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When you look to order business cards, it is important to be aware that not all printing is the same. The same way not all cars are the same. Sure, any car can take you from point A to B but how you get there matters.

You can go with cheap business cards from almost all print companies or you can order business cards from a high-end and affordable print service like BlockbusterPrint.

BlockbusterPrint offers the best offset quality method that digital printing services cannot compete with in the category of quality but also speed and price.

Choose to order business cards with plastic material, foil, spot uv, rounded corners, waterproof, linen or silk in a variety of thicknesses.

Whatever your desires for a card are, BlockbusterPrint has what you need when you are ready to order business cards online.


Thick Business Cards Are Respected

Thick business cards are a popular product in the print industry. Year after year, customers look for a more professional image for themselves and thick business cards provide that image.

Premium business cards (also known as 16pt business cards) have a 50% thickness of a credit card. The standard 14pt and 15pt card stock used by 8 out of 10 print companies is old and outdated material. The 14pt has a 20% thickness and the 15pt has a 35% thickness of a credit card.

For super thick business cards that have the perfect level of thickness withing going overboard, are the Silk business cards. These thick cards have a 17pt thickness which is equal to 60% of a credit card and is the most prestigious of all thick business cards.

Whatever your desire is, you can view all the thick business cards at BlockbusterPrint.


1000 Business Cards Printed Online

When looking to advertise yourself and your services, 1000 business cards printed online will bring you the best value on your marketing dollars.

Business cards printed online will give you a better quality production and price simply because a small local print company is not capable of housing the high-end expensive machinery needed to produce the world highest quality color business cards. An offset business card printing machine is the size of 2 school buses. A local copy shop disguised as a print company uses machinery the size of a small desk. The quality is unmatched. A local business card printing service cannot afford to give cheap low cost prices because they are limited to their volume.

At BlockbusterPrint.com, all printed business cards are produced in a warehouse setup which houses the worlds largest print machinery. This helps with high volume print and in return helps lower costs which is passed on to you.

1000 business cards with blockbusterprint.com start at just $24. Beat that competition! The most popular are the 16pt business cards.

Thanks to 6 warehouses in 6 states, shipping for 1000 business cards is just 24-48 hours max. No other business card printing service online is capable of such fast speeds and low prices, all while keeping quality high using offset methods. (never settle for digital)

Head over to BlockbusterPrint and order 1000 business cards printed online, today! You will be so happy you found us.

Order Business Cards That Impress

When looking to order business cards, you should never focus on anything other than the achieving the best quality available in the world today.

What many customers don’t know is that not all printing is the same. When you order business cards from one company and they may drastically vary in quality and appearance o over another company.

There are two types of printing methods in the world and that is digital business card printing and offset printing. Digital printing is four to six times lower quality than offset printing.

If you order business cards from a digital printing company you will be extremely disappointed in quality. A digital machine is something similar to what your home or office printer produces. When looking to order business cards for your success, you should always choose the path of offset printed business cards.

The most elegant and professional looking business cards are the silk business cards. This quality of card has a 60% thickness of a credit card and is laminated with a silk coating, presenting itself in a very respectable and professional manner that is certainly going to impress your clients.

Anytime you like to order business cards you should go the path of spending a few extra dollars for a set of a thousand which won’t run you more than $100 but will create such a large window of opportunity for new business growth just by impressing your potential clients. The quality of your business cards will be your representative.

Order business cards from a high and printing company like blockbusterprint.com. Enjoy 24 to 48 hours shipping and only the finest offset business card printing in the market today.

Impressive Silk Business Cards – Order The Best

Impressive Business Cards can definitely make a difference in succeeding or failing with a big client.

When seconds matter, a potential client has limited time to judge you and the professionalism of your business. This is why impressive business cards can make all the difference.

Paper thickness, surface finish, print quality and your design do contribute to your success.

You want a nice thickness to your business cards. Cards can never be too thick. Just like the saying in fashion goes, “It is better to be over dressed than under dressed.” With a nice thick card like the 17pt silk business cards from BlockbusterPrint.com, you are guaranteed to make a positive impression.

When your livelihood is on the line, never go with cheap business cards.

BlockbusterPrint.com is a leader in high-end business card printing.

What are Spot UV Gloss Business Cards?

Spot UV business cards are a very unique type of cards that are really impressive!

The “spot uv” or also known as “spot gloss business cards” is a feature that allows you to apply a layer of glossy surface only to desired areas of your business cards.

For example: You can add gloss only to your logo and keep the rest of your business cards a matte finish. This allows for the card to really pop.

Spot uv business cards are a great way to stand out from the competition and show your creative and unique side to your customers or clients without screaming “heyyy look at meee!”

Spot uv gloss application looks best when you have a dark subject matter or a darker background. It is similar to comparing a black automobile with a white automobile. Naturally, the darker (or black) the car, the higher and more visible the shine after a wash. Same goes for spot uv business cards. The spot gloss effect will be more visible on darker artwork. Most just apply it to their logo.

Watch a video of what spot uv business cards look like below or visit BlockbusterPrint.com to see all printing options for spot uv business cards.


Order Premium 16pt Thick Business Cards

Many companies use the phrase “Premium Business Cards” but only BlockbusterPrint.com has true Premium 16pt business cards.

The 16pt business cards have a 50% thickness of a credit card, making them the thickest premium business cards on the market.

Other companies use a cheap 12pt or 14pt paper and claim it as Premium.

Order true Premium Business Cards from BlockbusterPrint.com.  Satisfaction guranteed or a free reprint will be sent out, right away.



What are 17pt Silk Business Cards?

Are you wondering what silk business cards look or feel like?

If you spent some time shopping around for business cards, you certainly may have come across the 17pt Silk Business Cards. We will help explain the beauty of this unique and elegant business card.

Silk Business Cards – are the absolute best quality business cards on the market for daily use. They come in a 17pt thickness which is equivalent to a 60% thickness of a credit card, making that the thickest business cards on the market for general use.

The surface finish of the silk business cards is composed of a nice thin silk laminate which is heat sealed onto a paper business card. This silk layer can be written on and helps protect your business cards lifespan. Silk business cards last at least 60% longer than standard business cards. The texture is a super silky smooth finish which is very professional and elegant for all occasions.

If you are a doctor, lawyer, realtor or anyone looking for the finest image in business cards, then the silk business cards are meant for you.

View Silk Business Cards Here