Print Color 6×11 Postcards Online

Need help choosing the right size postcard for your advertising needs? Great! We recommend the 6×11 postcards. We’ll also share some facts and results of different sizes.

If you are looking to print 6×11 postcards you are already heading in the right direction of marketing success.

The 6×11 postcards bring in the best response rates out of any other postcard printing sizes.

People tend to stand over their garbage can while flying through their mail. Because of this, ¬†you have just seconds to get their attention with a clean and catch ad. The, 6×11 postcards are the best size for grabbing their attention. Envelopes from your bank or cellphone provider which store your monthly bill are sized 9 inches wide. By choosing to print 6×11 postcards you are ensuring that yourad stands out in a bundle of bills and other junk mail. Because of this, you instantly raise your response and view rates by 40% on average.

The worst sizes are 4×6 postcards and 5×7 postcards. These get the lowest response rates and are thrown away instantly. They are hard to read and difficult to list enough info to entice your viewers. provides the best offset postcard printing on the net with lowest prices and fastest 24-48 hour shipping speeds.




How to advertise my business affordably

Are you a local business looking to get your name or service advertised to your surrounding neighborhood?

The EDDM postcard printing (every door direct mail) and flyer distribution service from the United States postal service is the key to your success.

For about 15 cents a piece, the post office will advertise your business affordably by handing out your postcard or flyer to residential addresses in areas you choose to distribute to. prints and ships EDDM postcards at the lowest prices to help you reach more potential customers and advertise your business in the most affordable way to market.

Today, paying a service like Google ads for digital marketing is very expensive and usually always fails. Targeting homes by physical mail ads allows you to capture the attention of a customer in their home for 1/10th the cost of online advertising.

Order eddm postcards online from and start bringing in new business, today.



What is EDDM Postcard Printing?

order postcards online
order postcards online

EDDM postcards and flyers are a set of specially chosen sizes of mailers that the United States postal service has deemed acceptable for their low-cost every door direct mailing program.

The EDDM service from the United States post office is one that helps business owners mail out up to 5,000 postcards or flyers in selected delivery zones of choice, for about 0.15 cents a piece.

EDDM postcards are distributed on the mailman’s route. EDDM postcard printing distribution service from the Post Office is different from direct mailing service.

Direct mailing allows a business to submit a mailing list with exact addresses of clients or skews you to target businesses you wish to send out your postcards or flyers to.

With the Every Door Direct Mail postcard service, the mailman simply delivers your EDDM postcards and flyers on their way to delivery other mail on there current route to homes in selected zones or neighborhoods.

Because the other every door direct mail service does not require postage, it allows for you to send out advertisements in an extremely affordable way.

With direct mail you have to buy mailing lists from companies that sell information like addresses of businesses or certain demographics of your liking. With every door direct mail you pick a zone in a residential area (EDDM not available for targeting businesses) and distribute your postcards and flyers in that area.

The EDDM service from the Post Office is wonderful for restaurants that wishes to get their name out around the neighborhood. Also great for a dry cleaners or a local company that is looking for business within a 5 mile radius.

some of the most popular sizes for EDDM postcard printing are 6×9, 6×11, 6×9.5.

You can find and print any size postcard you like from the professionals over at

You will find a list of many acceptable EDDM postcard sizes that you can choose from and prints.

You can choose to bundle your postcards and flyers in stacks of 50 or 100 which is what the Post Office will ask you for. It is most popular to choose bundles of 100. This allows the post office to give out stacks of 100 of your postcards or flyers to each mailman per route.

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