Advertising Techniques when You Print Rack Cards

You often see rack cards displayed in tourist centers, theaters, hotels, casinos, theme parks, museums, and similar places. If you’re a business owner, you should definitely consider printing rack cards to spread the word about your brand. Rack cards are called such because they fit into a brochure rack or stand, and they can be easily slid into standard number 10 envelopes for business mailing.

Rack Cards Advertising Techniques

The first thing to do if you want to use rack cards for advertising is look for an online printing company. Rack cards should be attention grabbing, so go with a printing company that uses state-of-the-art printing technology. Combined with premium stock paper, your rack cards should stand out from the competition.

Here are some of the advertising techniques that you can use when you print rack cards:

  • Use bullet point copywriting.

When it comes to content, business cards are too short, brochures are too long, while postcards also have limited space to write in. With rack cards, you have just the right amount of space to write content in – so the copy should immediately grab the reader’s attention. On a 4” x 9” rack card, for example, you can write the basic information about your business first. Next, on a bulleted list, write about the products or services that you offer. The final part should be a call to action – indicate whether you want customers to visit your shop, check out your website, or give you a call for more information.

  • Distribute the cards in areas where there is high foot traffic.

Rack cards should be prominently displayed in areas where there is high foot traffic. If you own a bed and breakfast, display a stack of rack cards on the reception area where they can easily be seen and picked up.

  • Provide benefits!

Finally, tell the reader about the benefits that they can get from doing business with you. What are the benefits of the products or services that you offer? If they will keep your rack card for future reference, will they be entitled to discounts or freebies? Be creative in attracting customers so that they would want to do business with you right after reading the content of your rack card.

Takeout Menu Printing: Paper Options

One of the best ways to promote your food business is through takeout menu printing. Here, you will print a cheaper but still eye-catching version of your dine-in menu. They are for distribution to customers so you can personally hand them out, display them storefront, or send them out in mailers. Takeout menus would give existing and prospective customers an idea of your menu items and prices. This is a great way to increase foot traffic in your restaurant, while also boosting the number of repeat customers and orders.

Paper Options for Menu Printing

For takeout menu printing, you want to work with an online printing company that specializes in offset printing. Sure, there are digital printing companies that offer cheaper packages – but they usually just use desktop printers, so the quality is not that good. With offset printers, state-of-the-art printing technology is used to create advertising materials with vivid colors, long-lasting ink, and an overall impressive design.

Here are a few paper-related questions to ask yourself when having takeout menus printed:

  • What paper stock and finish should I use?

It’s always better to go with thick paper stock when printing out dine-in menus but for takeout, you can go for cheaper paper options. Still, make sure that the print quality is good. For takeout menu, you can choose from 100# gloss text book paper or 100# gloss cover paper. Different printing companies might offer other paper stock and finish, so always ask about the available options.

  • What size of takeout menu is good for my food business?

These are the available sizes for menus: 4.25” x 11”, 8.5” x 11”, 8.5” x 14”, 9” x 12”, 11” x 17”, and 11” x 25.5”. Since your goal is to use the takeout menus for advertising, the first two sizes are suitable. Specifically, the 4.25” x 11” size is perfect for mailers.

  • Which folding option should I go with?

Lastly, decide on the folding option. You can get anywhere from two to twelve panels with different-sized menus. Would you like a trifold menu? Or maybe you want to go with a Z-fold, half fold, single gate, double gate, double parallel, roll fold, accordion, French fold, or half then trifold.

By knowing what your paper options are, you can come up with a final design for your takeout menu that perfectly suits your food business advertising needs.

Dine-in versus Takeout Menu Printing

Marketing in the food industry is quite straightforward because everybody is a potential customer. Whether you’re making pizza, doughnuts, if you have a diner, a formal restaurant, or a casual bar, those living within the vicinity can be your target market. This is where takeout menu printing proves to be useful. Here, we will compare dine-in versus takeout menus in terms of design and distribution.

Dine-in versus Takeout Menu: Should there be a Difference?

Before breaking down the difference between the two, let’s delve a bit deeper into why menus should be used as promotional materials in the first place. When you visit any food establishment, the first thing you look at is the menu. What are the prices and the specific food items offered? Which are the bestsellers and what are the items with the ingredients which some people might not necessarily like, or may be allergic to? Menus should be quite detailed, and the price should be indicated opposite the name of the dish. These can be turned into promotional materials because food is what your business is all about. The more eye-catching your menu is, the more tempted customers would be to place their orders.

Your dine-in menu will be used by customers while takeout menus can be used as promotional materials. If you have a fancy restaurant, your dine-in menu might be leather bound or have the biggest menu size possible. Although you cannot replicate the size and material of the dine-in menu for takeout menu printing, the content can be as close to the original as possible. This way, the online printing company does not have to make too many changes and simply print your takeout menu on a different, cheaper paper with thinner stock.

In terms of distribution, you can include takeout menus in deliveries, takeaway packages, or include them in the receipts for suppliers. More importantly, mail out the menus to those living within a five-mile radius in your area. These are your target market because they live close by. Once they get their hands on a sample menu from your food establishment, they will be tempted to try it out because they already have an idea about what’s on the menu and how much the items are.

Of course, you can always design your takeout menu differently from the dine-in menu if you want. But to save time and effort, keep the design as close to the original as possible. With takeout menus, you can spread the word about your business and get as many people as you can to try your food out.

Reach Out to Your Target Market with Brochure Printing

Did you know that in the tourism industry, brochure printing is considered as one of the best ways to market places, hotels, destinations, and services to tourists? The minute that a traveler lands on a tourist destination, the first thing that he or she picks up is a brochure to learn more about the place. Brochures can have as many as 12 pages or panels, so you can include lengthy text and lots of images, if you want. This is precisely why many business owners still go for brochure printing. When used as part of a full-fledged advertising campaign, this is one of the best ways to reach out to your target audience.

Top Reasons for Using Brochures in Marketing  

Next, what are the top reasons for using brochures in marketing? Here’s a quick look:

  • Brochures are easy to design and print.

You can simply look for an online printing company that specializes in printing brochures if you’d like to use it for your promotional campaign. When doing so, check on the type of printing equipment, printing process, and materials that they use. Design-wise, you can look for an online printing that allows you to use a design tool so you can easily create a layout for the printing of your brochures.

  • You can include as much information as you’d like in brochures.

Brochures come in the form of greeting cards, postcards, or foldable flyers. A half then trifold brochure will give you twelve panels or pages to work with, so you can include as much information as you’d like. Just make sure that there is a good balance between text and images so it will still be reader-friendly and not boring.

  • Brochure printing is budget-friendly.

A full color brochure can be made for as low as $0.21 per piece – as long as you put in the minimum quantity to order. Its affordability is yet another reason why brochure printing is a favorite among business owners who are looking for advertising options.

  • You can effectively reach out to your target market using brochures.

More importantly, you can use brochures to reach out to your target market and build customer trust and loyalty. By regularly mailing out or distributing flyers, you are marking your brand’s name in the minds of your customers. It’s even better if you will offer them something in return – like a promo code that they can use in store and include it in your brochures.

All in all, brochures are an excellent print promotional material that every business owner should take full advantage of.

Everything Your Need to Know about Postcard Printing

If you think that postcard printing is only useful for sending out souvenirs to people from the places you visit, think again. These cards are a very handy marketing tool that can help introduce a brand to prospective customers, reach out to existing buyers, and personalize one’s connection to a business. Fortunately, there are many companies offering online printing and they can print out not just postcards but also all the other materials for your print marketing campaign: business cards, envelopes, notepads, brochures, flyers, stickers, etc.

When deciding which online printing company to go with, there are a few things that you need to consider. First, what’s the printing process that they use? It’s better if you will go with one that utilizes state-of-the-art printing presses instead of just a digital desktop printer. The equipment used will make it easy for them to print out a huge batch of the same marketing material. The colors pop, the print will not easily fade, and you can choose from different sizes and finishes.

Postcard printing, for example, will give you numerous options in terms of sizes. The most popular is the 4” x 6” postcards which are used by travellers. Some variations are 4” x 9”, 5” x 7”, 6” x 9”, or it can even go as large as 6” x 11”.  As far as the material is concerned, the most common is 16-pt. which you can have printed using an ultra-smooth matte finish, or an ultra-smooth glossy finish.

When printing postcards, make sure to not crowd the available space that you have with too much text or images. Include a call to action – indicate whether you want the recipient to use a discount code, or head over to your website for more information. More importantly, mail out these postcards regularly. Doing so will help embed your brand’s name into the minds of your customers. Regular postcards mailing also helps establish customer loyalty while giving your marketing efforts a more personal, yet still professional touch.

From Color to Paper to Design: Paying Close Attention to the Details of Online Printing

There are many online printing services that you can get in touch with today if you wish to launch a full-blast print marketing campaign. Let’s say that you are starting a food business. You need to print out business cards, menus, flyers, brochures, and postcards. Print marketing is cheap and effective, so instead of spending money on a purely digital campaign, it really does pay to include printed marketing materials.

When looking for online printing services, it is crucial that you pay close attention to detail. When printing out business cards, for example, you only have a very small space to work with. The standard size of a business card is 2” x 3.5”. If you will crowd the card with too much information, it will be difficult to read, and a customer might not bother keeping your card at all. If it’s made from cheap paper or if the design is not well thought-out, the quality will be a reflection of the products or services that you offer.

This is precisely the reason why you must pay close attention to the details of any  online printing job. Fortunately, you only need to look for a printing company with a purely online ordering process. For this, make sure that they use state-of-the-art equipment so that you can get excellent, professional-looking results. Also check on the turnaround time, the material used, and the types of finishes available. Do you want a plastic business card with rounded edges to stand out from the competition? Or maybe you want to have high-quality menus or brochures for distribution to your customers? You can only achieve the desired results by working with an online printing with plenty of experience in creating printed materials – whether they’re small business cards or huge banners or posters.

Be it a small business card, a standard-sized postcard, or a big banner that you want printed out, you must pay close attention to every aspect of the design and the material. Doing so would boost the quality of your printed marketing materials, and turn your print advertising efforts into a resounding success.

Brochure Printing Basics

Brochure printing is a must-have part of any print advertising campaign. Combined with business cards, notepads, flyers, envelopes, postcards, menus, and similar items, you can reap lots of benefits from launching a full-fledged print marketing campaign.

So what are the basics that you need to know about brochure printing if you want your ad campaign to be a success? Here are a few things to remember:

  1. Determine the purpose of your brochure.

Brochures can take the form of a postcard with print on the front and back, or a folded flyer where you can place eight pages of text and images. How do you decide which one to print? Know what the brochure is for in the first place. Are you introducing a new item in the menu? if yes, then a back-to-back postcard style brochure is your best bet. On the other hand, if you are introducing an entirely new business to potential customers, a lengthier six- or eight-page brochure will better suit the purpose.

  1. Choose the material well.

Just like business cards, there are different sizes, folding options, and paper type that you can choose for brochures. For the finish, take your pick from medium gloss or extreme gloss paper.

  1. Write good copy.

Based on the purpose of your brochure, come up with well-written content. The headline should immediately grab the attention of the reader. See to it that there’s a good balance between text and images. Wrap it all up with a call to action – indicate whether you want the customer to call you for more information, visit your website, or sign up for a program.

  1. Order from the best online printing

Finally, look for an online printing that will give you the best value for your money. Make sure that they have state-of-the-art printing equipment so the quality of ink used will not easily fade. They should also give you numerous options for the sizes, folding type, material, and finish. Of course, also consider the per piece price and whether they offer quality customer service.

By learning about the basics of printing brochures, you can print ones to best represent your brand.

Add a Dash of Fun to Marketing with Custom Stickers!

Custom stickers are fun to have around – be it for personal or business use. Kids adore putting stickers on coloring books and sticking them almost anywhere. For adults, stickers can be used to personalize notebooks, calendars, cork boards, and pretty much any other surface.

If you are a business owner, how can you use custom stickers to promote your brand? This is definitely a fun way to go about marketing your brand, and here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Decide what the stickers will be mainly used for.

There are online printing that specialize in printing stickers. Some examples are custom crack-and-peel stickers, as well as custom printed roll labels. If you are using stickers for print advertising purposes, exactly what will the sticker be used for? Let’s say that you are selling handmade accessories. For this, you might need custom printed roll labels to use for packaging. Or, you might have a law office and you simply want to distribute stickers as a souvenir item for clients. For the latter, custom crack-and-peel stickers are ideal.

  • Select the right shape for your design.

Another fun aspect of marketing with custom stickers is coming up with the design. Unlike business cards which only come in rectangular shape, custom stickers can be square, oval, or circular. Some online printing companies even offer die-cut stickers so that the stickers can be peeled in the shape or a tree, leaf, heart, etc.

  • Make sure that the stickers have a high-quality print and material.

When choosing a printing company, check on the sticker material options that they have. For crack-and-peel stickers, the most popular materials are glossy or matte paper, or you can go for foil paper, vinyl matte, or glossy stickers. For printed roll stickers which are used as labels, you can choose from white semi-gloss paper, white or clear plastic, or eggshell felt textured paper which is usually used for wine labels.

As you can see, there are a multitude of options when having custom stickers printed, so make sure to include it as part of your print marketing campaign.

Print Flyers to Send Out the Right Marketing Message

Did you know that you can deliver any marketing message effectively to your customers when you print flyers? No matter which industry it is your business is in, you should already have a marketing strategy that typically includes print advertising. For this, the materials that you can use range from business cards to flyers, yard signs to brochures, notepads to menus. What’s good about print advertising is that they are versatile, cheap, tangible, and effective. When you print flyers in particular, you can deliver any marketing message that you’d like – and make it as lengthy or as short as you want.

Fortunately, there are online printing companies that specialize in printing out flyers. When looking for one, make sure to check on the quality of print and material that they use. You can take your pick from these two types of flyers:

  1. Postcard/flyers

These are made from thick, rigid card stock paper and take on the form of postcards. If you’re planning to launch a mailer campaign, this is the right type of flyer to choose. The most popular sizes for this are 4” x 6” or neighborhood flyers, and 5” x 7”, also known as the greeting card-sized flyers.

  1. Brochure material flyers

If you’re newly launching a business and you would like people to learn more about you, go for brochure material flyers. They can be folded or not folded – and usually contain lengthy information. You can include a brief history of your company, the services or products that you offer – and there are even brochures that have a detachable business card. This is a great all-in-one print advertising option.

After deciding between these two, look for an online printing that has a fast turnaround time and good quality service. Check on the reviews so you would know about the quality of print, material, and customer service that they offer. Lastly, if you need the printed materials quickly, there are printing companies that offer 24-hour printing services – so you can get your brochures delivered the next business day.

Durable, Versatile: Why You Should Go for Vinyl Banners Advertising

Vinyl banners are a common sight posted in houses for sale, in town fairs, public beaches, and big outdoor events. Even from afar, people can easily read what’s written on a vinyl banner which makes it such an effective print advertising medium. The bigger the banner, the wider its reach. An attention-grabbing design and good copy are also needed for your banner advertisement to be effective.

The good news is that there are plenty of printing companies where you can order vinyl banners from. When doing so, make sure that they have state-of-the-art printing equipment and good material – to ensure that the banner will last for a long time.

Here are the two main reasons why it pays to go for banner advertising:

  • Durability

You can order banners from online printing companies that offer this specific type of printing service. Because of the sheer size of banners, the small desktop digital printing companies may not have the ability to come up with good quality banners – so do your research first. Since banners are mostly displayed outdoors, they need to be extra-durable. The most popular material is a very thick scrim vinyl that weighs 13-oz. Perfect for outdoor use, the material can withstand strong winds, sunlight, or rain. When ordering banners, also check on how they can be installed outdoors. Are there grommets which you can use to hang the sign in any wall? Or is there a special attachment needed for you to install the sign outdoors?

  • Versatility

When you’re holding a big sale, announcing an event, or if you simply want to grab people’s attention through words, vinyl banners will fit the purpose. You can order them from online printing companies at a reasonable rate. Once you’re done with the event, you can still display the banner in the office as a form of indoor advertising. This sort of versatility is what makes vinyl banners a perfect addition to any print advertising campaign.