Share with People Your Love of Dancing through Rack Cards

If you have a dance studio or if you’re an independent dance instructor, your goal is to share with people your love of dancing. Those who would like to improve their dancing skills, couples who are practicing for their wedding, or kids with parents who want them to learn how to dance – these are some of the clients that you can have as a dance studio owner or independent dance instructor. But if you are just starting out in the business, or if you moved to a new state and you don’t have students for dance classes yet, how can you spread the word about your skills? You can go for traditional advertising materials and purchase a rack cards printing package. Rack cards are handy marketing materials which can be displayed in literature, brochure, or rack stands. The idea is for people passing by to get one from the display, then read the information on the card. If they are interested with what you have to offer, they are bound to take the rack card home for future reference. 

Rack Cards for Dance Classes

To get started on using rack cards to advertise your dance classes, here are a few things to remember: 

You can choose between offset and digital printing. When looking for a print shop to create the rack cards for you, ask about the package price; the type of printing method used; the paper stock and finish; and do your research if they offer quality customer support. 

  • Use catchy headlines on the rack cards. 

Rack cards have less space than brochures but more space than business cards, so you can include a graphic with a headline and a short description of your dance classes. Use catchy headlines to introduce your dance lessons; announce a date for registration for fall classes, for example; or simply state that you are offering dance lessons for a very reasonable price. 

  • Use the tear-off business card option. 

Rack cards measure 3.5” x 8.5” or 4” x 9”. To make your dance rack cards stand out, use the option where the lower part of the card can be torn off and used as a business card. 

  • Include a promo code to increase the response rate. 

Finally, include a promo code at the back of the rack card. You can offer three lessons for a discounted rate, or a certain percent off for fall dance lessons. Be creative in offering promotions so that more students – adult or kids – can grab the chance to improve their dancing skills. 

With rack cards, you can promote the dance lessons that you offer and share with people your love of the craft as they improve their own skills at the same time. 

Catering for Clients? Cater to Your Own Advertising Needs through Rack Cards

Impeccable service, mouth-watering dishes, an elegant menu – these are some of the things that clients look for when booking catering services. If you are a catering services provider, you may have already mastered all of these. But what about looking for something that will cater to your own advertising needs? Sure, word of mouth is as good as advertisement as any – but it is not always reliable and may not necessarily deliver good results. If you want to increase your bookings, boost your profit, and enhance your brand as a caterer, you need to supplement word-of-mouth advertising with print advertising materials. This is where rack cards prove to be useful. Larger than business cards but smaller than brochures, rack cards are the perfect size to hold information about your catering business.

Rack cards are available in two sizes:

  • 3.5” x 8.5” is the lay flat counter size, which is suitable if you want to simply display a stack of rack cards on countertops or tables. Let’s say that you provided catering services to a wedding, and you would like guests to know about your business.  To send more business your way, you can have lay flat counter size rack cards made by an online printing services provider, then place a stack of them by the dessert table for guests to pick up during the event.
  • 4” x 9” is the more popular rack display size. Rack cards in general are displayed on what are called literature, brochure, or rack stands. Most establishments have these – and you can choose this option to display your catering rack cards on food establishments which are not your direct competitors. You can also ask other local business owners to have your catering rack cards displayed in their offices so that more people would know about your brand.

Through rack cards printing, you can cater to your own advertising needs. Once these are printed out and distributed, more people would know that your business exists, and you can increase inquiries and bookings for your catering services.

Rack Card Printing for Auto Detailing & Auto Repair Services

If you have a business like auto detailing and auto repair, you need to have skilled workers and the machinery to satisfy your car-crazy clients. Let’s say that you already have a slew of loyal clients who visit your shop whenever they need their car serviced. But there will be times when business gets slow, which is when you can use a backup form of advertising like rack cards printing. Prior to that, you should have already established an online presence by building a website and establishing official accounts on the most popular social media platforms. This way, your online clients can easily find you, and you in turn have a way to interact with them. 

Now, going back to the print advertising method of using rack cards. What are these, exactly, and how can they benefit your auto detailing or auto repair services? Rack cards are 4” x 9” or 3.5” x 8.5” cards which are displayed in literature, brochure, or rack stands. They are placed in areas where there is high foot traffic, and the idea is for people passing by to get one so that they can learn more about a brand, business, service, or product. 

Since you are in the auto detailing and auto repair services business, cars should be the focus of the design of your rack cards. Considering the size, rack cards give you just enough space for a headline and maybe a bulleted list of the services that you offer. For XYZ car detailing, for example, you can have a headline like “XYZ Auto Detailing – We Pay the Closest Attention to the Finest Details!”. Then, place in a bulleted list the car detailing services that you offer. If you still have space, include a short description of the other benefits that a customer will get from doing business with you. 

Depending on the online printing services that you will get, you can have rack cards made with a tear-off business card option. When looking for a printing package, make sure that the materials, printing method, and paper finish are all high-quality. Still, you don’t have to pay too much because there are many print shops offering cheap packages without compromising on quality. 

All in all, rack cards printing is one of the cheapest yet most effective ways to spread the word about your automotive business, so get started on the task right now!

Come Up with a Memorable Design When You Print Rack Cards

If you are planning to use rack cards as part of your print marketing campaign, you’re on the right track. These come in two sizes: 4” x 9” and 3.5” x 8.5”.  Made from thick card stock, these can have a smooth glossy or smooth matte finish – choose one that suits your design. To create rack cards, you must look for a reliable online printing services provider that will give you the best rates without affecting the quality. There are many rack card printing packages available at an affordable price, which are made using a state-of-the-art printing process – you just need to know where to look. Do your research and you can find a printing partner that offers great quality, suitable materials, quick turnaround time, and good customer support.    

How Can Your Rack Cards Have a Memorable Design?

After choosing which print shop will create the rack cards for you, the next thing that you need to focus on is the design. Even if you use the most expensive paper material with high-quality print, you will not reap marketing benefits if the rack card is poorly designed. For it to be highly effective, you must have a memorable design and an impactful marketing message:

  • Less is more.

Rack cards printing gives you more space than a business card but less space than a brochure. With a 4” x 9” paper area, you might want to take the “Less is more” route when it comes to the design. Go straightaway for a headline that introduces your company, then two or three bullet points that highlights the benefits of buying your products or services. If you want, you can go with a tear-off business card option for a more unique look.

  • Go bold and use a catchy headline.

If you think that your target audience would appreciate more bold designs and colors, still use a catchy headline to grab their attention. Like all your print marketing materials, rack cards should have your logo integrated on the design.

  • Subtler is better?

If you don’t want to go bold, you can take the opposite route and use subtler colors and a more subdued design. Again, it’s all about what you think your target audience would like.

Ask for proof or test print the design of your rack cards before having the full volume of your order made. This way, you can check the overall look, design, and feel of the rack card.  Distribute them by placing them in rack displays on areas where there is high foot traffic. With rack cards, you have an inexpensive marketing material that will effectively promote your business and enhance your brand.

Rack Cards Printing: How to Grab a Reader’s Attention

One of the biggest challenges of rack cards printing is grabbing a reader’s attention. As you may already know, rack cards are handy promotional cards measuring 3.5” x 8.5” or 4” x 9”. They are displayed on brochure or rack stands, thus the name, and the idea is for people passing by to grab one to read and take home. Whether you are promoting a new business, a product, or a service, these rack cards make for an excellent print material to create awareness about your brand. 

Grab a Reader’s Attention when Creating Rack Cards

Since your goal is to have someone passing by get one of your rack cards from the display stand, how can you grab a reader’s attention? Here are a few ideas when designing your rack cards:

  • Use catchy headlines. 

If you’re running a bed-and-breakfast and you want to promote your rooms, how about a headline that says “Get the sleep you deserve”? If you’re offering pumpkin picking activities in your farm, something as simple as “Go pumpkin picking with the whole family this Halloween!” is enough to grab a reader’s attention. If they are interested with the activity, event, product, or service, they will surely pick up the rack card and bring it home to use for researching more information. 

  • Include high-definition images, illustrations, or photos.

A pumpkin picking event rack card will not be complete without a high-definition photo of a family or kids having fun in a pumpkin patch. Make sure that the photos are professionally shot and high-definition to really impress a reader. For this, the quality of print should be equally impressive so go for offset printing rather than digital. Also make sure that the paper stock and finish are suitable for the overall design of the rack card when you order from an online printing company.

  • Include a call-to-action or QR code at the back. 

When you print rack cards, always include a call-to-action urging the reader to call a number or visit a website. A QR code which leads to your website or social media pages is also helpful. Better yet, include a promo code which they can claim within a certain number of days so that you can get quicker, better response for your advertising campaign.

By grabbing a reader’s attention using these techniques, you can use a rack card to boost your sales and enhance your brand.

Rack Cards Printing for Travel Companies

Rack cards printing is the perfect advertising technique for those in the travel industry. Whether you are offering travel insurance, booking services, travel management, or consultation services, rack cards and cheap business cards can be part of your marketing arsenal. Business cards can be given away to prospective clients, suppliers, and other business contacts. Rack cards, on the other hand, can be displayed in high-traffic areas for people to pick up and bring home once they read the information. 

Simplifying the Process of Ordering Rack Cards 

If you are in the travel industry, your rack cards should look enticing – and make people want to book flights immediately. The photos should look postcard-perfect, while the copy should be short but enticing. Here is a look at a simplified process of ordering rack cards, which every travel business owner must do: 

There are digital or offset printing shops from where you can order rack cards. Digital printers use desktop printers and are suitable for small batches. If you will order a thousand copies or more, offset might be the way to go because it is faster and can handle printing hundreds of copies in a short span of time. Aside from the printing process used, also ask about the package price, the turnaround time, and research for feedback about the quality of customer service they provide.

  • Decide on the size and material that you will use for the rack cards. 

Rack cards are displayed on brochure stands so the size is pretty standard: 4” x 9” or the smaller 3.5” x 8.5”. For the material, thick cardboard stock is used like 16-pt. or 17-pt. paper. For the finish, choose between ultra smooth matte or ultra smooth gloss. 

  • Think of strategic distribution points. 

Lastly, think about where you would like to display the rack cards. Famous local landmarks are an obvious choice. Since you’re a travel company, this is where a lot of tourists will come and they are already a targeted audience so you are bound to have great response. You can also ask local business owners if they can display your travel rack cards on their place of business. These could be non-competing establishments such as gasoline stations, hotels, motels, theme parks, clinics, retail stores, and similar businesses. 

By using rack cards to advertise your travel company, you can entice people to go out and explore the world again. 

Rack Cards Printing for Fashion Retailers

Perhaps one of the most fun industries out there to have a business in, aside from food, is fashion. A lot of people love buying clothes, dressing up, and making sure that they look good. If you are in the fashion industry, whether you are selling retail street clothes, wedding dresses, formal gowns, if you are into tailoring or alteration, you need to tell people about your products and services. The best way to go about doing this is through rack cards printing. These are handy 4” x 9” or 3.5” x 8.5” cards which are displayed on brochure or rack stands. They are meant to be picked up by people passing by, so that the information printed on the rack cards can be read. Here, we will look at how useful rack cards are in the fashion industry

When to Use Rack Cards in Fashion Retail

Since rack cards are very handy, they can contain just the right amount of information to tell people about your products, services, or an event. Here are the instances when you will find rack cards to be extremely useful: 

  • When inviting customers to try out your wares

If you have a ready-to-wear store, you can use rack cards to tell people about your location and the selection of clothes that you have. There is limited space in rack cards so make sure to include high-definition photographs of your clothes samples. Keep the copy short but fun and exciting. The design of the card should be eye-catching, and use the same colors as your business logo if possible. 

  • When holding a big sale

If you’re changing the displayed clothes and you want to get rid of majority of your stocks, hold a big sale. Use rack cards to invite people to the event and give them substantial discounts. Distribute the rack cards a month or so before the actual date so that customers can have plenty of time to prepare their pockets for spending money on your store. 

  • When hiring new staff

If you need a sales clerk who is knowledgeable about fashion, you can print rack cards to let possible employees know that you are hiring. 

  • When offering new products or services

If you own a retail store and you want to also offer alteration services; or if you have wedding dresses but you would like to expand your stocks with casual wear, rack cards are the best way to advertise the fact. Include a description of the new products or services that you offer to entice customers to try it out. 

Look for an online printing services provider that specializes in rack cards printing. Compare the packages offered by different companies, make sure that they offer good quality prints, and order from the print shop that you think will do the best job of printing those rack cards for you. 

Use Promo Codes to Save on Rack Cards Printing

If you have a bar, tavern, coffee shop, pub, grill, catering, or any similar business, you should consider rack cards printing to advertise your business. Rack cards are 4” x 9” or 3.5” x 8.5” cards which aim to advertise businesses, events, etc. They are usually displayed in areas where there is high foot traffic. For passers-by, they can simply pick up one of the rack cards from the brochure display. If they find the information interesting, they can bring the rack card home to use as reference for attending the event, visiting a store, or trying out a restaurant. 

What’s good about using rack cards to advertise pubs or bar owners can simply display them in high-traffic areas and they are bound to get great response rates. As long as your rack cards are well-designed with a time-sensitive call-to-action, you can invite people to one-time events or entice them to try out your food or drinks establishment. 

Rack Cards Printing Promo Codes

Let’s say that you have decided to include rack cards in your print marketing arsenal. How can you save money during the ordering process? Here area few ideas:

  • Look for promo codes online. 

When having rack cards printed, you can choose between offset and digital printing. Some print shops offer both – the method that they will use is based on the volume of your order. When you visit the website of the online printing shop, immediately look promo codes. For instance, a promo code XYZ20 on a website can entitle you to 20% discount on all print jobs. This means that if you will order 100 pieces of 4” x 9” rack cards, you will save a significant amount of money. 

  • Ask the print shop for discounts. 

If you are visiting an actual print shop instead of simply visiting their website, just ask for discounts outright. Tell them that you did your research and a website you visited is offering a 15% discount. If they can match that, then you will place your order with them. 

  • Order more to save more.

For offset printing, it is only the initial setup that is costly. Once the design has been set, the printing presses can make hundreds to thousands of copies of your rack cards in minutes. This means that the more pieces you order, the lower the per piece price gets. As such, 500 copies of rack cards will cost more than ordering 1,000 or 2,000 copies. 

With rack cards, you can effectively advertise your business without having to spend a lot of money. 

Do You Offer Attractions or Activities? Reap the Rewards When You Print Rack Cards

Rack cards printing is an ideal way to advertise if you offer attractions or activities. Rack cards are those thick, brightly printed, handy cards that you would usually see on hotel lobbies or tourist centres. The idea is for people to pick one of the rack cards out of the display. Once they read the information and they are interested, they can easily bring home the rack card for future reference. 

Rack Cards for Attractions and Activities

To give you an idea about when it is ideal to use rack cards for advertising, here’s a quick list of its applications:

  • If you have an orchard, you can use rack cards to advertise seasonal events. Orchards usually hold apple picking events during the fall season. For this, have a stunning picture of a tree of apples as background, then include the details about the event. Rack cards are sized 3.5” x 8.5” or 4” x 9” so you have more space than business cards, but less space than flyers. Use the available area wisely to highlight important information about the event. Use the back of the card to include scannable promo codes so that they can get a certain percentage off your products. 
  • If you have a farm, you can use rack cards to tell people about upcoming events like pet petting activities, hayrides, pumpkin harvesting, etc. These are family-friendly events that everybody will love. Make sure to distribute or display the rack cards early so that families can include your farm activities into their schedules. 
  • If you are offering activities near popular landmarks, advertise using rack cards. Be creative in writing the copy so that you can get people excited about a treasure or “ghost hunting” event, for example.

Look for a reliable online printing services so that you can have the rack cards printed out. Ask about the material and printing process that they use. Make sure that the printing package is affordable, and check out the reviews online to get feedback about the quality of customer service that the print shop offers.

By advertising using rack cards, you can reap the rewards by letting as many people as possible know about your upcoming attractions or events.

Rack Cards Printing for Moving Companies

Do you have a moving company or are you an independent mover? If you are in the business of helping people move their possessions from point A to point B, then you should seriously think about advertising your brand. Whether you are just starting out or have been in the business for quite a long time, the first thing to do is establish an online presence for yourself. This is where prospective customers are. If they’re thinking about moving, the first thing that they will do is search online. If your website does not appear in the results search box, they might still look for you using Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts. This proves how important it is to establish an online presence. However, even if majority of your customers are online, there is still a part of your target market that you can attract using traditional advertising materials like rack cards. Rack cards printing is a must if you are in the moving industry because of these reasons: 

  • Rack cards are cheap to produce, but you do not have to sacrifice the quality of print. There are many online printing shops where you can order affordable, high-quality rack cards with free color, two-sided printing, and several folding options. 
  • You can easily distribute rack cards using a mailing list. You can also distribute them personally in areas where there is high foot traffic. Or, have them displayed in offices or countertops of local business owners. Rack cards are named such because they are designed to be displayed in busy areas where a lot of people pass by. They’re meant to be taken out of the display case, to be read and brought home for reference. Another option is to include a rack card in every customer receipt and any other paper-based transactions that you may have. 

When you print rack cards, think of an attention-grabbing headline or tagline that you can use to attract passers-by. Use high-quality photos, and you may want to go for the tear-off business card option. Make a bulleted list of why homeowners and business owners should choose your moving company. More importantly, make sure that your information is complete and accurate – include:

  • The name of your moving company 
  • A pinned location of your office in a map
  • Your phone number, email address, website, or QR codes to your social media accounts
  • Special offers, if any

With rack cards, you can provide as much information as a customer needs to help them decide to hire you should they need moving services in the future.