Letterhead Printing: Still a Must for Businesses

Digital advertising may be the default these days when it comes to promoting a brand. But there are still a few aspects of running a business that require printed materials. Let’s take letterhead printing as an example. You can use letterheads when sending official printed correspondence to business partners or suppliers. You can also use them to send memos, price quotations, product or service details, and other similar information. If you will get in touch with an online printing shop, you can have a letterhead made and turn notepads or sheets of paper into corporate giveaways.

Benefits of Letterhead Printing

The good news is that it is quite easy to design a letterhead. When doing so, make sure to incorporate the colors of your business logo in the design. Keep the overall design simple and if you must include your contact information, keep it minimal.

Next, here are more benefits of letterhead printing:

  • Your transactions will look more legitimate if you are using a notepad with your business letterhead. Whether you are sending an acceptance letter to a job applicant or price quotations to a supplier, your transactions will look more official if you will use a sheet of paper with your letterhead printed.
  • Letterheads are an excellent marketing tool. You can distribute notepads with letterheads as corporate giveaways, give them to people visiting your stall in tradeshows, or simply hand them out as gifts to clients. Notepads or sheets of paper with a letterhead is a great marketing tool because people will find a practical use for it. At the same time, it enhances and spreads the word about your brand.
  • Letterheads can complete your print marketing campaign. Along with business cards, envelopes, notepads, banners, brochures, flyers, and postcards, letterheads can be part of a full-fledged print marketing campaign.

When having letterheads printed out, make sure to work with a trusted print shop. They can use either a digital or offset printing method. Pay attention to even the smallest details, make sure to use good quality paper, and the quality of print should be excellent. By following these tips, you can have a letterhead that’s worthy of being part of your print advertising campaign.

Author: BlockbusterPrint.com

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