Letterhead Printing for Legal Professionals

If you are in the legal business, you need a combination of traditional and digital advertising to let possible clients know that you exist. No matter which branch of the law it is that you specialize in, there will always be a part of your target audience who will look for you online, so you need to have that presence. Your website and social media pages should be easily accessible online. At the same time, the more traditional clients will look for legal services the old-fashioned way. They might consult a telephone directory, ask around, or check legal aid directories. This is where you will find letterhead printing to be extremely useful. With a letterhead, you can “represent” your law firm using stationery and actually make all your business transactions look more legitimate and legal. 

Law Firm Letterhead Printing Tips

If your law firm is already operational, you might already have a business logo. This is very important because you will incorporate your logo into all your printed marketing materials. Your logo should appear on your business cards, letterheads, envelopes, notepads, banners, stickers, brochures, flyers, signs, etc. For letterhead printing, here are a few tips to remember: 

You can choose either a digital print shop or an offset print shop – some offer both. Digital printing is suitable for small volume orders. Offset uses huge printing presses and can handle big volume orders. Compare the printing packages offered by different print shops and take your pick from there. Some print shops offer optional folding or blank second sheets when you order letterheads.

  • Know which elements to include in your letterhead. 

Again, you should incorporate your logo in the design of your letterhead. Use the same font and color palette. You don’t need to be traditional in placing the letterhead – it can be on the upper or lower side of the paper, or even on the right or left side. Letterheads come in three sizes: standard, legal size, and tabloid size. The text should not look overcrowded so only include relevant information. 

  • Upload the finished letterhead to your business management software. 

Once the logo is done, you can upload your letterhead to a business management software so that you can use it when sending email attachments, making things look more professional. 

With letterheads, you can deliver a consistent brand message about your legal business to your clients, impress them, and make them remember your law firm whenever they need such services. 

A Quick Guide to Letterhead Printing

No print advertising campaign will be complete without letterhead printing. Like your business cards, notepads, envelopes, brochures, flyers, rack cards, or takeout menus, letterheads are a great way to represent your brand. Even though digital ad campaigns seem to have taken over, a huge percentage of the market still prefer to receive and hold something tangible, instead of clickable or watchable ads on screen. This is why letterhead printing is a must if you want to succeed in spreading the word about your brand using printed marketing materials.

Steps to Follow for Letterhead Printing

Now, if you want to print letterheads for your business, here are a few steps to follow:

  • Design your letterhead.

There are downloadable templates that you can use when designing a letterhead. It is important to pay close attention to detail such as the font and colors used.

  • Incorporate your business logo.

If you have a yellow and black business logo, you might want to have a variation of it in your letterhead design. The letterhead design and the logo may not look exactly the same, but incorporating the same color palette helps. Do the same thing with the font used.

  • Decide which information to include.

For letterhead printing, you would have lesser space to put information in. Brochures and flyers can have as many as four to six panels. With a letterhead, you only have that space at the top, bottom, or one side of the paper to put information in. As such, you need to decide which information to include.

  • Test and print!

Finally, look for an online printing company that can take care of the printing for you. Some will show you proof of a test print before printing the entire order. You can also do a test print yourself using a desktop printer. You can check on the previous work of the print shop, the quality of customer service that they offer, and the printing packages that they have. Additional options include an extra blank sheet or having the paper folded when ordering letterhead package.

No matter which printing package you end up using, what’s important is for you to include letterheads in your print advertising campaign.

Letterhead Printing: Ways to Use & Distribute

If you’re running any kind of business, you most likely already have a logo and some level of online presence. These are good things to have, but what about taking things up a notch and launching a full-fledged print advertising campaign? Since you already have a logo, you should stamp that brand on other printed marketing materials like letterheads, business cards, postcards, banners, envelopes, notepads, brochures, and flyers. Letterhead printing in particular is very effective in legitimizing your brand, making your transactions look official, and completing your print promotional campaign.

Printing, Using & Distributing Letterheads

So how do you use letterheads for advertising? Here are a few techniques:

  • Choose which online printing company to go with.

You can select between offline and digital printing. Some online printing services offer just one, while others have both – what they will use depends on the volume of your order. Since letterheads are tangible and they are seen, read, and held by customers, they need to feel luxurious and look professionally-printed. Invest in a good letterhead design and make sure that the quality of print as well as the materials are excellent.

  • Use letterheads in every transaction.

You can use notepads or stationery with your business letterhead to send correspondence to business partners, clients, customers, suppliers, and other contacts. They can be used to write memos, acceptance letters, price quotations, invitations, or any other information or event that’s related to your business.

  • Distribute notepads or stationery with your business letterhead.

Finally, you can get in touch with an online printing shop to create notepads or stationery with your business letterhead. Distribute these in trade shows, corporate events, give them as gifts to clients and customers, or personally hand them out on the streets. Since they are practical to use, people won’t hesitate getting one.

Learning how to print, use, and distribute letterheads is essential if you want to include them as part of your print marketing campaign.

Letterhead Printing: Designing Techniques

When watching a movie, there is usually a scene where the protagonist receives a letter from a prestigious university and the camera zooms in on the university logo. This is one example which shows how important letterhead printing is. If you’re an entrepreneur and you need to send correspondence to a customer, supplier, or other business contact, you want the transaction to look official. Imagine how it would be if the letter is printed on plain white paper. The recipient might even question the legitimacy of your letter if there is no branding present at all.

The good news is that there are many online printing where you can order letterheads. When selecting from the many print shops available online, make sure that they use good quality offset or digital printing. Also check on the type of paper available, the thickness, and the finish. Ask whether they offer 24-hour, full color HD printing, and make sure that they have good quality customer service. Of course, you should also check on the price of the printing packages and ask if they offer a blank second sheet or folding options.

Designing the Letterhead

Let’s say that you have already chosen which letterhead printing company to go with. The next thing to do is design the letterhead itself. Check out these design tips that you can apply:

  • Know what type of information to include. Unlike business cards or postcards, letterheads are limited to printing on just a portion of the stationery. It can be the upper, lower, or one side of the paper.  Thus, the information needs to be concise yet still recognizable. The letterhead can have: your business name; address; email address; contact number; and company or business logo.
  • Consider including a border on the sides of the stationery. If your logo is blue-and-white, for example, a narrow blue-and-white strip on the upper, lower, and both sides of the paper will add to a cohesive look with a bold design.
  • If you have no experience in graphic design, you can simply download a free letterhead template available online. Once done, save the file of your design because you can also use it in electronic correspondence and when sending out quick notes to customers.

By designing your letterhead accordingly, you can use it to enhance your brand, promote your business name, and boost your sales.

Letterhead Printing is No Minor Detail

When you are sending correspondence to a supplier of your food business, for example, do you just print on plain paper? If yes, you might think that the stationery you’re using to print anything that’s business related is just a minor detail. Although it may be a small detail, it is definitely not minor. With letterhead printing, you can actually use your stationery and envelopes to make a statement about your brand.

As you may already know, a letterhead is a part of a stationery or envelope where your business’ logo and the basic information about it is printed. There are numerous ways that you can design a letterhead, but it’s better if you will incorporate the same font and colors as your business logo.

Since the primary purpose of letterhead printing is to spread the word about your brand, here are a few ways to go about it:

Look for a reliable online printing services. They can either use a digital or offset printing process. Some of the things that you need to decide on are the following:

  • the number of sheets that you want printed with your letterhead
  • the size of the letterhead (14” x 8.5” or 17” x 11”)
  • whether you want one-sided or two-sided printing
  • the type of paper, choose from textured white linen or smooth standard white
  • optional folding or blank second sheets
  • the turnaround time.

If you are sending out snail mail or physical mail to clients, suppliers, customers, and other business contacts on a regular basis, it is a must to invest in letterhead printing. Since your logo is incorporated in the design of the letterhead, it becomes part of your branding. If you are using the letterhead for soft copies of the emails that you are sending or if your website has the same logo and colors incorporated on the design, then you have a cohesive look that is instantly recognizable. This is crucial for your branding, because customers will instantly associate the look of your correspondence with your brand.

With a well-thought-out letterhead design and by using high-quality materials, you can leave a great first impression to your customers about your brand. Letterheads also make your transactions look legitimate, so it is something to invest in if you are business owner.

Letterhead Printing: Still a Must for Businesses

Digital advertising may be the default these days when it comes to promoting a brand. But there are still a few aspects of running a business that require printed materials. Let’s take letterhead printing as an example. You can use letterheads when sending official printed correspondence to business partners or suppliers. You can also use them to send memos, price quotations, product or service details, and other similar information. If you will get in touch with an online printing shop, you can have a letterhead made and turn notepads or sheets of paper into corporate giveaways.

Benefits of Letterhead Printing

The good news is that it is quite easy to design a letterhead. When doing so, make sure to incorporate the colors of your business logo in the design. Keep the overall design simple and if you must include your contact information, keep it minimal.

Next, here are more benefits of letterhead printing:

  • Your transactions will look more legitimate if you are using a notepad with your business letterhead. Whether you are sending an acceptance letter to a job applicant or price quotations to a supplier, your transactions will look more official if you will use a sheet of paper with your letterhead printed.
  • Letterheads are an excellent marketing tool. You can distribute notepads with letterheads as corporate giveaways, give them to people visiting your stall in tradeshows, or simply hand them out as gifts to clients. Notepads or sheets of paper with a letterhead is a great marketing tool because people will find a practical use for it. At the same time, it enhances and spreads the word about your brand.
  • Letterheads can complete your print marketing campaign. Along with business cards, envelopes, notepads, banners, brochures, flyers, and postcards, letterheads can be part of a full-fledged print marketing campaign.

When having letterheads printed out, make sure to work with a trusted print shop. They can use either a digital or offset printing method. Pay attention to even the smallest details, make sure to use good quality paper, and the quality of print should be excellent. By following these tips, you can have a letterhead that’s worthy of being part of your print advertising campaign.

Why It Pays to Invest in Letterhead Printing

If you’re a business owner, you need to invest in advertising. Digital may be the way to go for most, but it is still worthwhile to go with printed marketing materials like letterhead printing. When matched with other items like envelopes, folders, business cards, brochures, and notepads, print marketing will leave a mark of your brand in the minds of customers.

Benefits of Letterhead Printing

Here are more reasons why it pays to invest in letterhead printing:

  • It gives your brand’s image a boost.

Look for an online printing company that offers letterhead printing services. When you are asked if you already have a design, the first thing that they will advise you is to design the letterhead like your business’ logo. Why? Because in branding, consistency is important. You need to have the same look and feel for the letterhead and all your printed marketing materials. Once a customer sees the colors of your logo, for example, they would immediately associate it with the name of your company. This gives your brand’s image a boost and makes it easy for you to create a cohesive marketing campaign.

  • It is very useful.

You can use letterheads to print marketing letters to prospective customers. They can also be used for employee memos, supplier receipts, product price quotations, etc. With a printed letterhead, there is a part of the paper that will include a printed heading of your business name and other contact information.

  • It makes your transactions look official.

If you will send product price quotations to a customer that is printed on plain paper, they might see nothing wrong with it. But if a competitor will send a price quotation for the same set of products and they have a letterhead, which one do you think will look official in the eyes of your customer? Naturally, it’s the company that sends price quotations using paper with a letterhead. Just like how the younger clientele won’t trust businesses without a website, customers might think you are running a seedy operation without an official letterhead.

As you can see, there are a multitude of benefits from investing in this marketing material, so have a stack of stationery with letterheads printed for your business now!

Custom Letterhead Printing & Ordering: Tips to Remember

Did you know that letterhead printing is a great way to “legitimize” your brand? Let’s say that you are selling a product and you received a bulk order from the customer. If you will issue a price quotation that’s printed on plain paper, that is probably fine. But if the quotation is printed on paper with your business’ letterhead, it makes the transaction look more official. Letterheads are a printed heading on memos or standard-sized paper. It includes your company name, contact number, email address, physical address, and website. When paired with notepads, envelopes, folders, business cards, and brochures, letterheads can complete your arsenal of printed marketing materials.

Printing and Ordering Tips for Letterheads

The good news is that it is easy to have a batch of letterheads made for your business. Here are some tips on letterhead printing:

When looking for any service provider, you want to do your research and compare what each one has to offer. There are digital and offset printing companies available. Digital printing uses desktop printers while offset utilizes big printing presses. Quality-wise, offset is the better choice. You may have to pay a bit more compared to digital but the turnaround time and the finished look of the letterhead will be much better. Also check on the feedback of the printing company when it comes to their response time, quality of customer service, and the package price.

  • Learn about your paper printing options.

For letterheads, you can choose between textured white linen and smooth standard white. 70# paper stock is the most popular. For the size, choose from standard size letterhead that measures 8.5” x 11”, legal size (8.5” x 14”), and tabloid size (11” x 17”). You can also check out other options like ordering another blank sheet to pair with the letterhead, or have matching envelopes or notepads printed out.

  • Design your letterhead accordingly.

Finally, design your letterhead similar to how you would your company logo. When it comes to branding, consistency is key so all your printed advertising materials should have a consistent look and feel. Do not overcrowd your letterhead with too much information – that’s what business cards are for. You can also be creative in placement, some graphic designers place letterheads on one side or at the bottom of the paper.

Matching Stationery for Letterhead Printing

When you see a logo of an apple with a bite, you immediately associate it with a popular technology company. The color, shape, and design of any logo is automatically attached to its brand name, which is why it is important for all businesses to have their own logo. If you already have one, then it should be incorporated with your letterhead printing. Letterheads are printed on top or any part of a blank page. It is a part of a print advertising scheme where the business name, contact information, address, or website are all printed. Letterheads are used alongside notepads, envelopes, folders, banners, business cards, postcards, brochures, flyers, and the like.

Tips when Matching Stationeries for Letterhead Printing

If you would like to include letterheads in your set of printed advertising materials, the first thing to do is look for an online printing company. They will be the ones to do the actual printing of the advertising materials for you. Choose between a digital printing company which will most likely use a desktop printer. Or, you can go with offset printing companies that offer full color HD printing using the high-tech printing presses that they have.

What’s good about going with offset printing is that there is fast turnaround time. Since the printing presses are huge, once set up, they can print hundreds to thousands of copies of whatever material you need – without scrimping on quality. The printing process is not just fast and efficient but also high-quality. Heidelberg color match technology is used to ensure that the resolution is flawless and the colors are matched perfectly.

After choosing the printing company, the next thing to do is decide whether you want matching stationeries for the letterhead. Some companies will give you the option to have the letterhead folded. If not that, you can order blank second sheets to match the paper with letterhead.

Aside from blank second sheets, you can also order business cards and custom envelopes. As mentioned earlier, all these printed materials should have a matching look, feel, and design that is similar to your logo. Choose from standard size, legal size, or tabloid size letterheads.

By knowing how to match stationeries with your custom letterhead, you can create an impressive set of printed marketing materials that will best represent your brand.

Choosing the Best Paper Type & Size for Letterhead Printing

Letterhead printing should be part of any printed marketing campaign. Along with custom stationery, envelopes, notepads, business cards, brochures, flyers, and postcards, letterheads showcase information about your business. Letterheads are printed on top or any other part of a piece of paper, memo paper, or stationery that contains your business’ name, address, contact information, and other pertinent information. What’s good about letterheads is that they make any business correspondence look official. They also add to your brand’s image, especially if the look and feel of the letterhead is consistent with that of all your other printed marketing materials.

All About Paper for Letterhead Printing

Let’s say that you have already decided to delve into letterhead printing. The first thing to do is look for an online printing that will do a good job of printing out the materials for you. Choose between digital or desktop printing, and offset printing which uses printing presses. Digital printing is suitable for small batches and the print quality is quite good. But if you want something faster with excellent print quality, go with offset printing.

Next, when it comes to choosing the best paper type and size for letterhead printing, here are the things to consider:

  • Paper size

Letterheads come in three sizes:

  • Standard size (8.5” x 11”)
  • Legal size (8.5” x 14”)
  • Tabloid size (17’ x 11”)

The standard size is mostly used for business correspondence. Legal sized letterheads are popular in the US and UK for legal documents, while the tabloid size letterhead is frequently used in the US and Canada.

  • Paper type and thickness

70# paper stock is the most popular for letterheads. When it comes to the type of paper, take your pick from textured white linen or smooth standard white.

  • Other things to consider

You also have the option to order the letterhead with a matching blank second sheet, as well as printing on just one or both sides of the paper.

By getting to know your paper options when printing letterheads, you can come up with a well-designed marketing material that will truly impress your customers.