A Quick Guide to Letterhead Printing

No print advertising campaign will be complete without letterhead printing. Like your business cards, notepads, envelopes, brochures, flyers, rack cards, or takeout menus, letterheads are a great way to represent your brand. Even though digital ad campaigns seem to have taken over, a huge percentage of the market still prefer to receive and hold something tangible, instead of clickable or watchable ads on screen. This is why letterhead printing is a must if you want to succeed in spreading the word about your brand using printed marketing materials.

Steps to Follow for Letterhead Printing

Now, if you want to print letterheads for your business, here are a few steps to follow:

  • Design your letterhead.

There are downloadable templates that you can use when designing a letterhead. It is important to pay close attention to detail such as the font and colors used.

  • Incorporate your business logo.

If you have a yellow and black business logo, you might want to have a variation of it in your letterhead design. The letterhead design and the logo may not look exactly the same, but incorporating the same color palette helps. Do the same thing with the font used.

  • Decide which information to include.

For letterhead printing, you would have lesser space to put information in. Brochures and flyers can have as many as four to six panels. With a letterhead, you only have that space at the top, bottom, or one side of the paper to put information in. As such, you need to decide which information to include.

  • Test and print!

Finally, look for an online printing company that can take care of the printing for you. Some will show you proof of a test print before printing the entire order. You can also do a test print yourself using a desktop printer. You can check on the previous work of the print shop, the quality of customer service that they offer, and the printing packages that they have. Additional options include an extra blank sheet or having the paper folded when ordering letterhead package.

No matter which printing package you end up using, what’s important is for you to include letterheads in your print advertising campaign.

Author: BlockbusterPrint.com

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