Designing Ideas for Print To Go Menus

The first thing customers do after taking a seat at a restaurant is peruse the menu. Without one, they wouldn’t know what to order – unless a server enumerates what’s on the menu which they would have to do repeatedly. If you are in the food business, it is crucial to have a menu to let customers know about your dishes. The menu is also a great advertising tool, so you need to have a dine-in menu and print to go menus.   

The good news is that there are many printing companies from where you can order print to go menus. Depending on the volume of your order, you can choose digital printing or offset printing. There are printing companies that have both, while others specialize in just one. What’s important when choosing between the two is to consider the quality of output. Also check on the feedback about the quality of customer service that they offer, the turnaround time, and the prices of the printing packages available.

Designing Your To Go Menu

After choosing which printing company to order the menus from, it’s time to design the menu itself. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Use colors which are similar to your business logo. Branding should be consistent, and having the same colors present in all your printed advertising materials is one way to make people immediately recognize your brand.
  • Invest in professional HD photography. Nobody would be tempted to order a burger if the photo in the menu looks pale and hardly appetizing. The images should pop from the paper, tempting hungry diners to order right away.
  • There should be a nice balance between images and text. Keep food descriptions short but clear and enticing.
  • You have quite a few decisions to make when it comes to the paper used for your to go menu printing. Would you like to print on one side or both sides? What type of folding option would you like? What size would you like for the menu? The smallest is 4.25” x 11” while the biggest is 11” x 25.5”. For the paper finish, should it be medium gloss or extreme gloss?

All in all, menus should be attention grabbing and well designed. Distribute them by handing out the to go menus personally, placing a stack of them storefront, including them in delivery and takeout packages, and mailing them out. Doing so would effectively spread the word about your food business, further boosting sales.


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