Small, Medium, or Large? Choosing the Size of Your Print To Go Menus

If you are in the restaurant business, why should you invest in menu printing? Whether you are offering Italian fare, if you own a food truck, if you’re operating a full-sized restaurant, or a bakeshop, it is crucial to invest in well-designed menus – both for dine-in and takeout use. Naturally, diners who walk into your restaurant will be looking for a menu so that they would know what to eat. For the takeout menu, its use is more for marketing. You can print to go menus then include one in every delivery or takeaway package. You can display it in your restaurant for customers to pick up for future reference. You can also include it in receipts, supplier invoices, and similar documents. Or, you can personally hand them out in the streets in areas where a lot of people pass by.

With to go menus, you can enhance your business especially if it is used with other printed marketing materials. You can also enjoy additional benefits like boosting sales, increasing the frequency of repeat orders, and establishing customer loyalty.

Which Size Should I Go For?

For to go menus, there are small, medium and large sizes available. Deciding which one to go for is all a matter of preference – just select one that fits your brand’s image. Here are the differences between the menu printing sizes:

  • Packaging size and standard size

The smallest size available for to go menus is 4.25” x 11”. This is great for inclusion in mailers and takeout packages. The standard size is 8.5” x 11”, which also has a lot of uses.

  • Legal size and folder sheet size

If you want to go a bit bigger, the legal size which measures 8.5” x 14” is a great choice. Or, go with the folder sheet size of 9” x 12”.

  • Tabloid size and map size

Want to go all out? The largest sizes for take out menus are 11” x 17” or the tabloid size, and the map size which measures 11” x 25.5”.

These can be folded several ways. If you have a lot of items on the menu, you can have as much as eight panels with the half then trifold option. There are six panels for the trifold option. Other folding options include the Z-fold, half fold, double parallel, single or double gate, accordion, roll fold, or French fold.


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