Give Your Restaurant Sales a Boost When You Print To Go Menus

One task that you should take on whether you’re soft opening a restaurant or reintroducing your brand to a new market is to print to go menus. These are the takeout version of a dine in menu and its purpose is more to advertise your business. When you print to go menus, they can be included in every takeaway order. You should also include one in supplier receipts or price quotation requests. To go menus can be displayed in front of your store or by the cashier for customers to take home and use for future orders. If you have food deliveries, make sure to include one as well. Or, you can personally hand them out in areas where there is high foot traffic.

Boosting Your Sales with To Go Menus

Naturally, your goal in to go menu printing is to boost sales. Let’s say that your diner is set for a soft opening. Or, you may want to reintroduce your food to a younger clientele. By printing to go menus, you can let customers know what kind of dishes you offer. Since it is a menu, after all, they will also learn about the prices of your food items. When designed accordingly, you may also want to include a short description of each dish. There are even some restaurants that include the nutritional content or calorie count of the dishes that they serve.

When designing to go menus, it is important to have a theme that will immediately attract the attention of your target audience. Let’s take a pizzeria as an example. Design the takeout menu in such a way that the images pop and look appetizing. Highlight what it is that makes your pizzas stand out from the rest. Do you use handmade dough? Is the pizza charcoal or brick oven baked?  Do you use just the freshest ingredients? Or maybe it’s the cheese that make your pizzas stand out? Include such highlights in the design of your menu.

Don’t forget to double check the accuracy of information. You don’t want customers calling an incorrect number or finding it difficult to locate your store. If the location is tricky, include a famous landmark or pin the location on a maps application. When you include to go menus as part of your print advertising efforts, you can easily boost the sales of your food business.


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