Rack Card Printing: Make It Easy for Customers to Find You

If you are thinking of adding another item to your print advertising arsenal, why not go for rack card printing? Rack cards come in two sizes: 3.5” x 8.5” and 4” x 9”. They are larger than postcards but smaller than brochures, so you have this paper area that can contain just the right amount of information about your brand. Your goal in printing rack cards in the first place is to let people know that your brand exists. As such, your copy should be enticing, the design easily noticeable and aesthetically pleasing to your target market.

Rack cards are called such because they are displayed in brochure or rack stands. These are displayed in hotel lobbies, theatres, office reception areas, clinics, restaurants, tourist facilities, etc. People usually get one from the rack and read the information so that they can learn more about your business. If they like what they see, they will keep the rack card for future reference.

Now, if you want to print rack cards, the first thing to do is write the content. Use language that your target audience can easily relate to. The first part should contain your business name, address, contact information, website or email address, and other pertinent information. The crucial part about this is that the info should be accurate and up to date. To make it easy for customers to find you, you can include a QR code which, when scanned, leads to your website URL or a pinned location of your address in Google Maps. If your office is a bit tricky to locate, use more famous landmarks. Be creative in giving directions so that customers will be interested instead of frustrated when looking for your place of business.

The second part can indicate what your business is all about. Are you operating a bed-and-breakfast? Are you running a diner or a restaurant? Do you have a shop selling unique finds or antiques? Are you a theatre company producing shows? Describe your product or services in a clear manner that will immediately grab the interest of the reader.

Finally, there are rack card printing companies that can include a detachable business card during the printing process. This is a great option to have if you are mailing out the rack cards to your list of customer’s addresses.

With compelling content, eye-catching designs, and a sharply printed rack card, you have a marketing material that you will be proud to show off to your existing and prospective customers.

Author: BlockbusterPrint.com

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