excellent avenue to promote your business. Those who go to trade shows are already interested with what you have to offer as a company, so you will have plenty of prospects for added business. While you are at the tradeshow, however, you need to make sure that your booth stands out. How can you accomplish such feat? By making sure that your tradeshow banner is designed to be a standout!

Fortunately, there are many companies which specialize in printing out tradeshow banners. To give you an idea about what a good tradeshow banner constitutes, take a look at this list of characteristics:
• A good banner is printed with colors that pop out of the material.
Your goal is to make your banner stand out from the rest of the booths at the tradeshow, so make sure that it is printed in such a way that the colors pop out. If it’s a loose vinyl banner, for example, make sure that it is printed with 100% full color HD printing. The original design of the banner should also be paid close attention to, because it will affect the final look of the banner.

• A good banner has an ideal size and high resolution.
With companies like BlockbusterPrint.com, there are different sizes of banners that you can choose from. If you need an indoor banner, the popular sizes in feet are 4 x 2; 6 x 3; 8 x 3; 8 x 4; and 10 x 3. These are made from vinyl material with an elegant matte finish and full color HD printing. When choosing a company to print your banners, make sure that they know which size would suit the size of your booth; and the higher the resolution for printing, the better.

• A good banner has a solid, expensive-looking overall design.
Finally, your standup banner should have a solid, expensive-looking design – without actually being expensive. Remember that your goal is to catch the attention of the people attending the tradeshows. By making sure that the banner that you will use have these characteristics, you can stand out from the pack.