Letterhead Printing: Designing Techniques

When watching a movie, there is usually a scene where the protagonist receives a letter from a prestigious university and the camera zooms in on the university logo. This is one example which shows how important letterhead printing is. If you’re an entrepreneur and you need to send correspondence to a customer, supplier, or other business contact, you want the transaction to look official. Imagine how it would be if the letter is printed on plain white paper. The recipient might even question the legitimacy of your letter if there is no branding present at all.

The good news is that there are many online printing where you can order letterheads. When selecting from the many print shops available online, make sure that they use good quality offset or digital printing. Also check on the type of paper available, the thickness, and the finish. Ask whether they offer 24-hour, full color HD printing, and make sure that they have good quality customer service. Of course, you should also check on the price of the printing packages and ask if they offer a blank second sheet or folding options.

Designing the Letterhead

Let’s say that you have already chosen which letterhead printing company to go with. The next thing to do is design the letterhead itself. Check out these design tips that you can apply:

  • Know what type of information to include. Unlike business cards or postcards, letterheads are limited to printing on just a portion of the stationery. It can be the upper, lower, or one side of the paper.  Thus, the information needs to be concise yet still recognizable. The letterhead can have: your business name; address; email address; contact number; and company or business logo.
  • Consider including a border on the sides of the stationery. If your logo is blue-and-white, for example, a narrow blue-and-white strip on the upper, lower, and both sides of the paper will add to a cohesive look with a bold design.
  • If you have no experience in graphic design, you can simply download a free letterhead template available online. Once done, save the file of your design because you can also use it in electronic correspondence and when sending out quick notes to customers.

By designing your letterhead accordingly, you can use it to enhance your brand, promote your business name, and boost your sales.

Author: BlockbusterPrint.com

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