Custom-Made versus DIY Postcards

What’s the difference between a do-it-yourself and professionally-made custom 4 x 6 postcards? Obviously, one is made for personal use while the other is made for professional promotional purposes. Postcards make for a great personal card that you can send to loved ones while travelling, or for special occasions. For business owners, they can use postcards as a cheap way to promote their brand, product or services.

Now, whether you are making a DIY postcard or for professional use, there are a few steps that you can follow:
1. Plan the design of the postcard by visualizing how you’d like it to look. If it’s a DIY card, go online and look for postcard design templates that you can use. This can also be done by entrepreneurs, although it’s better to have the card professionally-designed especially if you would like to impress your clients.
2. Think about the elements that you would like to incorporate and highlight in your postcard. Pay close attention to the font, images, text and overall look of the design. Depending on the purpose of the postcard, you can incorporate as much or as little text as needed.
3. Keep the back part of the postcard simple, because this space is used by the sender for writing notes.
4. If you’re making a DIY postcard, print a sample first before having a huge batch made. If you’re having the postcard printed out by a professional printing company, ask to see a sample of the postcard first so that you can approve the design – then wait for the number of pieces that you ordered to be delivered straight to your doorstep.

With companies like, you can have custom 4 x 6 postcards and different sizes of postcards made for a very reasonable price. Be it a DIY or a custom-made postcard that you are creating, it’s important to pay close attention to the small details so that you can achieve the purpose of having the postcard designed and made in the first place.

Print Cheap Postcards and Promote Your Business for Less!

For the modern entrepreneur, the first thing that they usually think of when marketing their brand is online advertising. The more clicks you receive on your website, the more that customers will take advantage of what you have to offer as a business. But have you ever thought about having to print cheap postcards which can be part of your print promotional campaign? No matter how modern today’s business environment is, there is still room for traditional forms of advertising like print. In fact, it is something that will make your business stand out because all your other competitors are already probably promoting their brand over the Internet.

The good news is that you can easily find companies that will print cheap postcards for you. With printing companies like, you can take your pick from postcards of different sizes, paper stocks and variants. Having them designed and printed out by professionals will make your printed promotional material stand out.

When having postcards printed out, here are a few things that you need to take into consideration:
– The originality of the design – make sure that the overall look of the postcards suits the image that you would like to establish for your business.
– The readability of the postcard – the message has to be succinct since you have very limited space, but it should still achieve your marketing objective.

What’s good about using postcards as part of your print promotional campaign is that having a batch made will not burn a hole in your pocket. You can get fast response from customers directly, you can gain maximum exposure and it is a very versatile form of printed advertising material. With all these benefits and more, you should absolutely cheap postcards to promote your business for less.

Effectively Use Cheap Postcards to Advertise Your Spa Business

When you mention the term cheap postcards, the first thing that usually comes to mind are the travel postcards that vacationers send to their loved ones back home. Holiday cards for special occasions and promotional postcards from companies selling their wares are the other forms of postcards. If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking forward to using this very affordable form of printed advertisement, you should definitely use postcards. They come in a variety of sizes and the available paper stock for the cheap variants are suitable enough to suit your purpose.

Let’s say that you are in the spa business. How can you use cheap postcards to lure customers to your business establishment? Your goal as an entrepreneur is to make people pay for your staff’s services and for your establishment to offer relaxation, beautification and other treatments. If you just had your soft opening, how can you use postcards to get more people to visit your spa? Here are a few ideas:
– Include the basic information about your establishment to let people know how your business got started, and how they could book an appointment.
– Use the postcards as coupons, where you can offer discounts to customers for your wide array of services.
– You can include pictures of customers having a fun, relaxing massage in your spa to entice more customers to try out your services. You can also add the testimonials to let potential clients know about the quality of services that you offer.

The possibilities of the information that you can include in custom printed postcards are practically endless, so use it as a way to promote your spa business – or any other business that you may have.

Rules when Printing Cheap Postcards for Real Estate

If you’re looking for an affordable yet effective way to market your real estate business, why not print cheap postcards? With companies like, you can take your pick from ten different sizes, thick 16-pt. paper, and highest full color quality. But why should you print postcards to promote your business in the first place? If you’re new in the real estate industry, a postcard is a cheap yet effective way to let prospective customers know that your business actually exists. As long as you know how to maximize the marketing potential of the postcard, you can use it to its full promotional advantage.

Essential Tips when Using Postcards for Real Estate

Your goal may be to print cheap postcards, but just because it’s affordable does not mean that it has to be sloppy or haphazardly done. Here are a few essential tips on how you can extract the utmost benefits from using postcards for your real estate business:

• Send the right message.
Even if you invest in shiny postcards printed on very thick paper, it will not be impactful if you don’t focus on the message. A 6” x 11” postcard is the most popular, but that does not offer you much space to print on. This means that you should use the space available to impart a message, whether it’s introducing yourself, telling people that your business just opened up, or that you are just a phone call away if they need the kind of product or service you’re offering.

• Don’t overwhelm your audience.
When having postcards created, craft your message in such a way that the receiver will not be overwhelmed. Are you targeting home buyers or sellers? Using the available space, how can you make an irresistible offer? What can you say to achieve your marketing objective?

• Know how to measure the success of your postcard campaign.
Finally, learn how to measure your success. A month after the postcards were sent out, did you have more visitors on your website? Did many people attend an open house? Did you receive more phone calls? Do the same thing after a month with a different message and measure if you got the same level of success.

By knowing what to incorporate in the message itself, you can print postcards online and reach your marketing objectives without having to spend so much.

Harness the Full Marketing Potential of Cheap Postcards

Prior to the emergence of social media, letting friends and family know where you are involves buying cheap postcards and sending them via snail mail. Today, all you have to do is post pictures or do check-ins on your favorite social media site and all your friends and family will know exactly what you are up to. Fortunately, this does not mean that postcards have grown obsolete.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you can actually harness the full marketing potential of cheap postcards and promote your brand without having to spend much. Here are the marketing benefits of sending out postcards to your clients, both existing and potential ones:
• Postcards can be part of your overall print marketing campaign.
Despite the presence of the Internet, print advertising still works these days, especially for small businesses. A postcard can be part of your overall print marketing campaign along with business cards, booklets, brochures, flyers, folders, letterheads and notepads.

• Printing out good quality postcards will uplift the image of your brand.
With companies like, you can have good quality postcards printed without spending too much. Take your pick from 26 different sizes, the most popular of which is 6” x 11”. The material used is premium 16-pt. paper which has 50% the thickness of a credit card, and the highest full color quality printing is used.

• With postcards, you can introduce a new product or service to your clients without having to spend so much.
Finally, once your business is launched, there will periodically be new services or products that you’d need to introduce to your target audience. The cheapest and most effective way to do so is by sending out postcards. Make sure that the card sends out the right message and allow the receiver to take action – whether it’s buying the product through the discounts you will offer, or simply call your office for more information about a service that you just introduced.

With these benefits, there’s no doubt that you can easily use EDDM postcards to promote your business.

What You Need to Know about Direct Mail Postcard Printing

Direct mail postcard printing may be traditional, but it is one of the oldest advertising techniques in the book. Mailing out postcards is fun and cool because, in the world of e-mail and social media, nobody actually sends out anything in the mail anymore, do they? Aside from the vintage-cool factor of sending out direct postcard mailers, they’re also an excellent way to deliver a message to your target market.

If you’re not yet convinced about the viability of using direct mail postcard printing to advertise your business, take a look at its many advantages:
• Postcard printing is cheap and effective.
At companies like, you can have 100 4” x 6” postcards printed out for just $19! There are many sizes and quantities available, making it a really affordable way to spread the message about your company, products or services.

• It will get you noticed.
Again, we live in a social media obsessed world so nobody receives letters in the mail anymore. When you send out a postcard with an eye catching design, a cool vibe and a lasting message in it, your brand name will definitely be embedded in the minds of your customers.

• They are easily read.
Another problem with today’s obsession about everything online is that people have very short attention spans. Postcards have just-the-right amount of space to put everything you want to say in – be it info about a new product or an update about your company. Since postcards have short messages, you can rest assured that people will read them first before setting them aside.

• There are many companies specializing in printing out postcards.
Finally, there are many printing companies like that specialize in direct mail postcard printing. With more than ten sizes to choose from, thick 16-pt. paper available, 24-hour printing services and next day shipping, you can have cool postcards printed out so that you can send them through mail to your clients and customers.

Custom Notepads are a Must-Have for Entrepreneurs

If you think that custom notepads are a superfluous expense for your business, think again. These printed materials are in fact a must-have for entrepreneurs because they’re a cheap yet effective way to promote the business. Let’s say that you are just starting out and you would like to let people know that your business actually exists. You can have a batch of notepads printed out and distributed to your future clients, prospective customers and business partners.

Notepads are cute and functional so people will not think twice about accepting them. What’s more is that they can serve as a short-term marketing strategy that can bring residual benefits long after your promotional campaign is over. If a supplier is given a 100-page notepad with your letterhead on it, the more that your business name will stick on his or her mind because of the recall that that printed marketing tool brings.

Now, if you are in the process of having custom notepads made for your business, what are the things that you should take into consideration? Check out this list:
• Cost
From sites like, you can take your pick from different volumes, sizes and paper types for notepads. The good news is that the costs are very affordable, without sacrificing on the quality of the end product.

• Design
Next, make sure that the design of the notepad is professionally made. If you already have a logo, you can simply incorporate that on one part of the notepad. If your line of business is more on the creative side, make sure to have that reflected on the design as well.

• Details for Customization
Finally, check on the details for customization. As mentioned earlier, sites like gives customers options on volume, size and paper type. What other customization options do they have? The more unique your custom notepads’ overall look is, the more that your brand will be embedded on the minds of your target market.

EDDM Postcards: CPC vs. Direct Mail Printing

EDDM Postcards are the absolute best and most affordable way to market your business. Why? Because it only costs 0.27 cents on average to mail a piece when digital online ads run you anywhere from $2 to $5 per click.

It takes 4-5 ad views for a potential customer to make a move and buy from you so this only costs you about $1.25 to target the same potential customers 4-5 times each. This helps with brand identity as well and helps them remember you through repetition. A financial no brainer!

EDDM postcard printing is a better form of advertising because you are mailing a physical object that a person can hold in their hands. You are more personal this way and you target people in their homes.

On a computer, there is so much clutter and links galore that a viewer is overwhelmed. Click ads can be opened and closed in seconds. We all know we are click-happy on a phone or computer.

Did you know that click ads online are clicked on by mistake, 80% of the time? If it costs you $2 for cpc and 80% are by mistake, this means you are burning money for no reason.

With EDDM Postcards you can target the same customers many times over and get real results. The EDDM postcard printing way of marketing will get you at least a 1% response rate. So mailing out just 2500 EDDM postcards will bring you back 25 orders or sales. When you consider that the national profit per merchant sale is $60, that would bring you $1500 in profit. The postage when printing EEDM postcards at a 2500 quantity comes out to just $675 (0.27 a piece). When profiting almost $800 per campaign, that leaves you with $9.600 profit per year just by this simple method of advertising.

When looking for the cheapest EDDM Postcard Printing, browse your sizes with Guaranteed the cheapest EDDM Postcard Printing online and in America.


Cheapest Way To Market and Grow Business

If you are like every business owner, you want to grow business. The fact that you are reading this means you are moving in the right direction in doing so.

The absolute most effective and cheapest way to grow business is with postcard printing and postcard marketing.

For less than 0.30 cents a viewer, postcard marketing becomes the cheapest form of marketing when compared to all other types of advertising.

It takes 4 to 5 times to get a potential customer to act on an ad or to buy from you.

When you compare digital advertising like Google Ads, the cost per click ranges from $2 to $4 per click on average.

With postcard marketing running you about 0.30 cents a piece, you can target and mail to the same viewers 4 to 5 times over the course of 5 months for a fraction of what other forms of marketing cost.

With direct mail and postcard marketing, you are presenting a more personal and physical message that digital does not.

When you target physical addresses versus online ads, you are taken more seriously. After all, the internet is flooded with digital ads and links upon links. More than ever potential clients are looking elsewhere for their product needs. Google ads just doesn’t cut it anymore. Too much clutter, too much digital noise.

With postcard marketing, you can afford to create long campaigns over and over. You can brand your business affordably.

Stick with at least 4 rounds of postcard marketing to grow your business successfully. offers the absolute lowest prices for postcard printing and direct mailing services. Guaranteed or they will beat any competitor price.



How to get the best results from postcard marketing

Are you getting ready to launch a direct mail or EDDM postcard campaign through the mail? Excellent! We will help you achieve the best possible return for your dollar with these simple design tips. when created properly, you will get the best success rate on your postcard printing and postcard mailing project when you follow these easy steps.

When designing a postcard there are some design tips that are scientifically proven to attract more viewers and higher response rates.

At we have seen thousands upon thousands of projects pass through our hands so we know which are the most effective when it comes to design presentation.

The postcard projects that bring in the highest returns are ones that are designed the cleanest and the simplest. Too much clutter will make your view or panic. We know you are passionate about whatever it is that you are advertising but the viewer does not have that same passion as you do. They just want to see what you’re offering, what the deal you are offering to them will be, and are you trustworthy.

Postcard designs that offer two or three promotional discounts and offers do receive 30% more returns then postcard marketing ads that do not offer a discount or an incentive. Make sure you offer a variation of discounts to attract many types of buyers.

You also want a huge tagline on top to make your message clear and simple. If you are only give you seconds so make sure you grab their attention within a split second.

It is best to use maybe one or two images so that your potential customers eyes are not scanning all over the place causing them to panic from information overload. One quality photo does the job.

Add an expiration date! You will get the best success rates from your postcard project when you add an expiration date. This creates a sense of urgency and your customer will want to contact you sooner so they do not miss the offer you are presenting them. If you do not have an expiration date your customer may push your promotion off to the side with no urgency and may even forget about you.

You will get the absolute best return on your postcard marketing investment when you follow these tips. And remember, the simple and clean designs always get the highest response rates. So make sure your postcard marketing project looks clean, informative, and trustworthy. Choose professional images and provide all possible contact information to show you are easily reachable.

You may browse from many postcards sizes to print from on You are guaranteed the lowest price for postcard printing which will help you mail out two more potential clients.