Why Offset Printing is Best for Takeout Menu Printing

Takeout menu printing can be included in any print advertising campaign for those in the food business. Why print takeout menus? First, they can be included in almost every paper transaction to be used as marketing material. You may have noticed how pizzerias include a takeout menu in every order. This is one way to ensure that you have their contact information for future reference, and you can use the menu for repeat orders.

Second, takeout menus can be used as mailers. You can send out mailers to every address within a five-mile radius of your restaurant, for example. This will introduce your brand to new customers and entice those who have already tried eating in your restaurant to become repeat patrons.

Now, in the process of takeout menu printing, you must make sure that you are getting high-quality prints. You want to leave a lasting impression to your clients, so investing in well-made takeout menus will achieve exactly that. But how can you get good quality prints? Your two options when looking for an online printing services company are offset and digital. Digital printing companies usually use desktop printers.

Although there are some good desktop printers out there, the quality is simply outdone by offset printing. Offset printers use vivid colors to produce full-scale photographs. There is a dedicated metal plate for every color which is then transferred to rubber rollers. Since there are four plates that control the flow of ink, there is practically no wasted print and the hues come out vivid every time.

Offset printers also use state-of-the-art printing technology to ensure that the colors pop. For takeout menus, color is important especially if you have images of food in the design. If you need a huge number of menus, offset printing can quickly deliver since high-tech machines are used. Also, the higher the number of copies that you will order, the cheaper the per piece price gets.

With all these benefits and more, offset printing is clearly the best option if you want to use takeout menus as advertising material.

Author: BlockbusterPrint.com

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