Professional Custom Booklet Printing: What to Look For

When making presentations for clients or introducing new products, booklet printing comes in handy. A booklet is a printed promotional tool used by entrepreneurs to promote their products or services. Depending on the size of a booklet that you need, they can be categorized into pamphlets, leaflets, catalogs, annual reports or guides.

Seeing as how booklets have become a very effective marketing tool, it pays to know exactly what a good one entails. When it comes to booklet printing, here are the characteristics that your booklet should have:
• The cover should have a layout and overall look that properly represents your brand.
When a client flips through the pages of your booklet, the first thing that he or she will see is the cover. What does it immediately convey? If you’re making a booklet with general information about your products or services, make sure that images related to what you are selling are incorporated on the cover. Never include misleading images, and make sure that your logo is included.

• The number of pages should be just enough.
The number of pages in a booklet can range from 8 to 52. Although you have the freedom to go as thick as a 52-page booklet, it does not mean that the information should be elaborate. Stick to concise descriptions, crisp images and go direct to the point with the message that you would like to get across.

• The booklet should be professionally designed and printed.
More importantly, make sure that the booklet printing company has the right equipment and experience to professionally make this printed marketing material for you. At, for example, the booklets are available in full color HD printing; there are four sizes to choose from; you can have a booklet between 8 and 52 pages; the stapled binding is saddle-stitched; and you can use either a thick 100# gloss paper or cover paper.

All in all, booklets are an excellent way to inform clients and customers about your company or a new product or service, so it pays to have one professionally designed and printed.

Custom Booklet Printing Online

Full-color custom booklet printing is a wonderful way to present a super high-end business image to your clients when trying to choose a deal.

Whatever your line of work may be and anything you are advertising, as far as a product or service, should always be presented in the most professional manner. custom booklet printing can deliver that message for you.

You can choose to print anywhere from 6 to 52 pages in sizes that range from 8.5×5.5, 8.5×11, 11×17 or any custom size you can imagine that fits your projects needs.

One of the most popular of the custom booklet printing sizes is the 8.5×11 booklets with an 8 page or 12 page option.

Your custom booklets will be saddle stitched which means “stapled” at their center point. Choose to have them stapled in any direction you like, may they be horizontally or vertically.

Stapled booklet printing is becoming ever more popular in the business world where brochures once took place. With custom printed booklets you have the extra space for high quality printed images. This is obviously more appealing to the human eye, thus helping sell your product or service with less human interaction.

Browse from many options and sizes for all color booklet printing at