Main Characteristics of a Good Tradeshow Banner

Tradeshows are an excellent avenue to promote your business. Those who go to trade shows are already interested with what you have to offer as a company, so you will have plenty of prospects for added business. While you are at the tradeshow, however, you need to make sure that your booth stands out. How can you accomplish such feat? By making sure that your tradeshow banner is designed to be a standout!

Fortunately, there are many companies which specialize in printing out tradeshow banners. To give you an idea about what a good tradeshow banner constitutes, take a look at this list of characteristics:
• A good banner is printed with colors that pop out of the material.
Your goal is to make your banner stand out from the rest of the booths at the tradeshow, so make sure that it is printed in such a way that the colors pop out. If it’s a loose vinyl banner, for example, make sure that it is printed with 100% full color HD printing. The original design of the banner should also be paid close attention to, because it will affect the final look of the banner.

• A good banner has an ideal size and high resolution.
With companies like, there are different sizes of banners that you can choose from. If you need an indoor banner, the popular sizes in feet are 4 x 2; 6 x 3; 8 x 3; 8 x 4; and 10 x 3. These are made from vinyl material with an elegant matte finish and full color HD printing. When choosing a company to print your banners, make sure that they know which size would suit the size of your booth; and the higher the resolution for printing, the better.

• A good banner has a solid, expensive-looking overall design.
Finally, your standup banner should have a solid, expensive-looking design – without actually being expensive. Remember that your goal is to catch the attention of the people attending the tradeshows. By making sure that the banner that you will use have these characteristics, you can stand out from the pack.