Print To Go Menus and Use Them as a Selling and Branding Tool

What is your main goal in menu printing? Similar to how you would use business cards, postcards, envelopes, notepads, brochures, and flyers, menus are part of an overall print marketing campaign. With print to go menus in particular, you want the customers to have easy access to your list of menu items so that they can make repeat orders. As far as branding is concerned, the look and feel of the menu should be similar to that of your business logo. This way, you would have a cohesive theme in your print ad materials. Here, we will look at how you can use to go menus as a branding and selling tool.

How to Sell More with To Go Menus

The first thing to do if you need a set of to go menus created is to look for an online printing services provider. Choose between digital and offset options. There are printing companies that offer both – what they will use depends on the volume and your preference in terms of print quality. Now, if you want to sell more with to go menus, here are a few tips to remember:

  • Do not include too many items in the menu.

Customers want to have options – but not too many. Giving them a complete list of all the items in your menu might be confusing especially if there are a lot. For takeout menus, limit the number of items to ones that taste great, but are still quick to prepare.

  • Highlight the dishes which are easy to make.

It’s fine for customers to wait if they’re dining in. But for takeout or deliveries, they want something quick. As such, it pays to highlight the dishes which are quick and easy to make in your menu.

  • Place your most profitable items prominently on the menu.

Design your menu in such a way that the bestselling and most profitable items are highlighted. Your goal is to increase sales in the first place, so you want the customers to order items that will give you the most profit possible.

  • Effectively distribute your to go menus.

Finally, know how to effectively distribute your takeout menus. Include one in every delivery or takeout package. If you are issuing receipts or invoices to suppliers, include a copy of your to go menu as well. Have a stack of menus next to the cashier or right outside your restaurant so that people who are hesitant to come in would have an idea about the prices and the items available. You can also include them in mailers for promotional purposes.


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