Choosing the Best Paper Type & Size for Letterhead Printing

Letterhead printing should be part of any printed marketing campaign. Along with custom stationery, envelopes, notepads, business cards, brochures, flyers, and postcards, letterheads showcase information about your business. Letterheads are printed on top or any other part of a piece of paper, memo paper, or stationery that contains your business’ name, address, contact information, and other pertinent information. What’s good about letterheads is that they make any business correspondence look official. They also add to your brand’s image, especially if the look and feel of the letterhead is consistent with that of all your other printed marketing materials.

All About Paper for Letterhead Printing

Let’s say that you have already decided to delve into letterhead printing. The first thing to do is look for an online printing that will do a good job of printing out the materials for you. Choose between digital or desktop printing, and offset printing which uses printing presses. Digital printing is suitable for small batches and the print quality is quite good. But if you want something faster with excellent print quality, go with offset printing.

Next, when it comes to choosing the best paper type and size for letterhead printing, here are the things to consider:

  • Paper size

Letterheads come in three sizes:

  • Standard size (8.5” x 11”)
  • Legal size (8.5” x 14”)
  • Tabloid size (17’ x 11”)

The standard size is mostly used for business correspondence. Legal sized letterheads are popular in the US and UK for legal documents, while the tabloid size letterhead is frequently used in the US and Canada.

  • Paper type and thickness

70# paper stock is the most popular for letterheads. When it comes to the type of paper, take your pick from textured white linen or smooth standard white.

  • Other things to consider

You also have the option to order the letterhead with a matching blank second sheet, as well as printing on just one or both sides of the paper.

By getting to know your paper options when printing letterheads, you can come up with a well-designed marketing material that will truly impress your customers.


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