Print Rack Cards & Distribute Them Wisely

After seeing a play, you will usually pass by the theatre lobby where people are reading brightly printed, glossy cards. These are called rack cards and they are used to advertise anything from theatre plays to museum events, theme parks to tourist attractions, restaurants to corporate businesses. What’s good about rack cards printing is that it gives entrepreneurs a cost-effective way of spreading the word about their brand. Whether you’re offering a product or service, you can rely on this type of printed advertising material to let people know that your business exists.

Rack Cards Distribution

Should you decide to print rack cards and include them in your printed advertising campaign, the first thing to do is look for an online printing service provider. Take your pick from digital or offset printing. Digital uses desktop printers and they may be a bit cheaper. But in terms of quality and turnaround time, offset printing will far exceed your expectation. Rack cards should be attention grabbing so imagine if the photos or illustrations in the card are printed out poorly. By investing in high-quality prints, you can give a great first impression to your customers.

Now, when it comes to distributing rack cards, here are some points to keep in mind:

  • If your direct competitors are using rack cards, too, collect samples of their cards so that you can compare them with the design that you have in mind. Also take into consideration your target market. Is your bed and breakfast suited for honeymooners or families? Depending on your audience, you can choose colors, fonts, and designs which will be visually appealing to them. Then, think of the places where you can effectively distribute the rack cards.
  • Display your rack cards in your place of business. It can be the reception area of your office, the check in counter of a hotel, or a theatre lobby. Make sure that the rack cards are prominently displayed in areas where there is high foot traffic. This way, people can easily notice and pick up one of your cards.
  • Aside from displaying rack cards in brochure stands, you can also distribute them through mailers. If you already have a mailing list, send out a copy of your rack cards to customers so that you can get their repeat business.


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