Information to Include in Takeout Menu Printing

Menus play a crucial role in the success of those who are in the food business. Whether you’re offering American, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, or fusion fare, a menu will give customers a taste of the food that they can have in your restaurant. There are two types of menus that you should invest in: dine-in and takeout menu printing. Dine-in menu is for those who are visiting your restaurant, while takeout menus are more for advertising your wares. You can include takeout menus in food deliveries, to-go orders, receipts, mailers, display them storefront, or distribute them in areas where there is high foot traffic. These menus will increase your chances of gaining new customers and having your existing patrons as repeat customers.

Before you can even look for an online printing company to create the takeout menus for you, you first need to design the menu itself. What type of information should be included in takeout menus? Here’s a list:

  • Accurate information about your food establishment

The first page of any menu usually includes the name of the restaurant. At the bottom, make sure that these are accurate and updated: your address, telephone number, website, and hours of operation.

  • The name of the items in your menu

The goal of having a menu in the first place is to list the food items available, so make sure to list these down accordingly. For dine-in menus, if the size is big enough, you can have a short description of each dish. Some restaurants even list down the ingredients and calorie count of their menu items.

  • The prices of the items in your menu

Naturally, you should include the price opposite each menu item.

  • Other information to include

Do you offer delivery services? What about promotions like weekday discounts or weekend buffets? For takeout menu printing, you can even include promotional codes which entitles the person to a certain percentage as discount.

By knowing what to include in your dine-in or takeout menu, you can boost the power of this printed advertising material and boost your overall sales.


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