High Quality Offset Folder Printing Service

If you are looking for the most professional folder printing service, BlockbusterPrint.com has you covered. Here are the reasons why…

Folding printing at BlockbusterPrint.com is an offset only print production. What does this mean? it means, offset printing is 4-5 times higher quality than digital printing. With offset folder printing, metal film plates are created of your artwork to provide a complete HD quality production.

Digital printing is a very low end production process that we would never use. Our clients want the best of the best. With our higher quality offset folder printing process, the price is indeed higher but your professional image will be too.

Also, with our folder printing service, we shave all the edges flush with your final folder piece where as with digitally printed and cheap folder printing services they are rolled and glued flaps at the edges,. This makes your company look unprofessional. If you have ever seen those cheap folders from a supply store they then you know what to expect from anything that is low priced when it comes to folder printing.

It’s true what they say, “You always get what you pay for.” With folder printing, this could not be more true. Good quality folder printing requires better paper, machinery and production. Every print company wants to give you the best price but anything thats great will cost a bit more.

Your business image should not look poor when doing business. Your clients will judge you on quality and time you took to show how serious you are about what you are selling or doing.

For the absolute best offset folder printing service, visit BlockbusterPrint.com where you can choose from 14pt folders, 16pt folders or silk folders.