Quick Tips to Get the Most Out of Printing EDDM Postcards

When launching any type of marketing campaign, your goal is to get results. This is something that you can easily accomplish through EDDM mailing which stands for Every Door Direct Mail. Here, the USPS and the printing company of your choice will send out your postcard or other marketing materials to every door in a zip code or mailing route that you will specify. With the ease by which you can reach out to your target market, it is a must to include printing EDDM postcards as part of your to-do list when marketing your brand.

Tips to Maximize the Results of Your EDDM Marketing Efforts

With EDDM marketing, how can you maximize the results and increase the response rates? Here are a few tips: 

  • Determine your purpose in sending out the postcard in the first place.

Are you a new restaurant and you’d like people living within a five-mile radius to try out your food? Or maybe you’re a law firm who is looking for new clients to cater to? Based on your marketing goal, you can come up with copy for the postcard that will suit your exact purpose. 

  • Grab the reader’s attention using your design.

Aside from the copy, the design of the postcard is actually the first thing that will grab the attention of your readers. Use the same colors as your company logo for consistent branding. If you want to use images, invest in professional photography. The overall look of the postcard should appeal to the age bracket of your target audience. 

  • Don’t just target new customers, ‘talk’ to your existing ones, too.

Although you can get a response from new customers through EDDM mailing, you can boost the response rate by targeting your existing customers. They already know what you have to offer as a business. So how can you turn them into repeat customers? By offering benefits such as freebies, discounts, buy 1 get 1 offers, and the like. 

  • Narrow down the mailing list to your target market.

What’s good about EDDM is that you can specify which zip code, mailing route, or demographic to send the postcards to. Narrow down your mailing list to your specific target market to maximise the results of your marketing efforts. 

Author: BlockbusterPrint.com

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