Questions to Ask Yourself When You Print Rack Cards

If you’re a business owner, you may want to start promoting your brand by printing rack cards. Read on to find out more about this type of print advertising.

Why Print Rack Cards?

First, why should you print rack cards? These cards measure either 3.5” x 8.5” or 4” x 9” and they are used as a form of print marketing material. The content may include the business logo, a line or two about what is being promoted, the contact details of the business owner, and perhaps a photo and a promotional code at the back page. Unlike postcards which can have anywhere from four to twelve panels to write content in, a rack card only has the front and back side. This means that the information that you can include in the design is limited.

What’s good about this, however, is that they are very handy and easy to carry around. Rack cards are designed to be displayed in brochure or rack holders – thus the name. They are placed in areas where there is high foot traffic so anyone passing by can pick one up to read and bring home. On a business standpoint, rack cards are quite cheap to produce, but they are very effective marketing materials so they’re really a must-have for entrepreneurs.

How Do I Get Started in Printing Rack Cards?

To get started, look for an online printing service provider. Decide on the size, whether you want a detachable business card option or not, and how many pieces you want. You should also pay attention to other paper-related details like the thickness and finish of the paper. When it comes to design, remember that you have very limited space so the content should be short but impactful. If you must include images or illustrations, make sure that the quality is sharp to really impress the reader.

How Do I Distribute Rack Cards?

As mentioned earlier, after you print rack cards, they can be displayed in areas where there is high foot traffic. Hotels, tourist destinations, theme parks, gasoline stations, local landmarks, convenience stores, etc. You can also use them as inserts in every delivery or takeout order, in business transaction receipts, or as part of your postcard mailers.

When designed and distributed effectively, rack cards are a great way to attract more customers to try out the products or services that you offer.