Brochure Printing is All About Content

A typical business card contains the business name, address, website, contact information, and maybe a very short tagline. Postcards can take the form of a greeting card, or the space might have a short message about a discount card that the holder can use. What about for brochure printing? Unlike business cards, postcards, flyers, and banners, brochures have foldable panels that equate to more space to print content in. This makes brochures the material of choice when it comes to trade shows and other corporate events. With plenty of space available, you have a better platform to present to your audience information about your business, mainly about the products or services that you offer.

Content Writing for Brochure Printing

Before you can even get in touch with an online printing services provider, you first need to come up with the content for your brochure. Check out these ideas on what to include:

  • Your company’s mission and vision.

In tradeshows, you are given the space to introduce your company to prospective partners, suppliers, customers, and other clients. With a full color HD brochure sized 8.5” x 11”, you can include your company’s mission and vision. This is a quite formal way of introducing your brand to clients, which is perfectly suitable in any business environment.

  • A brief history of how your brand came about.

If you want a more casual way of introducing your brand, include a brief history of how it all came about. What’s the story behind your logo or company name? Who are the people behind the brand? How did the business idea come about? Sharing interesting snippets about your business enhances name recall and makes your brand more memorable.

  • A detailed description of your products or services.

A half then trifold brochure folding option gives you eight panels to write your brochure copy in. With this much space, you can include a detailed description of your products or services.

One more thing that you should not forget when writing the content for brochure printingis to include a call to action. After introducing your brand and describing your product or service, you need a call to action – which can be a number to call, a website to visit, or a QR code that leads to a link of a video where they can learn more about what you have to offer as a business. By focusing on the content of your brochure, you can maximize its marketing benefits to your business.


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