Print Door Hangers & Use them as a Door-to-Door Sales Technique

Are you in the real estate industry? Or maybe you just opened a pizza joint and you’d like everyone in the neighborhood to know that you offer free delivery? A door-to-door sales technique that you can use is to print door hangers. Yes, the same door hangers used by hotel guests to indicate that they don’t want to be disturbed. There’s more to door hangers than being a hotel room notification – and they actually make for an excellent printed marketing material.

So what is it that makes door hangers a printed marketing material for door-to-door sales? First, putting these door hangers on the doorknobs of prospective customers or offices is less intrusive, yet very effective. People on the street will usually accept the flyers that you give them, but throw them on the trash once they decide that they are not interested with what you have to offer. Door hangers are more noticeable and homeowners are less likely to throw them away.

Second, you can make your door hangers even more unique by incorporating features like a pocket where you can insert your business card. Printing companies like can print door hangers with such cool features for you. They come in different sizes, paper types, the same high quality print and different coatings.

Third, door hangers make for the perfect door-to-door marketing tool because the receiver would not mind accepting them at all. Homeowners will merely shrug off the fact that a marketing material like a door hanger was hung on their doors, especially if they could use your services or products in the future. When you custom printed doorhangers, you can use them as your primary door-to-door sales technique without having to make a huge dent on your budget.

Main Characteristics of a Good Tradeshow Banner

Tradeshows are an excellent avenue to promote your business. Those who go to trade shows are already interested with what you have to offer as a company, so you will have plenty of prospects for added business. While you are at the tradeshow, however, you need to make sure that your booth stands out. How can you accomplish such feat? By making sure that your tradeshow banner is designed to be a standout!

Fortunately, there are many companies which specialize in printing out tradeshow banners. To give you an idea about what a good tradeshow banner constitutes, take a look at this list of characteristics:
• A good banner is printed with colors that pop out of the material.
Your goal is to make your banner stand out from the rest of the booths at the tradeshow, so make sure that it is printed in such a way that the colors pop out. If it’s a loose vinyl banner, for example, make sure that it is printed with 100% full color HD printing. The original design of the banner should also be paid close attention to, because it will affect the final look of the banner.

• A good banner has an ideal size and high resolution.
With companies like, there are different sizes of banners that you can choose from. If you need an indoor banner, the popular sizes in feet are 4 x 2; 6 x 3; 8 x 3; 8 x 4; and 10 x 3. These are made from vinyl material with an elegant matte finish and full color HD printing. When choosing a company to print your banners, make sure that they know which size would suit the size of your booth; and the higher the resolution for printing, the better.

• A good banner has a solid, expensive-looking overall design.
Finally, your standup banner should have a solid, expensive-looking design – without actually being expensive. Remember that your goal is to catch the attention of the people attending the tradeshows. By making sure that the banner that you will use have these characteristics, you can stand out from the pack.

Having the Right Banner & Tradeshow Stand Ensures the Success of Your Booth

Banners and tradeshow stands go together like bread and peanut butter. If you are an entrepreneur who is attending a tradeshow, you need to have a banner created along with a stand. Unless you are using a high-tech, electronic banner with a retractable body, your vinyl banner will only stand up if a stand is also made for it. The good news is that when you get in touch with printing companies like to have these made, you can take your pick from vinyl banners with stands, or retractable banners which stand on their own.

If you are planning to join a tradeshow and you already paid for a booth, how can you ensure the success of your participation? Here are a few quick tips:
• Make sure that the design of the booth fits the image that you would like to project as a company.
When having a banner and a tradeshow stand designed, make sure that its overall look fits the image that you would like to project as a brand. If your target market is young girls, for example, your tradeshow booth should be contemporary and colorful. If you have a more mature clientele, go for sophisticated, clean lines and colors. Of course, you should always incorporate your company logo which is the perfect representation of your image as a brand.

• Make the people come to your booth by distributing practical giveaway items which can serve as marketing material as well.
Envelopes, buttons, folders, magnets, post cards, notepads, booklets – make sure to have some of these items made. Practical items with your logo in it will attract customers to your booth, and ensure that your brand will have maximum exposure.

• Stay organized and make follow-ups after the trade show event is done.
More importantly, keep the items like the banner and tradeshow banner organized inside the booth. It would not do to let prospective customers see your booth with so much clutter. After the event, make follow-up phone calls to measure if your goal in joining the trade show in the first place – which is to increase revenue – is being met, or if you need to push your ad campaigns some more.

Why do Custom Printed Notepads Make for a Great Advertising Material?

A lot of people have the misconception that print advertising is obsolete. Despite the presence of online advertising, there’s still a place in the heart of customers for print advertising, especially if you will distribute something useful like custom printed notepads. Why do these make for a great advertising material? Take a look at the following reasons:
• A 50-sheet notepad is something that can be used for a very long time.
Through companies like, you can take your pick from 25 or 50-sheet notepads. Let’s say that you had a batch of 50-sheet notepads made. With your logo, letterhead and contact information printed on the notepad, the user will repetitively be exposed to the image of your logo. Your business name will be imprinted in their brains, so much so that the next time a need for your product or service comes up, they can’t help but blurt out the name of your brand.

• They’re practical and customers will not hesitate to accept them.
Flyers usually get tossed in the trash because customers have no use of them, but custom printed notepads are practical and useful. When distributing them during trade shows or product launches, people are bound to accept these items which they have a great use for.

• They’re very easy and cheap to print out.
Finally, notepads are very easy to make and are quite cheap to print out. With, you can take your pick form 25 or 50-sheet notepads. They’re made with full color HD printing; the paper is textured linen or smooth white; has a chipboard glued backing; and there are many sizes to choose from.

With these many benefits, print notepads definitely make for a great advertising material.

Cheap Yet Effective: The Marketing Benefits of Custom Notepads

If you are looking for a cheap yet effective way to market your brand, you should definitely consider having custom notepads printed out. Whichever industry it is your business is in, competition is bound to be tough so you need to choose an effective – yet cheap way to market your wares. This is where custom notepads come in. What are the benefits of using custom notepads to market your business?

First, custom notepads are cheap. When you visit sites like, you can have 50 sheets of 3” x 8” notepads at a little over $200. Distribute these to 50 clients and you will experience benefits over time. The notepads are made in full color HD print; chipboard glued backing; laser and inkjet printer safe material; and you can choose from textured linen or smooth white paper. As you may already know, the higher the quality of your printed materials, the better impression you can leave to your clients.

Second, personalized notepads make for an effective marketing material. It can be part of your print promotional campaign along with business cards, postcards, banners, envelopes and folders. Distribute notepads and these items during tradeshows to make people flock to your booth. Months after your tradeshow is done, people will still be using your notepads – especially if it’s the 50-sheets-per-pad variant, and you will enjoy long-term marketing benefits.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using custom notepads when marketing your business. Have a batch designed and printed out for your business now – and distribute them to clients, business partners and customers.

Rules when Printing Cheap Postcards for Real Estate

If you’re looking for an affordable yet effective way to market your real estate business, why not print cheap postcards? With companies like, you can take your pick from ten different sizes, thick 16-pt. paper, and highest full color quality. But why should you print postcards to promote your business in the first place? If you’re new in the real estate industry, a postcard is a cheap yet effective way to let prospective customers know that your business actually exists. As long as you know how to maximize the marketing potential of the postcard, you can use it to its full promotional advantage.

Essential Tips when Using Postcards for Real Estate

Your goal may be to print cheap postcards, but just because it’s affordable does not mean that it has to be sloppy or haphazardly done. Here are a few essential tips on how you can extract the utmost benefits from using postcards for your real estate business:

• Send the right message.
Even if you invest in shiny postcards printed on very thick paper, it will not be impactful if you don’t focus on the message. A 6” x 11” postcard is the most popular, but that does not offer you much space to print on. This means that you should use the space available to impart a message, whether it’s introducing yourself, telling people that your business just opened up, or that you are just a phone call away if they need the kind of product or service you’re offering.

• Don’t overwhelm your audience.
When having postcards created, craft your message in such a way that the receiver will not be overwhelmed. Are you targeting home buyers or sellers? Using the available space, how can you make an irresistible offer? What can you say to achieve your marketing objective?

• Know how to measure the success of your postcard campaign.
Finally, learn how to measure your success. A month after the postcards were sent out, did you have more visitors on your website? Did many people attend an open house? Did you receive more phone calls? Do the same thing after a month with a different message and measure if you got the same level of success.

By knowing what to incorporate in the message itself, you can print postcards online and reach your marketing objectives without having to spend so much.

Harness the Full Marketing Potential of Cheap Postcards

Prior to the emergence of social media, letting friends and family know where you are involves buying cheap postcards and sending them via snail mail. Today, all you have to do is post pictures or do check-ins on your favorite social media site and all your friends and family will know exactly what you are up to. Fortunately, this does not mean that postcards have grown obsolete.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you can actually harness the full marketing potential of cheap postcards and promote your brand without having to spend much. Here are the marketing benefits of sending out postcards to your clients, both existing and potential ones:
• Postcards can be part of your overall print marketing campaign.
Despite the presence of the Internet, print advertising still works these days, especially for small businesses. A postcard can be part of your overall print marketing campaign along with business cards, booklets, brochures, flyers, folders, letterheads and notepads.

• Printing out good quality postcards will uplift the image of your brand.
With companies like, you can have good quality postcards printed without spending too much. Take your pick from 26 different sizes, the most popular of which is 6” x 11”. The material used is premium 16-pt. paper which has 50% the thickness of a credit card, and the highest full color quality printing is used.

• With postcards, you can introduce a new product or service to your clients without having to spend so much.
Finally, once your business is launched, there will periodically be new services or products that you’d need to introduce to your target audience. The cheapest and most effective way to do so is by sending out postcards. Make sure that the card sends out the right message and allow the receiver to take action – whether it’s buying the product through the discounts you will offer, or simply call your office for more information about a service that you just introduced.

With these benefits, there’s no doubt that you can easily use EDDM postcards to promote your business.

What Comprises a Good Letterhead for Business?

Textured letterhead printing or smooth letterhead printing on linen paper are just a couple of options that you can choose from when having a letterhead made. With companies like, full color HD printing on these paper types, as well as different sizes like 8.5” x 11”; 11” x 14”; and 11” x 17” are all available. After deciding which printing company to hire when having such printed promotional products made, the next thing that you need to work on is the design of the letterhead itself. Find out what comprises a good letterhead, and how you can take full advantage of its promotional benefits for your business.

Elements of a Good Letterhead Design

A professionally-designed letterhead is what you need when finishing tasks like textured letterhead printing. To give you an idea about what comprises a good letterhead for business, here are some of its most important elements:
• Letterhead Font and Text
First, make sure that the information to be included in your letterhead is accurate and up-to-date. Relevant contact details, the company address, contact number, e-mail address or website should all be included. When choosing the font style, it should work with your existing logo and suit the image that you’d like to have as a company.

• Layout Design
Letterheads represent the company to the clients, so it should have a simple, easy layout design. However, it should still look professionally-made.

• Print & Paper Quality
Finally, make sure that the letterhead has good paper stock and print quality. As mentioned earlier, companies like offers different sizes for smooth or linen letterheads. No matter which size or paper type you end up choosing, you can rest assured that the letterhead will be made with good quality since the company specializes in HD printing.

Essential Tips when Having Custom Printed Letterheads Made

When you check into a hotel, you will see a sheet or two of paper with the establishment’s custom printed letterhead on it. This is a form of branding which not just hotels, but almost all businesses use. Whichever industry it is that your business is in, you can take full advantage of this affordable yet effective type of branding. The good news is that there are plenty of printing companies like which specializes in making customized letterheads, brochures, business cards, flyers, banners and similar materials for promotional purposes.

Tips when Having Custom Printed Letterheads Made

If it’s a letterhead that you would like to have specifically made, here are few tips on how you can come up with an effective design:
• Make sure that the information is accurate.
No matter how outstanding your letterhead design is, it will be all for naught if the information printed is inaccurate. There’s nothing tackier than a letterhead with handwritten corrections, especially if you just updated your contact information. To prevent such mistakes, see to it that the information printed on the letterhead is accurate.

• Pay close attention to details.
Color is an important element when having letterheads made. Would you like a black-and-white design which blends into the paper background, or a colorful one with images that pop out? Just remember that the more colors you are using, the more expensive the letterhead becomes. Also pay attention to the style of the font, the layout, the paper stock and the quality of printing.

• See to it that the overall design of the letterhead suits the image that you want to portray for your brand.
Finally, make sure that the overall design of the letterhead suits your brand’s image. If you’re gearing towards a more conservative clientele, a staid but professionally-made design is perfect. For a younger client base, something that’s more colorful and modern will make you stand out.

Follow these tips when having printed letterheads made and promote your business with style.

Need to Order Business Cards?Keep these Tips in Mind!

When you order business cards, the card itself may not necessarily sell your business, but it does keep your company name in mind. Let’s say that you are in the professional carpet cleaning business and you handed over your card to a housewife whom you met at a networking event. She may not have a use for your card right away, but when she does need professional carpet cleaning services, she will remember having received your card and give you a call.

This is precisely the reason why you should keep a business card handy at all times. You’ll never know when you might run into an individual who could use your products or services, so it pays to be prepared.

Tips to Remember when Ordering Business Cards

If you have yet to order business cards, here are a few tips to remember to turn the task into a successful one:
• Make sure that the information printed on the business card is correct. Nothing says tacky than a card with another name, contact number or address handwritten over the original printed text. If you know that you are changing your contact number soon, only print a handful of cards. Then, take the job to a professional printing company so that you can have a decent batch of cards made.
• When attending networking events, place your cards everywhere. Make sure that you have a handful in your pocket, car, bag, desk, etc. You might even find a need for one when attending a family dinner or personal social events. You’ll never know who you might run into who could use your business.
• If you have a cute, little container for your business cards, do not bring them at crowded networking events where time is of the essence. However, you can still use them in the office or at meetings where you know you will not be pressed for time.

After you print business cards, these tips would be handy when you are already in the process of distributing them.