EDDM Postcard Marketing for Home Inspectors

One of the many experts in the real estate industry is a home inspector. Before buying a house, it is the buyer’s responsibility to hire a qualified home inspector to assess the condition and safety of the property. If you are a professional home inspector, how can you advertise your services to homeowners? A convenient, cheap, yet effective way is eddm postcard printing. With Every Door Direct Mail, a print shop will work with the United States Postal Service to deliver your marketing postcards to every mailbox within a zip code, or a specific mail carrier route.

What are the Services Offered by Home Inspectors?

When you print eddm postcards, you need to let the homeowner know about the services that you offer. This can include any or all of the following:

  • Early detection of mould or pest infestation
  • Inspection and maintenance of roofs or garage doors
  • Inspection of the functionality of the water heating, plumbing, and air conditioning system
  • Water analysis, which includes determining if you need a water softener
  • Clearing clutter and organizing personal property
  • Assessment of water system, sewage, fire, and safety issues

Even with the largest-sized postcard, you may not necessarily have sufficient space to list all your services – so make sure to write an all-encompassing, attention-grabbing headline. This is one example: “Buying a House? Ensure You’ll Get Your Money’s Worth with Pro Home Inspection!” Another headline that you can use is “Have a Problem-Free Home Buying Experience – Book Our Qualified Home Inspection Services Now!”

After deciding on the headline and the design, make sure that you are getting the services of a reliable online printing company. The printing method can either be offset or digital. Other things to check on includes the turnaround time, printing package price, the materials used, the paper finish, and the quality of customer support used. Finally, for the EDDM part, you can choose a demographic that includes homeowners so that you will only be sending marketing postcards to those who will potentially book your home inspection services.

Author: BlockbusterPrint.com

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