Boost Your Brand Image with Envelope Printing

Branding is a very important aspect of promoting your business. No matter which industry it is that you are in, you can benefit from envelope printing and launching a full-blast print advertising campaign. From distributing flyers to sample menus, sending postcards to designing brochures, your customers need to see and read something about your company.


Let’s say that you are an existing business and you already have a pretty sizeable group of loyal customers. But then, you want to expand your reach to a more general demographic. For this, branding and envelope printing is important because the printed materials become an instrument for you to send out your marketing message.

How Envelope Printing Helps Boost Your Brand’s Image


So how exactly can something like envelope printing help boost the image of your brand? Think of envelopes as the reception area of a doctor’s office. If the office looks untidy and un-clinical, how do you think the patients would feel? Would they be confident putting their health on the hands of the doctor who runs the clinic? Not if the area’s unkempt or not in keeping with the medical profession. The same thing applies to envelopes. Once a customer receives something in the mailer – be it a postcard, flyer, brochure, menu, or business card – what is the first thing that they will see? The envelope.


If you will use a plain white envelope, the recipient might throw your mailer directly to the trash – thinking that it’s spam mail. Compare this with a business that invested well in envelope printing. Instead of a plain white envelope, you might use a colored envelope in a standard size – using thick stock paper and textured linen material. The colors used on the design of the envelope mirrors your brand’s logo. One look at the premium paper and the design of the envelope will make the recipient of your mail interested and impressed enough to open the envelope. With this, you are one step ahead compared to a competitor who might send the same mailer using just plain white envelope.


Based from this example alone, you can see how easy it is to boost your brand’s image simply by using envelope printing. As long as the design and overall look is consistent with the image that you’d like to portray as a brand, you can expect great results from your print marketing efforts using envelopes and other related printed materials.

Enjoy a Multitude of Benefits from Yard Sign Printing

Yard sign printing can be as small as a 12” x 18” lawn sign to as large as a 24” x 36” outdoor banner. You can usually order these from companies that specialize in printing business cards, envelopes, brochures, flyers, and similar marketing materials. What’s good about using yard sign printing to promote an event, a product, or a business is that its sheer size makes it so attention-grabbing. When you combine it with a good quality material, strategic placement, and an eye-popping design, then you have the perfect advertising tool to use for almost any advertising application.

So what are the main benefits of yard sign printing? Here’s a quick list:

  • Yard signs are affordable.

When you go online, you can easily find printing companies that sell cheap yard signs. Before ordering, however, make sure that the material and printing method that they will use is of good quality. This way, you can get the best value for your money.

  • Yard signs are durable.

Most yard signs, outdoor banners, or lawn signs are made from corrugated plastic material. Since these signs are displayed outdoors, they are exposed to the elements. If the material is flimsy, sunlight, wind, or rain can easily damage the sign. This means that when having yard signs made, you must make sure that the material is strong enough to withstand the elements.

  • Yard signs effectively send the message out.

Cheap yard signs are an effective marketing tool because of their attention-grabbing nature. When you drive by a house with a House for Sale sign, that’s the first thing that you will usually see. Political rallies also use huge banners so that the message of the candidate can be easily seen even from people standing from afar. This is why yard signs are mostly used by politicians, realtors, construction firms, landscapers, and other business owners.

With all these benefits and more, you really should start thinking about including outdoor banners or custom yard signs as part of your print advertising campaign.

Learn about the “Anatomy” of a Marketing Envelope for Effective Print Marketing

According to, ad spending in the print advertising segment is projected to reach more than US $45 million in 2020. Although digital ads are still dominant, a fair chunk of advertising money goes to printed materials. Whether you’re a start-up company or newly relaunching your business, it does pay to still invest in printed materials, specifically envelope printing, in order to promote your business. Customers like receiving something tangible in the mail. it’s also a cheap form of advertising and is still highly effective. With all these reasons, you can see how it does pay to invest in good quality envelope printing.

The “Anatomy” of a Marketing Envelope  

Now, how can you make sure that you are sending the right marketing message when you have these envelopes printed out? To get started, here’s the “anatomy” of a marketing envelope, also known as the factors that you need to consider when having one printed out:

  • The size

Depending on the printing company, there are several sizes available for envelope printing. The smallest is 3.875” x 8.875”, there’s a standard-sized envelope, one the size of a greeting card, an invitation size, one that fits a letterhead and the largest custom size fits a folder.

  • The color and design

Another aspect of envelope printing is the design itself. Since your goal in having the envelopes printed out in the first place is to brand your business, it should be designed with your logo in mind. The logo does not necessarily have to be on the envelope – but its color and overall design should complement your branding message. If your target market is young girls, for example, you might have an all-pink logo. This color should be used in the envelope as well. Before placing an order for printed envelopes, make sure that the final design conveys your overall marketing message.

  • The sealing and opening

Traditional envelopes are sealed using the ‘licking’ method. This is not at all hygienic, so look for envelopes with a sticker seal. At the very least, there should be an adhesive that does not need any liquid to stick and seal the envelope.

  • The material used

Finally, there’s the material used. A 70# paper stock is good enough for impressive envelope printing. Aside from paper thickness, you need to decide on the texture: it can be textured linen or super smooth. When choosing between these two, consider how your design will look on textured or non-textured paper.

Familiarizing yourself with the different aspects of printing an envelope will turn this part of your printed promotional campaign into something that will impress the heck out of your customers.

Set the Tone for Your Print Advertising Campaign with Envelope Printing

Envelope printing, when used as part of a print advertising campaign, is similar to opening presents. When you’re unwrapping a gift with a pretty bow or pristine wrapping, you expect what’s inside to be equally exquisite. When you open a letter which is housed in a plain white envelope, you kind of expect the content to be boring. On the other hand, if the envelope is made from textured linen paper and has a bold, colorful design that catches your eye, you tend to be more curious to know what is inside. This just goes to show how important it is to invest in good quality envelopes.

As a business owner, you might be surprised at the number of benefits that you will enjoy from envelope printing. Here’s a quick list:

  • Envelope printing is still an effective form of print advertising.

Everything is digital these days so it is a novelty to receive something tangible, especially in the mail. With envelope printing, you can mail out a greeting card on the birthday of your customer, for example. With a good quality envelope and a nice greeting card inside, the recipient of the card will surely remember your brand. If you’re opening a restaurant, distribute sample menus inside well-designed envelopes to make a great first impression to potential customers.

  • The design of the envelope sets the tone for the rest of your print advertising campaign.

A complete set of print advertising materials include envelopes, letterheads, brochures, flyers, notepads, menus, and business cards. If you are sending out mailers, the envelope is the first thing that a customer sees. The design of the envelope determines whether the recipient will be interested enough to open what’s inside, or throw the mail directly to the trashcan. You don’t want this to happen, so make sure to invest in good quality envelope printing and design.

Perhaps the best part of including envelopes in your print advertising campaign is that it’s cheap. You can have 250 envelopes printed for just $105 or less than fifty cents each. The higher the quantity, the lower the per piece cost becomes. Despite its affordability, envelope printing remains to be one of the most effective forms of print advertising, so make sure to include it in your arsenal of printed promotional materials.

Top Tips for Envelope Printing and Designing

Unless it’s a postcard, the first thing that you will see when you receive something in the mail is the envelope. This is why for business owners, it is crucial to invest in good quality envelope printing. Not only do envelopes leave a great first impression to the recipient of your business mailer, but they also set the tone for your print advertising campaign. Combined with flyers, brochures, postcards, and menus, envelope printing will go a long way towards selling your brand and the products or services that you are offering.

How to Effectively Print Envelopes

Now, how do you create an effectively designed and well-made envelope? Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Design the envelope in a manner that’s consistent with your branding.

When you visit an aesthetic clinic, you’re supposed to be impressed with how clean and, well, aesthetic the office is. The same thing applies when you’re receiving a mailer. Whether it’s a flyer, a brochure, or a sample menu, the design of the envelope matters. If it’s just a plain white envelope which does not even have a logo of the company, you would not know what the content of the mailer is all about. On the other hand, if the company invested in good quality envelope printing, there will be an eye-catching design and a logo. If you’re a business owner, make sure that the colors used, the logo, and the overall design of the envelope is consistent with the image you’d like to portray as a brand.

  • Decide which size is best suited for your printed mailers.

There are different sizes of envelopes to choose from:

  • 875” x 8.875” (return envelope)
  • 125” x 9.5” (standard letter envelope)
  • 25” x 7.25” (greeting card size)
  • 6” x 9” (invitation size)
  • 9” x 12” (fits 8.5” x 11” letterhead)
  • 10” x 13” (fits a folder)

The standard envelope printing sizes should work, but there should be no stopping you from using the bigger sizes for a bolder impression. If you’re trying to gain the loyalty of your customers, for example, send them greeting cards housed in A7 sized envelopes during the holiday season. Make sure to include something nifty like a discount coupon, a bookmark, or a door hanger with your logo in it that they can use.

  • Choose the right material.

Lastly, select between textured linen envelopes and super smooth envelopes. A 70# paper stock is always a great option because of how significant it feels to the hand.

By keeping these things in mind, you can effectively design an envelope that will complement the rest of your print advertising materials.

Ditch the Boring White & Make Way for Creative Envelope Printing!

Most businesses use plain white envelopes for correspondence but did you know that you can use envelope printing to creatively promote your brand? Here are the reasons why you should immediately ditch the boring white business envelopes and go for more specialized ones:

  • You can use envelope printing as a promotional tool.

When you’re newly launching a brand, you want your message to be consistent. This means that you should use the same colors, design, and logo in all your printed advertising materials. Don’t skip the envelope because this is actually the first thing that customers see! Let’s say that you are sending out brochures in the mail to a group of potential suppliers. When you go for customized envelope printing, the recipient of your mailer will be impressed once they see how much time and effort you put on coming up with the envelope design. If the envelope looks the same as the brochure, it makes your marketing message impressive, consistent, and effective.


  • You can include it as part of an affordable advertising campaign.

The good thing about launching a full-on print promotional campaign is that it is affordable and effective. If you will print envelopes, postcards, brochures, flyers, menus, and other materials, you don’t have to spend that much. An envelope with an enticing design can cost you as little as $0.16 each.


  • Envelope printing can be personalized.

Depending on your budget and the design that you have in mind, you can take your pick from envelopes of different sizes. There are standard sized envelopes, greeting card size, invitation size, and large-sized envelopes that fit a letterhead paper or a standard-sized folder. For the paper type, you can choose between textured linen or super smooth.

  • There are a multitude of other benefits from envelope printing.

Another great benefit of envelope printing is that it targets offline customers. Customers who are not necessarily tech-savvy may want to receive traditional printouts in the mail – be it a postcard or a brochure. In fact, the novelty of receiving something tangible in the mail instead of just digital ads may also prove to be attractive to the technically inclined generation. This means that the appeal of printed promotional materials is universal.


Finally, envelopes are versatile and can be used to mail out postcards, brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials. With all these benefits and more, there is no reason for you to say no to the prospect of using custom printed envelopes as part of your marketing campaign.

Master the Technique of Printing EDDM Postcards

One of the easiest, cheapest, yet most effective forms of print advertising is postcard marketing. Specifically, you need to print EDDM postcards and take advantage of the “Every Door Direct Mail” service offered by the USPS or United States Postal Service. Here, the postal service will send out your printed marketing material to a specific group of people or even all the households in an area of your choosing. Using the US Census data, they can filter the addresses by age, income, household size, or any other demographic. This makes for an effective yet affordable print marketing campaign.

The Physical Aspects of Postcard Mailers

Consistency is key if you would like to succeed at postcard marketing. If you have an in-store promotion, for example, you can mail out postcards which can serve as the customer’s discount coupon. During holidays or a customer’s birthday, you can do the same thing and print EDDM postcards then mail them out for good measure. The more regularly you send out those promotional postcards, the better brand retention is – and the more loyal your customers will grow.

Now, to master the technique of postcard marketing, you must learn about the physical aspects of these unique mailers. Here are a few things to remember when you print EDDM postcards to use for promoting your brand:

  • Make sure that the postcard is the right size.

Since you will be using the EDDM services of the USPS, there are some size-related requirements that you need to stick to. Other sizes may not be accepted as EDDM, so it’s better to choose the acceptable options. A 6” x 11” postcard is said to be the most effective in mail promotional campaigns while small business owners prefer the 6.5” x 9” size. If you want, you can also go for half the size of a computer paper, or one that’s as large as a greeting card.

  • Also consider the thickness of the paper used.

There are different card stock options when you print EDDM postcards. The thinnest is a 12-pt. card which is like a very thin cardboard, while the thickest is similar to a credit card, with a 32-pt. stock number. The thicker the paper, the heavier the weight. In terms of cost, if one piece of postcard does not exceed the minimum dimensions declared by the postal service, then you will be charged minimal costs for mailing. If you exceed the maximum sizes, you might have to pay more for postage.

Make sure that the overall design of your postcard matches the card stock thickness, size, finish, and the material used. By familiarizing yourself with the various physical aspects of postcard mailers, you can turn your print marketing campaign into a huge success.

Size Matters: Selecting the Right Size when You Print EDDM Postcards

You may have noticed how a lot of companies offer to print EDDM postcards, along with other printed materials. But what’s the difference between a regular postcard and EDDM postcards? If you are launching a full-fledged print marketing campaign to promote your business, it might be difficult to mail regular postcards – especially if you don’t have an extensive collection of customer mailing addresses just yet.

With EDDM, you can simply choose a zip code, neighborhood, or even demographic like a certain age group within an area – and the USPS will take care of mailing out those postcards for you. The service is called EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail, which is just what the name implies: your mailers are delivered to every door within a certain area. In the next section, we will find out which factors you need to consider when you print EDDM postcards to promote your business.

Factors to Consider when Printing Postcards

You naturally want your print marketing campaign to be a success. When printing postcards, what are the most important factors that you need to consider? Take a look:

  1. Size

When you print EDDM postcards, here are some of the most popular sizes to choose from:

  • 4” x 6” – The size of a typical neighborhood flyer.
  • 5” x 7“ – Greeting card size.
  • 5” x 8.5” – Half the size of a computer paper.
  • 5” x 9” – The size preferred by small business owners.
  • 25” x 11” – Popular among big corporations.
  • 6” x 11” – The size which is most effective in mailing campaigns.
  1. Thickness

Next, consider the thickness of the paper used. There are card stocks which have the same thickness as a credit card. Others are thinner or thicker, ranging from 12-pt. to 32-pt. depending on the design of the card and probably your budget, you can opt for very thin, medium thick, or ultra-thick cards.

  1. Material & Finish

Finally, go with a company that provides good quality paper material. For the finish, you can choose from high gloss, matte or a combination of both.

When deciding on the size, thickness, material, and finish as you print EDDM postcards, all these factors should blend well together to come up with a printed promotional product that will effectively get your marketing message across.


Map Out a Strategic Marketing Campaign when You Print EDDM Postcards

Are you planning to print EDDM postcards to promote your business? If yes, then you have taken the next right step in getting the word out about your brand. EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Marketing which is just what the name implies: marketing materials for your business will be delivered at every door. This is provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and because of its affordability, ease of setup, and high targetability, a lot of businesses would do well to take advantage of EDDM.

Steps to Map Out an EDDM Marketing Strategy

Whether you are newly launching or reintroducing your brand to a specific target market, you can easily of print EDDM postcards or other marketing materials and use it to promote your business. Here are a few easy steps to follow if you want to map out an EDDM marketing strategy:

  1. Decide on the route that you will use for sending out mailers.

By now, you should already have a business plan which includes your target market, and how you plan to reach out to such an audience. For example, if your target audience is males who are aged 18 years and up, the design when you print EDDM postcards should appeal to them. The same thing holds true if you are offering a service that’s targeted to a more general clientele. After determining your target audience, you can decide on the route that you will use when sending out mailers.


  1. Use the EDDM online tool at the USPS website.

The USPS has an EDDM online tool that allows you to map a route for your mailers. This can be based on a zip code, a demographic, a neighborhood – you can even filter by income, age, or household size. The date is based on the US Census. This is a very useful marketing tool provided by the postal service.

  1. Design then print EDDM postcards.

As mentioned earlier, you need to design then print EDDM postcards in such a way that it appeals to your target audience. Make sure that the size of the postcards, for example, are accepted by the USPS. After mapping your route, you simply need to bundle up those postcards and make a payment to USPS – then they’ll take care of the rest of it for you. Another advantage to enjoy when you print EDDM postcards is that the rate is less than the price of a stamp. Moreover, there is no need for you to collect mailing addresses from your customers because USPS already has the data that you need.


After mailing out the postcards, make sure to follow up with your customers. Postcard marketing in particular requires consistency from your end. If you want to mark your brand’s name in the minds of your customers, be consistent and regularly mail out those postcards to establish loyalty to your brand.

A Glimpse at the Process & Benefits when You Print EDDM Postcards

The United States Postal Service (USPS) encourages the use of EDDM or Every Door Direct mail services, which is why it pays to print EDDM postcards if you want to promote your business. Here, we will have a glimpse at the EDDM promotional process and its benefits for entrepreneurs – whether they have a small or big business venture.

EDDM: The Process

The goal of the USPS providing EDDM services is to help business owners promote their brand within the local community. Whether you are having a big sale, opening another store in a new location or if you want to bring more customers to your doorstep, you can print EDDM postcards. Through USPS’ EDDM, printed ad materials like postcards are distributed to every home along a specific route. If you have a barbershop, for instance, the postcards you had printed out will be mailed by USPS to every house within the area – thus the name Every Door Direct Mail.

EDDM: The Benefits

Next, what are the benefits of EDDM? When you print EDDM postcards to promote your business, you can enjoy these perks:

  • No need to put together a mailing list.

One of the biggest challenges of marketing any brand is putting together a mailing list which you can use to reach out to customers. With EDDM, there is no need for you to collect email or mailing addresses. By simply identifying the carrier route and the date when you’d like the postcards to be sent out, the USPS will assign a mail carrier to deliver your marketing message to every household in the area.


  • Enjoy excellent marketing results within a reasonable budget.

The fact that you’re distributing marketing material to everyone within the vicinity of your business makes your marketing campaign highly targeted. Another bonus is that USPS has great rates so this advertising technique is very affordable.


  • Have a flexible print marketing campaign.

Finally, you can print EDDM postcards or any other marketing material that you’d like within your target area. After having them printed out, simply arrange them into bundles, attach a facing slip, then deliver the marketing materials to the nearest USPS branch. After making a payment, the postal service will handle the delivery of your marketing message to every household within your target area. It’s that easy.