How to get the best results from postcard marketing

Are you getting ready to launch a direct mail or EDDM postcard campaign through the mail? Excellent! We will help you achieve the best possible return for your dollar with these simple design tips. when created properly, you will get the best success rate on your postcard printing and postcard mailing project when you follow these easy steps.

When designing a postcard there are some design tips that are scientifically proven to attract more viewers and higher response rates.

At we have seen thousands upon thousands of projects pass through our hands so we know which are the most effective when it comes to design presentation.

The postcard projects that bring in the highest returns are ones that are designed the cleanest and the simplest. Too much clutter will make your view or panic. We know you are passionate about whatever it is that you are advertising but the viewer does not have that same passion as you do. They just want to see what you’re offering, what the deal you are offering to them will be, and are you trustworthy.

Postcard designs that offer two or three promotional discounts and offers do receive 30% more returns then postcard marketing ads that do not offer a discount or an incentive. Make sure you offer a variation of discounts to attract many types of buyers.

You also want a huge tagline on top to make your message clear and simple. If you are only give you seconds so make sure you grab their attention within a split second.

It is best to use maybe one or two images so that your potential customers eyes are not scanning all over the place causing them to panic from information overload. One quality photo does the job.

Add an expiration date! You will get the best success rates from your postcard project when you add an expiration date. This creates a sense of urgency and your customer will want to contact you sooner so they do not miss the offer you are presenting them. If you do not have an expiration date your customer may push your promotion off to the side with no urgency and may even forget about you.

You will get the absolute best return on your postcard marketing investment when you follow these tips. And remember, the simple and clean designs always get the highest response rates. So make sure your postcard marketing project looks clean, informative, and trustworthy. Choose professional images and provide all possible contact information to show you are easily reachable.

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