Takeout Menu Printing: Paper Options

One of the best ways to promote your food business is through takeout menu printing. Here, you will print a cheaper but still eye-catching version of your dine-in menu. They are for distribution to customers so you can personally hand them out, display them storefront, or send them out in mailers. Takeout menus would give existing and prospective customers an idea of your menu items and prices. This is a great way to increase foot traffic in your restaurant, while also boosting the number of repeat customers and orders.

Paper Options for Menu Printing

For takeout menu printing, you want to work with an online printing company that specializes in offset printing. Sure, there are digital printing companies that offer cheaper packages – but they usually just use desktop printers, so the quality is not that good. With offset printers, state-of-the-art printing technology is used to create advertising materials with vivid colors, long-lasting ink, and an overall impressive design.

Here are a few paper-related questions to ask yourself when having takeout menus printed:

  • What paper stock and finish should I use?

It’s always better to go with thick paper stock when printing out dine-in menus but for takeout, you can go for cheaper paper options. Still, make sure that the print quality is good. For takeout menu, you can choose from 100# gloss text book paper or 100# gloss cover paper. Different printing companies might offer other paper stock and finish, so always ask about the available options.

  • What size of takeout menu is good for my food business?

These are the available sizes for menus: 4.25” x 11”, 8.5” x 11”, 8.5” x 14”, 9” x 12”, 11” x 17”, and 11” x 25.5”. Since your goal is to use the takeout menus for advertising, the first two sizes are suitable. Specifically, the 4.25” x 11” size is perfect for mailers.

  • Which folding option should I go with?

Lastly, decide on the folding option. You can get anywhere from two to twelve panels with different-sized menus. Would you like a trifold menu? Or maybe you want to go with a Z-fold, half fold, single gate, double gate, double parallel, roll fold, accordion, French fold, or half then trifold.

By knowing what your paper options are, you can come up with a final design for your takeout menu that perfectly suits your food business advertising needs.

Author: BlockbusterPrint.com

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