Print To Go Menus: Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you’re offering pizza, Mexican food, gourmet dishes, street food, or any other sumptuous dishes in your food establishment, it is a must to print to go menus. You might be offering dine-in only options but if you fail to consider customers who usually order takeout or book food deliveries, you are missing out on a huge chunk of the market. To make the most out of your food business, you should print to go menus and use it as a primary advertising tool, just like your dine-in menu. 

Biggest Takeout Menu Printing Mistakes to Avoid

The first thing to do is look for an online printing company that specializes in takeout menu printing. Take your pick from digital or offset printing, and check on the prices of the packages that they offer. Make sure that they have quality customer service and the length of experience in the printing industry.

Next, when working on the design of your to go menu, here are the biggest mistakes to avoid:  

  • Not considering the folding styles on the menu design.

A half fold takeout menu has four panels while a half then trifold has twelve panels. When designing your takeout menu, consider first the folding style because this dictates the number of pages or panels that you have to list down the items. 

  • Not paying attention to the placement of menu items.

Your takeout menu can actually be just a slight variation of your dine-in menu. However, do not forget to pay attention to the placement of the menu items. For takeout or delivery, you have to serve customers quick and easy to prepare dishes. It won’t hurt to highlight the most profitable items, too, so that you can boost sales. Proper placement of menu items means highlighting your bestsellers, and categorizing the individual items in such a way that they draw the eye to that part of the page. 

  • Failing to upsell.

While you’re at it, grab the chance to upsell by including add-ons to your bestsellers. Give customers options like “More cheese, please!” and put the price next to it. Also include vegetarian or organic options with a brief description in your takeout menu. 

  • Overcomplicating the menu design.

Finally, do not overcomplicate the design of your takeout menu. You can group together similar items, making sure to highlight the most profitable dishes. Use easy-to-read font and contrasting colors. Include your restaurant’s logo in the design, and do not overcrowd the pages. 

By knowing which design mistakes to avoid, you can have a takeout menu that hungry customers can’t wait to order from. 


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