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Folder Printing Service

24-Hour Printing Option
50% Thickness of a Credit Card
High Gloss, Matte Finish or Silk Finish
Full HD Color Printing
100 to 100,000 Quantities
Great for High Color Designs
We guarantee you the world's finest Heidelberg offset quality color folder printing at the lowest price in America, all while being the fastest delivering.
Pick your options. Choose your pricing.
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Popular Folder Sizes & Paper Materials

14pt FOLDERS (cost effective) - Our 14pt card stock folders are very cost effective and have a 20% thickness fo a credit card. COmpetitors print on 100# paper which is 3 times thinner and flimsy. The 14pt presentation folders are high-end at an affordable price.

16pt PREMIUM FOLDERS (most popular) - The 16pt presentation folder printing is a paper identical to the 14pt just 30% thicker. The Premium 16pt Folder Paper has a 50% thicknessa of a credit card and the most popular folder chosen by 8 out of 10 clients at checkout. Comes with your choice of a high gloss or matte finish.

17pt SILK FOLDERS (very high-end) - The 17pt Silk Folder is the country's most prestigious folder printing online. A 70% thickness of a credit card with a very unique silk feel. Very heavy duty and does carry a higher price. These silk folders are typically purchased by Lawyers, Doctors or anyone looking for only the finest of everything when it comes to image.


Sizes & Quantities 250 Qty 500 Qty 1,000 Qty 2,500 Qty 5,000 Qty
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5.25" x 10.5"
$415 $465 $575 $1125 $1755
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6" x 9"
$415 $465 $575 $1125 $1755
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9" x 12"
$650 $715 $940 $1595 $2595
Color Folder Printing
99.8% Color Match Heidelberg Technology

Custom Folder Printing Services online by BlockbusterPrint are produced using the worlds highest quality state-of-the-art Heidelberg offset printing technology. The flawless colors of your Presentation Folder Printing project will always be consistent and replicated to an industry impressive 99.8% accuracy rate.


Impress Your Clients. Boost Sales. Print Custom Folders For Your Company.

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Online Printing Services

Quality vs. Price - Not all Color Folder Printing Services Online Are The Same

Custom folder printing services online from are produced using the world's highest quality offset color method which is sent through a state-of-the-art Heidelberg printing press machine.

Custom presentation folders is a wonderful way to brand your business as a leader in your own industry. With color folder printing you are establishing yourself as professional and serious about the line of work you are in.

We are proud to inform you that besides being the highest quality folder printing service online, we are also producing custom-made folders using the thickest card stock material our industry has to offer. You have the option of selecting a 14-point material which is approximately 30% thickness of a credit card when flat or our most popular premium 16-point cardstock which has a 50% thickness of a credit card.

To go a step above, if money is no object and you are looking for the absolute best quality folders the printing industry has to offer, we also provide an extremely elegant silk 17pt laminated cardstock for a presentation folder that whispers power and wealth. Clients who typically order silk presentation folders are attorneys, doctors, interior decorators, PR firms and professionals of the highest caliber.

The custom folder printing offered by allows you to pick any custom options you wish. Choose from two pocket folders or just one pocket. You can select to have CD slits on either side or both, as well as business card slits on one or two sides in any rotation you prefer. You may add horizontal or vertical business card slits in your custom folder printing job. Print folders anyway you want!

The choices are yours to select personally at checkout. We provide all the options online for you to select whatever it is you need when you are looking to order custom folders online.
When it comes to folder printing services, we know you have many options online. So many options that you are not sure what the differences are from one custom folder printing service to another.

Allow us to help you filter out what it is you need and what it is you don't want.

The majority of presentation folder printing services produce folders in an extremely low-end unprofessional process which is called digital and with a glue method. The glue method is one where the printing company folds the edges of a folder and glues them shut because they do not have the capability of cleanly making edges flush so they result to rolling the edges out and gluing approximately half an inch more material on the inner walls of your custom-made folders.

If you have ever seen those temporary folders that an Office Max supply store provides for pennies, you will see that the edges are rolled in and glued, making it look extremely cheap and unprofessional.

Any client you work with that might notice this will know that you went cheap and low end on your folders which translates into you not wanting the best for your own company.
If your client uses such a visual to judge you on, they will think you will also not take the time to care about the service you provide them personally, which may be in the world of business, a deal-killer.

When there are hundreds if not thousands of dollars to gain in a new client you do business with, it is always best to spend a little more to look like a million bucks then save a few dollars that will possibly be the result of a big business deal lost.

At, we never go cheap on production quality when dealing for your high-end business folder printing. We never glue panels and we never print in the lower quality digital method that 8 out of 10 printing services are currently doing.

We have always and will always produce your custom-made business folders using the world's highest quality and state-of-the-art Heidelberg printing presses which produce offset high definition quality.

The edges on your custom-made business folders are cut flush using one of our $200,000 cutting machines which will leave a crisp and flush corner with certainly no need for gluing. All of your custom folders will arrive perfectly cut which gives your potential client the look and visual to label you as a professional in your line of work.
The weight of our folders also plays a role in the way your professional custom printed folder are perceived.

Thanks to the card stocks like the Premium 16pt and 17pt mentioned above, weight alone is a big factor in the quality of your custom made presentation folders which surpasses the competition.

You can compare the equivalent of our offset 16pt folder vs our competitors digital light-weight 100# paper to drinking champagne from a crystal glass vs a plastic one. Both are certainly champagne glasses but one is rich and the other is poor.

The same goes for custom folder printing services online. You can certainly have cheap business folders made using the digital method that 80% of other companies sell. If you are looking for nothing but the best color folder printing, then BlockbusterPrint is your choice for the creation of your very important presentation folder production.

If you have any questions in regards to artwork setup or need help laying out your custom folder design, initiate a live chat on the bottom right or click the contact this button at the top-right and send us your request. Our graphic designers are standing by and very happy to be working on your creative project for you.

We wish you and your business the absolute best success with your new custom printed business folders.






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Online Printing Service Satisfaction Guarantee

Fastest. Highest Quality. Lowest Priced.

With 9 printing facilities in America and 1 in Canada, BlockbusterPrint achieves faster delivery and 4 times higher offset print quality production at a lower price than the competition, all while using state-of-the-art Heidelberg print technology. In the rare instance that you are not satisfied with your order, a free reprint will be sent out, right away!

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