Having the Right Banner & Tradeshow Stand Ensures the Success of Your Booth

Banners and tradeshow stands go together like bread and peanut butter. If you are an entrepreneur who is attending a tradeshow, you need to have a banner created along with a stand. Unless you are using a high-tech, electronic banner with a retractable body, your vinyl banner will only stand up if a stand is also made for it. The good news is that when you get in touch with printing companies like BlockbusterPrint.com to have these made, you can take your pick from vinyl banners with stands, or retractable banners which stand on their own.

If you are planning to join a tradeshow and you already paid for a booth, how can you ensure the success of your participation? Here are a few quick tips:
• Make sure that the design of the booth fits the image that you would like to project as a company.
When having a banner and a tradeshow stand designed, make sure that its overall look fits the image that you would like to project as a brand. If your target market is young girls, for example, your tradeshow booth should be contemporary and colorful. If you have a more mature clientele, go for sophisticated, clean lines and colors. Of course, you should always incorporate your company logo which is the perfect representation of your image as a brand.

• Make the people come to your booth by distributing practical giveaway items which can serve as marketing material as well.
Envelopes, buttons, folders, magnets, post cards, notepads, booklets – make sure to have some of these items made. Practical items with your logo in it will attract customers to your booth, and ensure that your brand will have maximum exposure.

• Stay organized and make follow-ups after the trade show event is done.
More importantly, keep the items like the banner and tradeshow banner organized inside the booth. It would not do to let prospective customers see your booth with so much clutter. After the event, make follow-up phone calls to measure if your goal in joining the trade show in the first place – which is to increase revenue – is being met, or if you need to push your ad campaigns some more.

Need to Set Up a Banner with Stand for a Tradeshow?

One of the most common display materials used in tradeshow are banners. A banner usually includes a tradeshow stand so that the display can stand on its own. After the tradeshow is over, you can also use the tradeshow banner and stand set as a display at your store or office – and use it as an advertisement material. This means that you will get the best value for your money when purchasing a banner-and-stand set for your company.

Fortunately, there are many printing companies that specialize in making banner-and-stand sets which are specifically designed for tradeshow. Based on your budget, you can have an affordable one made, or, with a little more investment, choose one with a high-tech stand that will make your business stand out.

Types of Tradeshow Stands to Choose from

BlockbusterPrint.com is an example of a company which specializes in designing tradeshow banners.
1. X-Style Stand
This type of a tradeshow stand is very lightweight and comes with its own carrying bag. As the name implies, it has an X-shaped stand at the back to support the banner. This is an affordable solution for your printed promotional needs.

2. Retractable Banner Display Stand
This is a step up from the X-style stand because the banner itself is a rollout type. The custom display stand falls into a lightweight aluminum case, and comes with its own carrying bag.

3. Deluxe Retractable Banner with Heavy Duty Stand
Finally, there’s the deluxe retractable banner with a heavy duty stand. If you want to stand out from the rest, the chrome accents and brushed silver appearance will achieve that result.

Take your pick from these banners and standup banner printing types so that you can display information about your company, products and services in an eye-catching manner, in and out of tradeshows.