Complete Your Print Promotional Campaign with Rack Cards Printing

Similar to postcards, the goal of rack cards printing is to immediately grab the attention of someone. In the case of rack cards, they need to be eye-catching because rack cards are typically 4” x 9” cards made from thick paper stock, which are displayed in areas where there is high foot traffic. The main goal of printing rack cards is to make passers-by want to grab one from the display rack so that they can read it, take it home, or give away to family and friends for referrals. 

Completing Your Print Ad Campaign with Rack Cards

No matter what product or service it is that you are selling, it is important to launch an advertising campaign to spread awareness about your brand. Here are some tips on how you can complete your marketing campaign using rack cards printing:

  • Carefully select the materials for your print ad campaign. 

Start with business cards which are a must for networking. If you meet a supplier, a prospective customer, or any other business contact, you need to have a business card to present to them. Next, if you have a physical office, you might want to include letterheads, envelopes, and notepads. For your mailers, have brochures, postcards, flyers, or takeout menus printed out. For display and mailing purposes, rack cards are a must-have. 

  • Write just the right amount of copy on your rack card. 

Online printing companies offer rack cards in two sizes: 3.5” x 8.5” and 4” x 9”. With such limited space, you don’t want to crowd the area with too much text. Have a combination of text and sharp images which are attention-grabbing to make people want to get one of your rack cards.

  • Combine your print marketing efforts with digital.

Printed marketing materials work well with digital, so also launch a marketing campaign on your social media sites and website.

  • Don’t just display, you can also mail out your rack cards.

Aside from displaying them on brochure stands, rack cards can also be included in mailers. If you want, you can go with a card that has a detachable business card option. This is sure to impress customers. 

By putting together an effective print and digital ad campaign, you can enhance your brand, boost your sales, and build customer loyalty all at the same time.


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