Need to Print Business Cards? Characteristics of a Good Business Card

If you need to print business cards, it pays to know what the characteristics are of a good one. When you hand over that piece of card to a business partner, a customer or a prospective business client, they need to have a good impression of your brand and this is something that you can project through the design, look and feel of your business card.

The good news is Blockbuster Print is here for you. When having one designed for your business, here are a few of the important characteristics that it needs to possess:

• It should let people know who you are and what you do.
Let’s say that you are a real estate agent who is working independently. The business card should contain your name, a description of your profession, as well as your contact information – e-mail address, office address, telephone number, and website.

• Its design should project the image of your brand.
Using the same example of a real estate agent’s business card, another characteristic that your card should possess is that it should project the image of your brand. When selling houses, your target clientele are adults who are already financially established. As such, a professionally-made card with a traditional or conservative design would suit you. If you’re an interior designer, the design of your card should be more artsy and eye-catching.

• It should be made to impress.
Finally, the card should be made to impress. Your goal when you print business cards in the first place is to get more business coming your way. This would not happen if you will hand over a flimsy, cheaply-printed business card. Today, it’s all about image and having a good quality card printed with a high resolution and a professional design will make a huge difference in the impression that you’ll leave your network of contacts.