Do You Own a Pizzeria? Here’s Why You Should Invest in Print To Go Menus

The competition is tough in the food business. Aside from the wide variety of food items available, you also have direct competitors to contend with. If you own a pizzeria, for example, you would have to compete with traditional pizza parlors, the authentic Italian pizza stores, and the big label pizza sellers. To make your own pizzeria stand out, you might want to invest in print to go menus. As the name implies, these are menus which are specifically for ‘to go’ food items. Since pizza is your food establishment’s specialty, you need to create a menu that will give customers a chance to sample what you have to offer. 

The good news is that there are many online printing shops from where you can order these takeout menus. Here are a few quick tips on finding the right one: 

  • Check on customer reviews before deciding which print shop to go with. 
  • Compare their printing packages. Some offer cheap yet high quality prints, something that you want to take advantage of. 
  • Carefully check on the samples of their takeout menus. How’s the quality of print? Even if it’s from their website, you would have an idea about the quality of prints that they can deliver. 
  • Ask about the type of material that they will use to print the takeout menus. Menus range from 4.25” x 11” to as big as 11” x 25.5”. There are different folding options available, so you can have anywhere from four to twelve panels – perfect if you have lots of pizza flavors or ingredients that customers can choose from.

After ordering your print to go menu, how can they be effectively distributed? Since you own a pizzeria, you should hand out the menus to people who are out in the streets. If you can, include a promo code so that they will be even more encouraged to order. Choose places where there is high foot traffic so you can give the menus to as many people as possible. You can also use the menu as inserts in every delivery package, takeout order, supplier receipts, customer receipts, invoices, and similar day-to-day transactions. Another option is to include them in mailers so that everyone within the vicinity of your pizzeria can get one in their mailbox. 

As you can see, print to go menus are a practical yet effective way of marketing your business, so get started on designing that takeout menu right now. 


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