Unleashing the Profit Potential of EDDM Postcard Marketing

Marketing is an essential tool that organizations use to boost their sales and increase profit margins. However, many businesses struggle to determine the most effective marketing strategy. One marketing strategy that has gained popularity in recent years is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) postcard marketing. This marketing technique has proven to be profitable, with many businesses reducing their marketing costs while increasing their sales. This article aims to explore the possibility of making profits through EDDM postcard marketing.

  1. Affordable Marketing Strategy

EDDM postcard marketing is a cost-effective marketing strategy compared to other advertising mediums. The U.S. Postal Service created this method to help businesses reach potential customers in their community through targeted mailing. This process eliminates the cost of seeking a mailing list, purchasing stamps, and the cost of an envelope. Since EDDM mailing only requires a postcard, businesses can save money and increase profits by targeting their marketing messages to a specific geographic location. BlockbusterPrint.com is a leader in affordable EDDM postcard marketing.

  1. High Return on Investment

EDDM postcard marketing offers an excellent return on investment (ROI) compared to other advertising and marketing methods. Using EDDM postcards allows you to target specific neighborhoods, which increases the probability of getting your message in front of potential customers. In addition, EDDM postcards have a high response rate, as they are eye-catching, easy to read, and direct. With a high response rate and a low cost per postcard, businesses can increase their ROI and enjoy higher profits.

  1. Personalized and Targeted Marketing

EDDM postcard marketing allows businesses to personalize their messages. Since businesses can pick specific neighborhoods, they can target potential customers with specific messages based on demographics, interests, and behaviors of the neighborhood. This results in a more targeted and personalized marketing message tailored to the potential customer, increasing the probability of a sale.

  1. Easy to Track Results

Unlike traditional advertising methods, EDDM postcard marketing offers direct and easy to trackable results. It is essential to add a call to action on your EDDM postcard to prompt customers to take action, like visiting your website or calling your business. This call to action can be tracked through your website and phone inquiries, making it easier to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Through tracking, businesses can determine what works and make any necessary changes to increase their profit margins.

  1. Flexibility

EDDM postcard marketing is flexible and can be used in many industries, including healthcare, food, real estate, beauty, and more. EDDM postcards are not limited by industry, making it an ideal marketing strategy for businesses of any size and industry. The versatility of this marketing strategy enables businesses to reach more potential customers and increase profits.


EDDM postcard marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that can help any business increase its sales and profits. This marketing technique is a cost-effective way to target potential customers in a specific geographical area and provide personalized messages. With a high response rate, excellent ROI, and easy trackable results, businesses can enjoy higher profits and more sales. EDDM postcard marketing offers a flexible, targeted and personalized option that can be used by businesses in any industry. As a result, businesses looking for a marketing strategy to increase their profits should consider EDDM postcard marketing.

EDDM Mail vs. Google & Social Media Marketing – Which Works Best?

Consumers just 15 years ago had a marketing attention span of 60 seconds. Today, the attention span is 3 seconds.

The flood of social media posts and ads has people flipping through wildly into an endless abyss of images and ads. It is also why Google has removed their page count on search results and instead has an endless scroll, knowing people will browse through more ads if they remove page flipping. 

The battle for top 5 positions on social media and google has become a bidding war reaching anywhere from $4 per click to $58 per click all while 44% of ad links being clicked by mistake on mobile devices. This can get expensive long before anyone even reads a marketing message.

Repetition is the key to a successful campaign. The more times a viewer sees an ad the higher the rate of possible purchase. Just 15 years ago a viewer only had to see an ad 3 times to make a decision if a service was right for them. Today, that has rocketed to 14 times. Based on that math marketing via Google or social media is a losing game. 

With EDDM postcard marketing you can target people with a physical ad that they cannot immediately click away from. With mailed ads, a viewer tends to be in a calmer environment in their home, not clicking through hundreds of posts or ads on a phone. This allows for a message to be viewed in full at a higher degree. The best part is, it costs just 20 cents postage. At such a low cost you can afford to target the same viewer 10 times and still be at just $2.00 in postage costs. A small cost to pay for brand recognition. When repetition is key, EDDM achieves that with minimal investment and a more powerful impact.

No wonder so many business professionals such as Dentists, and Realtors choose EDDM postcard print as their preferred method of advertising. 

How EDDM Postcard Marketing is the Key to a Realtor’s Success

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) postcards are an effective and efficient way for realtors to reach out to potential customers. In today’s digital age, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd when trying to advertise services online. With EDDM mailers, realtors can get their message across in a tangible, cost-effective manner that will guarantee their message reaches the right audience. Let’s take a closer look at how EDDM postcards are the key to success for realtors.

Targeting Your Audience
One of the greatest advantages of using EDDM postcards is that they allow you to target your audience with precision. When sending out mailers, you can choose which neighborhoods and postal routes you want your mailers sent along – allowing you to customize your marketing campaigns for maximum success. You no longer need to worry about wasting money sending mailers to people who may not even be interested in what you are selling.

Cost-Effective Advertising
EDDM postcard marketing is also very cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising. According to research conducted by the United States Postal Service, businesses that use EDDM postcards save up to 40% on their overall marketing costs! This makes it an ideal option for small businesses or those with limited budgets. Additionally, because they are printed on standard cardstock paper, there are no additional printing costs associated with them – making them even more affordable.

Measurable Results
Finally, one of the most attractive features of EDDM postcard marketing is that it provides measurable results that can be tracked and analyzed easily. By tracking how many people open your mailer, how many click on your website link or call you directly after viewing it, and how many ultimately convert into customers – realtors will have a better understanding of which strategies work best for their business and which don’t resonate as well with their target audience.

In conclusion, EDDM postcard marketing provides an effective and cost-efficient way for realtors to reach out to potential customers without having to break the bank doing so! It allows them to target specific neighborhoods and postal routes while providing them with measurable results so they know what strategies work best for them. If you’re looking for an efficient way to increase sales then look no further than Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) postcards!

How to Grow Income with EDDM Postcard Marketing

Direct mail marketing is not dead. In fact, it’s very much alive and well, thanks to Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). EDDM is a direct mail service that allows businesses to target specific neighborhoods with their marketing materials. Best of all, it’s an affordable way to reach a large number of potential customers. Here’s how you can use EDDM postcards to grow your income.

  • Know Your Target Audience
    Before you can start designing your EDDM postcards, you need to know who your target audience is. Who are you trying to reach with your marketing materials? Once you know who your target audience is, you can start designing your postcards with them in mind.
  • Keep It Simple
    Your EDDM postcards don’t need to be complicated or flashy. In fact, simplicity is key when it comes to direct mail marketing. Keep your message clear and concise, and make sure your call-to-action is easy to understand and follow.
  • Include a Call-to-Action
    Speaking of call-to-actions, every EDDM postcard should include one. A call-to-action is simply an instruction for the reader on what they should do next. For example, you might include a coupon or special offer on your postcards and tell recipients to “bring this postcard in for 10% off their purchase.” Make sure your call-to-action is clear, concise, and easy to follow. You want recipients of your postcards to take action, so make it as easy as possible for them to do so.
  • Get Personalized Postcards Printed
    Personalized postcards are more likely to be noticed and read than generic ones. When you personalize your EDDM postcards, you can add the recipient’s name or address on the front of the card or even include a personalized message on the inside.
    Online printing companies such as BlockbusterPrint.com offer EDDM postcard printing services.
  • Test, Test, Test!
    As with any marketing campaign, it’s important that you test different versions of your EDDM postcards before settling on a final design. Try different images, messages, calls-to-action, etc., and see which ones generate the best results. Once you have a winner (or two), roll out your campaign to the rest of your targeted neighborhoods and sit back and watch your income grow!


EDDM postcard marketing is a great way to reach potential customers in specific neighborhoods without breaking the bank. By following these simple tips, you can maximize the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign and watch your income grow in no time!

EDDM Postcard Marketing Overview

EDDM postcards are a type of direct mail that take advantage of the EDDM service offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS). The postcards are typically smaller in size, making them less expensive to produce and mail compared to larger formats such as brochures or catalogs. They can be customized with eye-catching designs and messages that grab the attention of the recipient, making them an effective way to promote products, services, or events.

One of the key benefits of EDDM postcard marketing is the ability to reach a large audience. With EDDM, you can target specific demographics, such as income levels, age ranges, or household size, and send postcards to every address within a designated area. This allows you to reach a large number of potential customers with a single mailing, making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional direct mail marketing methods.

Another advantage of EDDM postcards is the ability to track results. By using a unique code, coupon, or URL, you can track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and determine the response rate of your target audience. This information can be used to make adjustments to future campaigns, making them even more effective.

In order to use EDDM, businesses must follow certain guidelines set by the USPS. The postcards must meet size and weight restrictions, and the mailing list must be provided by the USPS. Additionally, EDDM postcards must include specific information on the front and back, including the mailer’s permit information and a statement that the mail is not addressed to a specific individual.

While EDDM postcard marketing is an effective way to reach potential customers, it is important to remember that it is just one aspect of a comprehensive marketing strategy. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your EDDM campaign, it is important to complement it with other marketing tactics such as email marketing, social media advertising, and search engine optimization.

In conclusion, EDDM postcard marketing is a cost-effective and targeted form of direct mail marketing that enables businesses to reach potential customers within a specific geographic area. With its ability to reach a large audience and track results, EDDM postcard marketing can be an effective way to promote products, services, or events and is a valuable addition to any comprehensive marketing strategy.